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VA258-18-AP-1277 | 649-18-3-019-0050 Library Compliance Remediation (VA-18-00096678) - Attachment

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Jul 19, 2018
Category: Furniture
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;NCO22-Gilbert Network Contracting;500 U.S. Hwy N;Prescott AZ 86313


THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE. This is not a request for proposals. A solicitation will not be issued at this time. The Department of Veterans Affairs, Northern Arizona VA Health Care System (NAVAHCS) has a requirement for Furniture The intent of the procurement is to award a firm-fixed price contract. The Statement of Work (SOW) defines the effort required for the purchase and delivery of the requirement to the Northern ARIZONA VA HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. Unique Features: This project encompasses EQUIPMENT: 1 CIRCULATION DESK 1) Liat Infinity Circulation Desk per drawing 1.56 Wood: Laminate: Amm Amber Maple On Maple Wilsonart Premium #4862K-07 Sandy Topaz 2) Depressible Book Truck, 22D x 31W x 22H 1 Wood: Amm Amber Maple On Maple LINE DESCRIPTION PRICE EA QTY EXT PRICE END PANELS 3) Laminate End Panels for Cantilever Shelving per drawing dated Laminate: Wilsonart Premium #4862K-07 Sandy Topaz LINE DESCRIPTION PRICE EA QTY EXT PRICE SHELVING 4) Spacesaver Cantilever Shelving per drawing dated 4/13/18 1 Paint: Cw Creamy White 205 5) Spacesaver Canitlever Shelving Hardware 1 Paint: NOTE: Cw Creamy White 205 ******Open Market Product****** LINE DESCRIPTION PRICE EA QTY EXT PRICE PROJECT SERVICES 6) Design Fees 1 7) Labor to receive, deliver and install during normal business 1 Subtotal 4 1 EA Northern AZ CARE SYSTEM (NAVAHCS):500 North Highway 89 North Prescott,AZ.86313 The applicable NAICS code is 337211 Office Furniture. Small Business manufacturers for this NAICS code have a size standard of 500 Employees. The resulting contract will be a firm fixed price order. The term of the contract is intended to be 8-17/2018 09/17/18. It is anticipated that a Request for Quotes will be issued in August 2018. Award of a firm fixed price contract is contemplated by September 17, 2018. This notice is published to conduct market research to determine if there is a sufficient number of certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Businesses (VOSB), capable of performing the requirements to warrant a socio-economic set-aside or full & open competition. It is strongly recommended that interested parties register in the US Department of Veterans Affairs Vet Biz database and the Small Business Administration (SBA) database. Registration may be accomplished at http://www.vip.vetbiz.gov/ and www.sba.gov/, respectively. Interested parties responding to this sources sought request shall submit the following information at a minimum: (1) company name and address, point of contact with phone number, and DUNS number; (2) documentation relating to capability of performance of residential renovation projects (including references); (3) intentions of subcontracting program to include set-asides; (4) proof of registration in the VA Vet Biz or SBA websites or intention of registration prior to submission of offers to a solicitation; (5) documentation on company s bonding capacity and limitations; and (6) any other pertinent company documentation. The response date to this Sources Sought notice is July 25, 2018 at 4:00 pm AZ time. This market research is for informational and planning purposes only to determine if a socio-economic set-aside, or full & open competition, or sole-source procurement is appropriate. The Government will not pay any costs for responses submitted. Electronic submissions are acceptable via Columbus.Campbell@va.gov. Hard copy submissions are acceptable to VISN 22 Network Contracting Office; 3623 Crossing Drive, Prescott,AZ.86313. NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE OTHER THAN WHAT IS NOTED HEREIN. ALL FIRMS ARE INSTRUCTED NOT TO CALL THE INDIVIDUAL VA MEDICAL CENTERS REQUESTING MORE INFORMATION. NAVAHCS STATEMENT OF WORK FURNITURE (EDUCATION DEPARTMENT GENERAL 1.1 Scope of Work 1.1.1 All labor, material equipment and services necessary to furnish and install all furnishes and related components as indicated or specified. 1.1.2 Northern Arizona VA Library is requesting the acquisition of Spacesaver Cantilever library specific shelving and a Library-specific Circulation Desk.Spacesaver library s cantilever shelving and display systems and circulation desks, provide the best interchangeable of like components available on the market today. 1.2 Quotation Documents 1.2.1 Furniture Specification and Schedule 1.2.2 Drawings: DWG_106979_VA_Prescott UPDATED GSA PRICING_4-13-18; 106979-VA Medical-Prescott Library-Proposed-Rev1_04-16-20 1.3 Performance Requirements 1.3.1 The specification covers the requirement for freestanding and wall mounted furnishings. The minimum acceptable requirements for manufacturer s extent of project line, design, materials, workmanship, performance, safety and services are set forth, hereinafter. Failure to meet the minimum acceptable requirements may result in disqualification of the bid. 1.3.2 All furnishings shall be of a design, material and workmanship to withstand hard 7-day usage over an extended life with a minimum or maintenance and repair. 1.3.3 The manufacture shall provide and be responsible for the technical assistance, development and generation for final specifications. 1.3.4 This library shelving system can be reconfigured/expanded and can be easily assembled, disassembled and reassembled, by a local experienced area contractor. A local supplier and contractor of Spacesaver Cantilever specialty shelves are required rather than someone from out-of-state who won t be able to respond promptly to future service needs, warranty issues, make adjustments/additions or make changes to the desired layout. 1.3.5 According to the American Library Association (ALA), the cantilever bracket type metal is unmatched in comparison to anyone in the library industry and should be utilized in all libraries. This information was published in ALA s library Technology Report. 1.3.6 Currently, NAVAHCS library shelving is out of compliance and presents a safety and fire hazard. By purchasing Spacesaver Cantilever shelving, these shelves meet and exceed all standards established by the American Library Association.In addition, utilizing this shelving will make the library in compliance with OSHA Regulation which states, Materials should be stored in such a way that they will not obstruct the fire suppression sprinkler heads. Items should be stored 18 inches away from the ceiling if the room or area is protected by a fire suppression system (sprinklers) and 24 inches from the ceiling if there is no fire suppression system. According to this regulation regarding and library standards our shelving is out of compliance in both arenas. 1.4 Testing Requirements 1.4.1 American Library Association standards (ALA) Library Technology Report 1.4.2 ISO 9001 registered manufacturer 1.6 Delivery, Storage and Handling of Materials 1.6.1 Product shall be factory packed with adequate protection to all sides and corners to prevent transit and handling damage. 1.6.2 Bid Winner is responsible for storing product in their warehouse until the job site is ready for installation. Product shall be stored flat in a cool, dry place Do not subject to moisture. 1.6.3 Deliver no components to project site until areas are ready for installation 2.0 PRODUCT 2.0.1 According to the American Library Association, gauge metal thicknesses are the standard with the following specification minimum requirements: a. Welded frame upright Min. 14-gauge furniture grade. b. Tubular top spreader Min. 14-gauge furniture grade. c. Bottom channel spreader Min. 16-gauge cold rolled steel. d. Shelves Min. 18-gauge cold rolled steel. e. Shelf end brackets Min. 16-gauge cold rolled steel. f. Canopy tops Min. 18-gauge cold rolled steel. 2.0.2 Welded frame upright: The welded frame shall consist of 2 vertical upright columns constructed of min. 14-gauge steel. Upright column shall be 2" deep with a 1 1/4" face with 1/2" return flanges. The uprights are fully welded to a tubular top spreader and a channel bottom spreader. The uprights shall have shelf attachment slots on 1" increments the entire length of the upright. Slots shall be 5/8" x 1/4". Uprights shall include location indicators the entire length of upright on a minimum of 6" centers. The tubular top spreader shall be a minimum of 14-gauge steel tube 2 1/2" tall x 1" wide. The bottom spreader channel shall be a 16-gauge channel 1 3/4" tall x 1" wide with two 3/8"-16 UNC weld nuts provided for optional levelers. Non-welded frame cantilever type shelving units are unacceptable and a safety hazard. 2.0.3 Base supports: A base support shall be provided to provide lateral unit stability. The support shall be minimum of 14-gauge steel 9" high with a 1" return on the bottom for support. Support shall attach to frame upright with bolts. Support shall be designed and constructed with shear tabs that interlock/mate with the upright to provide a positive connection that will give additional stability to welded frame in addition to the bolted connectors. Shear tabs ensure squareness and alignment of the base support to the welded frame. Base support design must allow the frame to transfer loads to floor or levelers. Base support brackets that put the bolted connection in shear are unacceptable. A gusseted base support shall be provided between every other unit on mobile to provide lateral unit stability. The gusset will be a minimum 14-gauge steel welded to the top of the standard base support. 2.0.4 Leveler Kits: Single Faced: Consists of one or two 3/8-16 UNC cage nut(s) and leveler(s) held by the single faced base support. Two additional cage nuts and levelers are provided to be used in the welded frame itself. Double Faced: Consists of two or four 3/8-16 UNC cage nuts and levelers held by the double faced base support. Two additional cage nuts and levelers are provided to be used in the welded frame itself. Shelf end brackets: Shall be made of minimum 16-gauge steel of a depth not less than that of the shelf on which they are used and shall extend not less than 6" above the top surface of the shelf. The top and front edges shall be flanged outwardly to a half round profile to prevent accidental knifing of material. Shelf brackets shall have a minimum of two hooks at the top for engaging into the column (post) and one safety lug to prevent accidental dislodgment at the bottom. Outward embossment in the upper front corner of the shelf brackets shall act as shelf spacers and prevent overlapping of shelf end brackets. For aesthetic reasons as well as to prevent sharp corners, the upper front corner of the shelf brackets shall have a radius of not less than 1 inch. The base of the end brackets will have two lanced tabs that interlock with the shelf and provide firm support for the shelf. Lance tabs and shelf shall be provided with 1/4" diameter holes for optional bolting of components. The front edge of the end bracket shall have a 15-degree slope. 2.0.5 Base Shelves for Static: Shelves shall be formed from minimum 18 gauge cold rolled steel with a triple 90-degree bend on the rear of shelf and a double bend with a 3" surface at the front. Shelf ends to be turned down 90 degrees to engage and interlock into the shelf end brackets. Base shelves on mobile shall be 3/4 to sit flush with top of carriage profile. Base shelves shall be individual on both faces of double face or single face units, with center filler channels. Each base shelf shall be supported by shelf brackets for maximum strength and support. 2.0.6 Plain Shelves: Shelves shall be formed from minimum 18 gauge cold rolled steel with a triple 90-degree bend on both front and rear edges with a shelf thickness to be 3/4". Shelf ends to be turned down 90 degrees to engage and interlock into the shelf end brackets. Shelves shall be no less than from actual dimension specified. 2.0.7 Metal canopy tops: Shall be formed from minimum 18 gauge cold rolled steel with a triple 90-degree bend on front edges with a maximum edge thickness of . Single face and double face units to be one-piece design. 2.0.8 Card Holders: As specified, shall be painted steel to hold 3" x 5" cards (by others). One shall be provided for each single faced and two for each double-faced end panel. All parts of identical dimensions shall be totally interchangeable without modification. 2.0.9 Color: To be selected form manufacturer s standard powder coat color selection. Minimum 18 standard colors. 2.0.10 Finish Specification: All components to be painted with an electrostatically applied Powder Coat paint that meets or exceeds specifications set forth by the American Library Association for Cantilever Bracket Type Metal Library Bookstacks published in their Library Technology Reports. 2.0.11 Gloss: Average specular gloss values must be between 30 and 60 measured with a 60-degree gloss meter in accordance to A.S.T.M. Method 0523-53T. 2.0.12 Adhesion of Finish: Bending: Finish must show no adverse effects, other than cracks at either end of the test panel no greater than 1/4" when bent around 180 degrees at 1/4" mandrel in one second. Impact: Finish must show no cracks or chipping when a 2" diameter steel ball is dropped 10-1/2" onto a painted test panel laid over a 1-1/4" diameter opening. Resistance of the finish to abrasion: Finish must resist falling sand abrasion test in accordance to A.S.T.M. method D968-51. Resistance of the finish to acids and chemicals: Finish must be capable of withstanding exposure to standard cleaning products 2.1 General 2.1.1 All finished surfaces shall be free of scratches, mars, dents, or blemishes, and withstand staining, and exhibit to flaking, cracking, or loss or adhesion. 2.1.2 Furnishings shall have smooth finishes with no hazardous projections, sharp corners, or detail, which can be hazardous and cause personal injury or damage to clothing. 2.2 Circulation desk 2.2.1 Curved modular Circulation Desk to meet specific space requirements and safety requirements. 2.2.2 ADA compliant height sections at Circulation Desk. 2.2.3 Book drop with a minimum of two work station areas. 2.2.4 File drawers shall have full extension suspension, letter size side tab file capabilities, counterbalance weights, leveling guides and drawer/door stops 2.2.5 Concealed storage area. 2.2.6 Extended warranty if local vendor is utilized 2.2.7 Certified installation from licensed local vendor Justification: Local certified Spacesaver Library Shelving contractor and library furniture installer in Arizona. Designed to adapt to both stationary and mobile storage applications, Spacesaver Cantilever Shelving (also known as Bookstack) offers a comprehensive range of options and storage accessories to meet specific needs and accommodate a wide array of media formats. Safety: Cantilever Shelving Systems has anti-tip protection can be equipped with overhead tie devices engineered for mobile or stationary applications or floor anchored to help comply with OSHA requirements, providing an extra measure of system stability and safety. 2.3 Shelving 2.3.1 Shelves shall be adjustable on 1-inch increments, fully finished and able to support required loads. Shelves must support leads of 50# per lineal shelf foot without deflection more than 3/16 and without permanent set after load is remove. Double-Face units have a wide base that prevents tipping. Overhead bracing is not permitted nor safe, which is currently what s in the library. 2.3.2 All shelving components shall be free of burrs, sharp edges, projecting hardware and other defects which could present a hazard to books or people. All surfaces and edges shall be smooth and non-abrasive. 2.3.3 Shelving components shall exhibit no dents, oil-canning, buckling, or other surface irregularities. 2.3.4 Vertical adjustment interval for shelves shall be on 1" centers. 2.3.5 Gaps between adjoining shelf end bracket assemblies shall not exceed 3/32 of an inch according to Library Association standards 2.3.6 Adjustable shelf assemblies shall be easily and readily adjustable by one person without tools or disassembly of the end brackets from the shelf base, and without affecting other shelves or the stability of the section or the range. 2.3.7 Partially loaded shelves shall be easily and readily adjustable by one person by being able to reposition one shelfs end bracket attaching hooks in the adjoining upper or lower upright slots. To be followed by repositioning the opposite shelf brackets attaching hooks, to easily can "walk" the shelf either up or down the column. 2.3.8 Shelving material should be made of wood, powder coat and premium laminate. 3.1.1 Inspection Prior to work of this Section, carefully inspect previously installed work. Verify all such work is complete to the point where this installation may properly commence. Verify that work of this section may be installed in strict accordance with the original design, all pertinent codes and regulations, and all pertinent portions, of the referenced standards. In the event of discrepancy, immediately notify the COR. Do not proceed with installation in areas of discrepancy until all such discrepancies have been fully resolved. 3.2 Installation and Workmanship 3.2.1 Coordinate installations per construction schedule. 3.2.2 All installation methods shall be in accordance with the printed instructions of the manufacturer. 3.2.3 Install level, plumb, and secure at proper location according to Floor Plans. 3.2.4 Each item must be clean and free from dust, packing marks, tags, labels, etc. 3.2.5 All punch list items must be completed prior to acceptance by the Owner 3.2.6 Protection of carpet, vinyl tile, walls, and ceiling is the responsibility of the installers during installation. Any damage shall be replaced with like material and finish at no cost to the Owner. 3.2.7 Maintain areas free of waste materials, debris, and rubbish. Maintain site in a clean and orderly condition. 3.2.8 Use cleaning materials which do not create hazards to health or property and which will not damage surfaces. Use only those cleaning materials and methods recommended by manufacturer of the surface material to be cleaned. Use cleaning materials only on surfaces recommended by cleaning material manufacturer. 3.2.9 Provide for all dumpsters, haul fees and dump charges as required. Do not use Owners collection facilities at any time. 3.2.10 Installer is responsible for providing all tools and equipment that is needed for installation. Owner will not provide tools and/or equipment. 3.2.11 All Installers are responsible for checking into Interior Design prior to installing and obtaining temporary badges. 3.2.12 Installers must follow the standard VA code of conduct at all times while on VA property. 3.4 Work Required by Others 3.4.1 Vendor will be required to install shelving and circulation desk. END OF SECTION Northern Arizona VA Health Care System (649) 500 Hwy. 89 N Warehouse, Bldg. 20 Prescott, AZ 86313 Point of Contact: JANE OSBORN 928-445-4860, X6124 SHAYLA A. RAMOS 928-445-4860, x6124 5. Delivery Charges: All delivery charges must be included in the price of the items. 6. Technical Support: Initial setup and training is included with purchase.

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