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General Information

Document Type:SNOTE
Posted Date:Dec 04, 2017
Category: Lease or Rental of Facilities
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

NASA Stennis Space Center, Office of Procurement, Mail Stop DA00, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi, 39529-6000, United States


Additional Information / Backup Information regarding Enterprise Park at SSC Purpose of this Notice The purpose of this Notice of Availability (NOA) is to seek information and formal statements of interest from public and private entities to partner with NASA for the development of land to support a self-contained multi-use, multi-tenant technology park located at the John C. Stennis Space Center (SSC) in Mississippi. SSC is located on 13,800 acres of U.S. Government-owned land known as the Fee Area and is surrounded by 125,000 acres that serves as an acoustical buffer zone controlled with a perpetual easement. SSC is home to more than 40 Federal, State, Academic and Commercial tenants with a growing workforce of approximately 5,000 people. The center is managed by NASA under a Federal City model and serves as the Agencys primary Rocket Propulsion Test Center for both Government and commercial customers. SSC recently completed an assessment to determine the most readily developable land for a technology park with a first phase targeting approximately 1100 acres within the confines of the Fee Area. This 1100 acres, named Enterprise Park, is located on the northern edge of the Fee Area to allow options for developable sites both inside and outside the security perimeter of the Fee Area. More detail on Enterprise Park is located in Attachment A of this NOA. NASA seeks interest in a Master Developer partner to take charge of the multi-phased development of the 1100-acre Enterprise Park. NASA seeks interest from qualified firms in leading the development and long-term operation of Enterprise Park, which NASA has established to enable and grow private sector participation in space exploration, support commercial space transportation, promote commercial development of technologies for application in space and on earth, and support the missions of tenants located at SSC. The Master Developer opportunity that NASA envisions will be structured as a partnership between NASA SSC and an industry or non-federal public entity. NASA may grant a partner an interest in Enterprise Park for a specified term most likely through an Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) in accordance with the National Aeronautics Space Act, 51 U.S.C. 20101 et seq. The EUL will provide the partner sufficient rights to occupy, operate, modify and maintain Enterprise Park as necessary to support the partners development plans. NASAs expectation for the Master Developer of Enterprise Park is full responsibility for development residing with the partner. This includes but is not limited to: •Financing of build-out and infrastructure •Marketing and tenant recruitment •Tenant leases •Maintenance of buildings, infrastructure, roads and grounds NASA will have final approval authority over Tenant-leases to ensure compatible land use and mission focus related to operations on Government property; however, the intent is for minimal involvement by NASA in Enterprise Park development and operations. Commercial use of SSC real property supports NASAs mandate to "seek and encourage, to the maximum extent possible, the fullest commercial use of space" as stated in the National Aeronautics and Space Act, 51 U.S.C. 20112(a)(4), supports the goals of the National Aeronautics and Space Act, and advances the National Space Policys mandate that federal agencies shall "ensure that United States Government space technology and infrastructure are made available for commercial use on a reimbursable, noninterference and equitable basis to the maximum practical extent." NOA objectives NASA seeks written responses to this NOA to assist in achieving the following objectives: 1.Identify specific interest from industry and non-federal public entities in pursuing an EUL with NASA to be the Master Developer of Enterprise Park at SSC; 2.Conduct dialogue with interested parties via a planned Industry Day; 3.Determine the potential viability of the commercial development of Enterprise Park at SSC to support NASAs mission and the missions of tenants located at SSC. Instructions for Responses By January 12, 2018, qualified entities should submit (electronically, to the POC listed below): •Entity information: Specify organization name, address, and primary POC and contact information. •Statement of interest in attending an Industry Day. •Names, Company Name, and Citizenship of who would like to attend Industry Day •List of the types of information desired to be provided/presented at Industry Day. Industry Day will take place on February 7, 2018. After Industry Day, there will be a 2-week period where any additional questions can be submitted (electronically, to the POC listed below). The responses to the questions will be provided to all Industry Day participants. Additional Information Entities will be notified by e-mail of the date, time, location and specifics of SSC access for Industry Day. No solicitation exists; therefore, do not request a copy of a solicitation. Additional information, if any, will be released via the FedBizOpps web site (www.fbo.gov). It is the responsibility of potential users to monitor FedBizOpps for the release of any new or additional information. It is NASAs intent to publish an Announcement for Proposal (AFP) after Industry Day. The purpose of the AFP will be to select at least one Master Developer partner to enter into negotiations for an EUL agreement to lead the development and long-term operation of Enterprise Park. This NOA is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government to enter into any contract or agreement, or negotiation of any contract or agreement. NASA will not pay for any information provided. Since this is a NOA, no evaluation letters and/or results will be issued to the respondents. It is not NASAs intent to publicly disclose proprietary information obtained through this NOA; therefore, if proprietary information is included, it should be clearly marked. Consistent with its statutory obligations and to the extent permitted under the Freedom of Information Act, NASA will protect such data from public disclosure. During question and answer periods, questions will be submitted in writing, via e-mail, to the POC listed below. Oral questions will not be entertained. Point of Contact Tim Pierce Timothy.I.Pierce@nasa.gov

Original Point of Contact

POC Timothy Pierce, Phone: 228-688-1630

Place of Performance

John C. Stennis Space Center, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi, 39529, United States
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