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Washington State - Forest Service Job Corps Centers - Multi-Award Construction and Facility Maintenace and Repair Services ID/IQ - Solicitation 1

General Information

Document Type:MOD
Posted Date:Jan 24, 2018
Category: Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, WO-AQM JC Support, 1617 Cole Blvd, Building 17, Job Corps Acquisition Support Branch, Lakewood, Colorado, 80401, United States


Attachment 8 - Seed Project - Site Visit Coordination Attachment 7 - Proposal Submission Package Attachment 6 - Seed Project 6 Attachment 5 - Seed Project 5 Attachment 4 - Seed Project 4 Attachment 3 - Seed Project 3 Attachment 2 - Seed Project 2 Attachment 1 - Seed Project One RFP - SF-1442, Scope of Work and Terms and Conditions The USDA - Forest Service WO-AQM Job Corps Support Branch has identified the need to issue a single solicitation and award three (3) or more Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contracts for the three (3) Washington State Forest Service operated Job Corps Centers as authorized by FAR 16.504 (c)(1). The three (3) Forest Service operated Job Corps Centers will only include: Columbia Basin Job Corps Center 6739 24th Street, Building 2402 Moses Lake, WA 98837-3246 Grant County, WA Curlew Job Corps Center 3 Campus Street Curlew, WA 99118 Ferry County, WA Fort Simcoe Job Corps Center 40 Abella Lane White Swan, WA 98952 Yakima County, WA The solicitation and resulting multi-award ID/IQ Contracts will be for construction and facility maintenance and repair projects. The base ID/IQ contracts will not be funded. The construction and facility maintenance and repair projects will be issued through separate Task Orders on an as needed basis, and competed against all the awarded ID/IQ holders throughout Period of Performance of base ID/IQ contracts. The following list indicates various work projects and tasks that the Forest Service is intending to issue. These are just examples only and the actual tasks may vary. The Task Order will indicate the actual statement of work which the contractor(s) will bid for and construct. 1) Energy efficient lighting retrofits for interior and exterior application a) Lighting fixtures and assemblies b) Ceiling replacement anticipated in some applications. c) Wiring, conduit, controls and panel board modification and troubleshooting. d) Light Tube application optional. e) LED lighting to be considered. f) LED EXIT light replacement, which may include the coordination of the proper disposal of existing Tritium Gas EXIT signs per NRC regulations. 2) Retrofitting thermal envelopes on existing buildings. a) Demolish finish or siding surface of exterior walls or ceiling/ roofs. b) Install combination or high R insulations to replace or add to existing. c) Install and test air barrier to meet 0.05 cfm/sf @ 50 Pascal using 3rd party testing. d) Install wrap and flashings to windows and other critical assemblies. e) Replace interior and/or exterior surface with Green and sustainable materials. f) Reglazing of existing windows and removal and caulking (sealing) around, windows, doors, and other envelope penetrations. 3) HVAC systems upgrades/performance improvements/troubleshooting. a) Meet or exceed 30% energy reduction as compared to existing system or as directed in the TO. b) Correct and replace system components, distribution problems and controls to achieve maximum occupancy comfort. 4) Window and door replacements to achieve maximum thermal performance and operation inefficiencies. a) Interior/Exterior Doors, rated and non-rated b) Overhead door and door operator replacement and/or repairs 5) Plumbing, water and wastewater upgrades/performance improvement that will conserve water and reduce pollution. a) Replace and upgrade fixtures. b) Upgrade distribution system and piping and other. c) Replace hot water heating devices/boilers with Energy Star products where applicable. d) Above/Underground leak detection and repairs 6) Photo Voltaic (PV) system installations and/or wind generation systems. a) Install complete PV systems to provide required percentage of total building load as per Task Order. b) Include complete installation and device needed to interface with existing systems. c) All electrical installation shall meet NEC standards. Solar Panels Installation by NABCEP Certified Installer 7) Solar hot water Retrofits 8) Biomass heating system upgrades. a) Provide biomass delivery, storage, application, combustion and distribution systems to interface with existing applications. 9) Electrical load reduction/troubleshooting a) Evaluate existing system and reduce significant high electric load devices. b) Replace dated, non-code compliant or old equipment 10) Roofing Replacement a) Demolish existing roofing and/or other substrates. b) Investigate and Repair Roof Leaks c) Construct new roofing systems. 11) Siding Replacement a) Demolish or cover existing siding systems. b) Dispose of any hazardous material substances in State approved sites. c) Construct new siding systems and trim with a minimum 15year warranty. 12) Painting a) Provide interior or exterior painting to manufacturers recommended installation practices. b) Use green and low VOC paints that meet or exceed LEED standards as approved by the COR. 13) On-site well renovation and upgrade. a) Upgrade existing wells, casings, pumps and equipment. b) Replace distribution systems. c) Abandon existing wells in accordance with State and/or federal regulations. d) Drill and install new wells (includes new hand pumps or pressurized systems) 14) On-site utility systems a) Upgrade, repair or modify existing wastewater, power, gas lines or fuel systems. 15) Parking, road, sidewalk, and drainage structures. a) Upgrade, repair or replace existing pavement systems, substrates or drainage systems b) Restripe and mark paving. c) Include signs as needed. d) Regrade and reshape roadways e) Gravel resurfacing of existing road ways f) Clearing and brushing of existing roadways g) Ditch cleaning and reshaping h) Chip sealing and other surface treatments of existing roads i) Culvert replacement j) New roadway installation/construction. 16) Condition Surveys, Inspections and investigations a) Bridge Safety Inspections b) Dam safety Inspections c) Water & waste water Condition surveys d) Sanitary Surveys e) Road Condition Surveys f) Geotechnical Investigations g) Site Surveys 17) Construct and install Pre-Engineered and modular building systems a) Metal buildings 18) Install fencing and security gate systems a) Perimeter fencing b) Road closure gates c) Automated card or keypad activated gates d) Associated power and utility systems. 19) Landscape Improvements a) Plant vegetation. b) Develop and shape sites for drainage and water retention. c) Construct features, curbing, walls, paving, signage, exterior lighting and associated systems. 20) HomeLand Security Upgrades and Security Upgrades a) Electronic security, controls, and monitoring systems. b) Traffic control and surveillance equipment c) Video camera equipment d) Physically security feature upgrades. e) Radio tower upgrades. f) Electronic door locking system and card/FOB reader systems. 21) Dismantling, Demolition and/or Removal of Improvements a) Evaluate/Test building/location for hazardous materials prior to demolition/removal b) Remove and dispose of all hazardous materials in Federal and State approved sites. c) Demolish infrastructure in safe and an OSHA regulated manner. d) Recycle building materials as per EPA waste management regulations. e) Remove all sub-surface structures and stabilize site & soils as per Task Order. f) Disconnect all utilities 22) Placement and procurement of aggregate and rock to the requirements of the Task Order 23) Control of herbaceous/woody invasive species a) Control by mechanical or herbicide application 24) Environmental Remediation and Abatement Activities a) Mold remediation b) Asbestos removal and cleanup c) Lead paint removal and cleanup 25) Career Technical Student Training (CTST) Supplies and services a) Supply materials for CTST projects on Center 26) Equipment installation/repair a) Walk-in refrigerator and/or freezer units b) Larger commercial appliances 27) 24/7 Emergency Response/Repair Services 28) Fire detection/alarm and Fire Suppression Systems repairs/replacement The Contractor (s) and subcontractors shall furnish all the necessary supervision, management, personnel, material, equipment, services and facilities. All interested contractors who provide a response to this solicitation must be capable of providing ALL work listed above and in solicitation, either through self-performance or subcontracted performance. This requirement will be issued as a Request for Proposal (RFP), under FAR Part 15. The RFP will result in three (3) or more ID/IQ base awards as authorized by FAR 16.504 (c)(1), with a base year and four (4) one year options from the terms and conditions set forth in the solicitation once it is released. It is anticipated that the maximum value of each ID/IQ will be set at $3 Million with a $10,000.00 minimum guarantee, and a single order maximum of $1 Million. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is 236220. The size standard is $36.5. This requirement will be set aside exclusively to Small Business concerns as authorized by FAR 19.502-2 (b). The contractors must perform to all applicable Department of Labor wage determinations which will be included at Task Order Level only. The wage determinations may include either Construction Wage Determinations (Davis-Bacon) or Service Contract Act Wage Determinations depending on nature of work at Task Order Level. The solicitation will include six (6) seed projects that will be used for price and/or cost analysis to determine fair and reasonable pricing. The six (6) seed projects will include: Miscellaneous Exterior Lighting Upgrades - Fort Simcoe Job Corps Center Dining Hall Flooring Replacement - Curlew Job Corps Center Dining Hall and Education Door Replacements - Curlew Job Corps Center Replacement of Conveyor Type Commercial Dishwasher - Curlew Job Corps Center Food Service Kitchen Hood Repairs - Columbia Basin Job Corps Center Egress and Emergency Lighting - Columbia Basin Job Corps Center Once three (3) or more ID/IQ awards are selected for award based on non-price factors that will be stated in solicitation; the lowest price of the ID/IQ holders will be selected for award of the six (6) seed projects. One or more of the six (6) seed projects may be awarded to a single contractor. There will be no formal site visit, and all vendors are encouraged to inspect the site where services are to be performed and to satisfy themselves regarding all general and local conditions that may affect the cost of contract performance, to the extent that the information is reasonably obtainable. In no event shall failure to inspect the site constitute grounds for a claim after contract award. The specifications WILL NOT be provided in a paper hard copy format or CD ROM, and will only be posted on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website sometime after January 21, 2018. ALL DOCUMENTS ARE NOW POSTED EFFECTIVE JANUARY 24, 2018. The address for downloading this solicitation from the Internet is https://www.fbo.gov. Registration and downloading from the Internet is free of charge; however, some specifications may take a considerable amount of time to download. All prospective offerors are required to register on the Federal Business Opportunities (FEDBIZOPPS) website for this procurement. An official plan holders list will be maintained on and can be printed from the website. If you fail to register, the Government cannot be responsible for your being notified of any amendments to the solicitation. Notification of any changes to this solicitation (amendments) shall be made only on the internet through FBO. Therefore, it is the contractors responsibility to check the Internet site daily for any posted changes to the solicitation. In addition, all contractors doing business with the Federal Government must be registered in the U.S. Contractor Registration System SAMS at https://www.sam.gov. NOTE: Offerors should submit verification of their firms registration in the SAMS database with their offer. Full solicitation requirements will be posted at time solicitation in posted.

Original Point of Contact

POC Brian N. McCabe, Phone: 3032755305

Place of Performance

see above in Description, United States
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