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Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions

General Information

Document Type:PRESOL
Posted Date:Dec 04, 2017
Category: Transportation, Travel and Relocation Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) - Office of Acquisition Operations, Office of Travel, Motor Vehicles and Card Services (QMA)


The following changes specific to Schedule 48 will be: Statement of Work Updates 1. SOW for SIN 653-7: Added the sections of Quality Control, Services outside Scope of Contract, Industrial Funding Fee, Scope & Complexity, Interpretation of Task Orders, Data Communications Capabilities, and Correspondence to the SOW. 2. SOW for SIN 653-1,4, &5: Pricing: Updated pricing grid for SINs 653-1 and 653-5. Reduced home value price breaks from 5 to 4 brackets. Reporting: Added a sheet to the current reporting template(s) requesting the supplier notify GSA ERRC quarterly of any new business signed with Schedule 48 SIN 653- 1,3,4,5,7. New report templates will be distributed before first quarter FY2018 report is due. Intro to Requirements: Clarified that severed mineral rights are not eligible for home sale program. Under BVO Pricing Options: Added a new pricing alternative that provides a set fee with no re-bill. The transaction may not revert to a higher fee upon fall-through. 3. SOW for SIN 653-9 Long Term Lodging Services Removed purchase orders and added GSA order forms SF1449, OF347, GSA300 as other forms of approved payment in addition to the Government card. 4. Pricing Proposal Template: Corrected Formula for the GSA discount column for all categories. 5. Summary of Offer and Checklist: Removed NAICS code 481112, 482111, 484110 and added NAICS code 484121, 484122, 531210, 488991. 6. Streamlined Offer and Checklist: Only applicable to those contractors that already hold a GSA Schedule 48 contract and are nearing the end of their 20 year period of performance. If you are already a vendor on Schedule 48 for Transportation, Delivery & Relocation Solutions, this Refresh does not require that you reapply, however you will receive an e-mail invitation to participate in the latest Refresh 18 modification. As part of this process, FAS has created an automated process to accomplish the modification of your contract using a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) provided for verification: * You may view the modification by visiting the Vendor Support Center (VSC) web site at: http://vsc.gsa.gov * Select from the menu bar "Administration" * Then follow the links for "Modifications" * Select "Mass Modifications" * Select a Schedule to view the Available Modifications for that Schedule (or) enter your Contract number to view all the GSA initiated Contract Modifications for your Contract. * Select the appropriate modification Additional Information regarding Mass Modifications: Any questions you have, including your PIN reset, should be directed to the GSA Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO): Gary E. Maass at gary.maass@gsa.gov E-OFFERS & E-MODS: ALL VENDORS and OFFERORS MUST HAVE A DIGITAL CERTIFICATE PRIOR TO SUBMITTING OFFERS/MODIFICATIONS. NOTICE CONCERNING MODIFICATIONS TO ALL CONTRACTS AWARDED UNDER THIS SOLICITATION: GSA WILL ONLY ACCEPT MODIFICATION REQUESTS SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY AS EMODS (http://eoffer.gsa.gov). PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE NOT YET ON SCHEDULE: ALL RESPONSES MUST BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY AS EOFFERS (http://eoffer.gsa.gov. NO HARD COPY/PAPER RESPONSES WILL BE ACCEPTED UNDER THIS REFRESH. The following link provides guidance on utilizing the eOffer and eMod systems, obtaining digital certificates, and using the eOffer and eMod Training Guides: http://eoffer.gsa.gov. Note Regulation K-FSS-1: Offerors must obtain a Level 3 Digital Authentication Certificate in order to access the eOffer system. Currently the only acceptable digital certs are: IdenTrust and Operational Research Consultants (ORC). In order to facilitate the timely processing of your offer and administration of the resultant contract, it is highly recommended that you have at least two(2) persons with digital certificates listed as Authorized Negotiators in your offer and authorized to sign, at least one of which is an employee of the offering company. All authorized negotiators must be identified in K-FSS-1 "Authorized Negotiators (March 1998). For information and instructions on obtaining digital certificates, visit the eOffer website (http://eoffer.gsa.gov). Your companys authorized negotiators names and email addresses must be entered exactly as they appear on the negotiators digital certificates (e.g., no periods after middle initials)." Resultant contracts will be firm fixed price (FFP) indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts under GSAs Multiple Award Schedule program. All responsible sources may submit an offer, which shall be considered by this agency. Contracts under this solicitation will have a contract period beginning on the date of award, and lasting for five years unless canceled or terminated. Three five-year option periods are possible under this contractual action. The purpose of this solicitation is to provide a vehicle for all Government agencies to obtain quality transportation, delivery and relocation services when required from qualified and experienced contractor(s) under a GSA Multiple Award Schedule in an efficient, streamlined, and cost effective manner in accordance with applicable statutes and regulations. Services covered under Schedule 48 are: ground passenger transportation services, rental supplemental vehicle services, transportation consulting, domestic delivery services, local courier delivery services, employee relocation services, office relocation services, move management, transportation ("NEW SERVICES" under SIN 451-99) service providers and long term lodging services. SIN 451-99, NEW SERVICES: For Offerors wishing to submit a proposal for freight or other transportation solutions, please submit a proposal under SIN 451-99 "New Services."

Original Point of Contact

POC Amit Rajput

Place of Performance

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