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Medical Records Storage - Attachment

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Dec 04, 2017
Category: Medical Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;W.J.B. Dorn VA Medical Center;6439 Garners Ferry Road;Columbia SC 29209-1639


The Department of Veteran Affairs, Dorn VA Medical Center, 6439 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209 has a requirement to provide all labor, supplies, tools, materials, transportation and warehousing necessary for MEDICAL RECORDS STORAGE for the William Jennings Bryan (WJB) Dorn, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 6439 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, South Carolina 29209. The Government expects to award to a single contractor a contract which shall be Firm Fixed Price with a firm quantity. The requirement contains a base year and 4 option years for a total of 5 years. This requirement is being set-aside for Small Business participation only. NAICS code for this requirement is 541611 with a small business size of 500 employees. All responsible sources may submit a proposal, which shall be considered. Any and all questions regarding this solicitation must be in writing and must include telephone number, fax number and point of contact to Attn: Joseph Locke, Contract Specialist, joseph.locke@va.gov. Please see solicitation for additional information regarding this requirement. Performance Based Work Statement for Open Market Contract Storage of old Veteran/patient hard copy records. February 2017 GENERAL: The Contractor shall provide labor, equipment, materials, and transportation necessary to provide storage of old Veteran/patient hard copy records for the William Jennings Bryan Dorn Veterans Administration Medical Center in Columbia, South Carolina. BACKGROUND: The WJBD VAMC and satellite outpatient clinics (CBOCS) located in Anderson, Greenville, Florence, Orangeburg, Rock Hill, Sumter, and Spartanburg encompasses primary, secondary, some tertiary care, acute medical, surgical, psychiatric, and long-term care. The main medical center is located in Columbia, South Carolina. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Base plus four option years. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Both the selected contractor s facility and the William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center (WJBD VAMC), 6439 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209. PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS: Currently we have 7,642 cubic feet of old Veteran/patient medical and administrative record stored by a contractor at a fully approved NARA facility. These records are from the VA Medical Center in Columbia and the Greenville Outpatient Center. We also have approximately 200 boxes (200 cubic feet) of records on site at the VA Medical Center that will also need to be stored. The current contract will expire and a new contract will be needed to store these records. The contractor s facility will need to be a fully certified NARA facility. The currently stored records will need to be retrieved from the current storage facility and the 200 boxes that are on site at the Medical Center will need to be picked up. All records will be logged into some type of data system (preferable system would be Bar Coding) for easy retrieval by Dorn employees and the contractor. That data system should be able to show what types of records are being stored (Medical, Administrative, Fee, Dental, etc.) and how many volumes of each (Medical 1, 2, 3 etc.) The contractor will have a secure web site that we can use to request records for needs of the Veteran/patient, Release of Information, and Veterans Benefits Administration. The contractor will provide secure mailing of the records, per our request, of records as listed in VA Directive 6609. The contractor will also furnish a CD of these listing the records in their data system. Dorn VAMC will provide the following: The area for the approximately 200 boxes of records to be loaded for pickup. Contractor will provide: A NARA certified storage facility for retired records; Shipment of records from the current contractor s facility to the new facility; Shipment of the records still at the VAMC Columbia to the contractor s facility; A secure web site to order records, a data system to log in/out these records and the type/volume of records, and secure mailing of requested records. After all records are logged into contractor s facility a CD shall be provided of all records stored. The following paragraphs are from VA Directive 6609 and define the securely mailed under 5b and 7. Mail containing information under VA control must be shipped via the most secure, economical, and effective means practicable. VA requires the protection of SPI during the mailing process. As such, special procedures must be used for its protection. Mail, including both hardcopy and electronic media, that is lost, sent to the wrong recipient, or stolen can result in identity theft. Identity theft may result in personal hardship to individuals, including Veterans, dependents, and VA personnel. In order to ensure the adequate protection of mailing both within and from VA, the following procedures will be implemented Department-wide: a. Risk Analysis: Pursuant to the results of a risk analysis, a sender may provide additional security protections for categories of mail based upon its format and content. The risk analysis should be performed in consultation with the appropriate Privacy Officer, and if the mailing is in electronic form, the appropriate Information Security Officer should be included. If the risk analysis dictates, the media may be shipped via a delivery service that exceeds the minimum security requirements set forth in this Directive. The cost of any associated and additional services and will be the responsibility of the sender. If the purchase of containers is identified as a necessary security solution, all responsibilities associated with the custody of these containers will be the sender s responsibility. d. Use of Secure Delivery and Package Tracking: Original documents, as defined in Paragraph 5b of this policy, must be sent via a secure delivery service that tracks mail from pick-up to delivery. Examples of services that provide this type of online tracking system are FedEx InSight, UPS Ground, and United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail. b. Original Document The best evidence of the contents of a document is the original of that document. For purposes of this directive, the term refers to the originals of documents used for evidentiary purposes which, if lost or destroyed, would be difficult or impossible to replace. Examples include service, medical or personnel records, marriage certificates, birth certificates, passports, and diplomas. A VA claims folder is an original document, even if it only contains copies. CONTRACT PERFORMANCE MONITORING: The government reserves the right to monitor services in accordance with the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP). POINT OF CONTACT: Contracting Officer s Representative (COR): Name: Jerry Jones Title: Supervisor, Record Room Department: Business Office/HIMS Telephone: 803-776-4000 x6283 FAX: 803-695-6847 Email: jerry.jones@va.gov TERMINATION FOR CONVENIENCE: Subject to a 14 day advance notice, the Government reserves the right to terminate this contract for convenience if the need for this service changes or is no longer required. INVOICES: Payment will be made upon receipt of a properly prepared detailed invoice, prepared by the Contractor and submitted through Tungsten Network (formerly known as OB10) http://www.tungsten-network.com/us/en/. A properly prepared invoice shall contain: Invoice Number and Date Contractor s Name and Address Accurate Purchase Order Number Supply or Service provided Period Supply or Service Provided Total Amount Due Please begin submitting your electronic invoices through the Tungsten Network for payment processing, free of charge. If you have questions about the e-invoicing program or Tungsten Network, contact information is as follows:               Tungsten e-Invoice Setup Information: 1-877-489-6135 Tungsten e-Invoice email: VA.Registration@Tungsten-Network.com FSC e-Invoice Contact Information: 1-877-353-9791 FSC e-invoice email: vafsccshd@va.gov Web Address: HTTP://WWW.FSC.VA.GOV/EINVOICE.ASP SECURITY/PRIVACY PERSONNEL SECURITY: The contractor and all personnel employed by the contractor shall be required to observe the requirements imposed on sensitive data by law, federal regulations, VA status and DE&S policy and the associated requirements to ensure appropriate screening of all personnel because of the inherent sensitivity of data at the facilities concerned and the level of security clearance carried by the Health Care Facility (HCF) personnel for the function under contract. The Contractor shall ensure that their personnel meet the above restrictions and that confidential and proprietary information shall be divulged only to those officers and officials of the VA Medical Center that are authorized to receive such information. BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION: Contractor personnel performing work under this contract shall satisfy all requirements for appropriate security belonging to or being used on behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs. To satisfy the requirements of the Department of Veterans Affairs, a low risk level Background Investigation (BI) shall be conducted prior to performing work under this contract. Appropriate Background Investigation (B)I) forms will be provided upon contract award, and are to completed and returned to the VA Office of Security and Law enforcement (OSL&E) within 30 days for processing. Access to VA protected health information and personally-identifiable information cannot be made available until the Security Investigations Center submits the investigatory packet to OPM for processing. At that time, the investigation is considered initiated and access can be provided. Contractors and Contracting Officers/CORs will be notified by OSL&E when the BI has been completed and adjudicated. The investigation history for contractor personnel working under this contract must be maintained in the databases of either the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) or the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Organization (DISCO). Should the contractor use a contractor other than OPM or Defense Security Service (DSS) to conduct investigations, the investigative company must be certified b OPM/DSS to conduct contractor investigations. Further, the contractor shall be responsible for the actions of all individuals provided to work for the VA under this contract. In the event the damages arise from work performed by the contractor provided personnel, under the auspices of this contract, the contractor shall be responsible for all resources necessary to remedy the incident. PRIVACY TRAINING: All Contractor employees under this contract are required to complete the Privacy Awareness Training Course annually. Contactors must provide signed certifications of completion to the CO during each year of the contract. This requirement is in addition to any other training that may be required of the contractor. The Contractor shall complete the VHA Privacy Training at https://www.ees-learning.net. SYSTEM of RECORDS: The Veteran Administration system of records to which the contractor personnel shall have access to in order to maintain patient medical records is described annually in the Federal Register. Contractor personnel who obtain access to hardware or media which stores drug or alcohol abuse, AIDS, or sickle cell anemia treatment records or medical quality assurance records protected by code U.S.C 4132 or 3305, as defined by the Department of Veterans Affairs, shall have access only to those records absolutely necessary to perform their contractual duty for which access was obtained. Violation of these statutory provisions by the contractor or contractor employee as stated in agency regulations may involve imposition of criminal penalties. CONTRACTOR SYSTEM SECURITY: If personally-identifiable information is stored on IT equipment, the contactor shall ensure adequate LAN/Internet, data, information and system security in accordance with VA Standard operating procedures and Federal standards, laws and regulations as noted in VA Directive 6504, which can be obtained at www.va.gov. The contractor s firewall and web server must provide full desktop and laptop encryption on their systems. Any security violations or attempted violations shall be reported to the COR and VA Information Security Officer (ISO) immediately upon detection. The contractor shall adhere to applicable VA policies and procedures governing information security, especially those that pertain to certification and accreditation. Upon receipt, the contactor shall provide VA with access to information pertaining to the way in which the contractor maintains VA patient data and step taken on an ongoing basis to assure the privacy and security thereof. This includes, but is not limited to information regarding computer network architecture, configuration of firewall(s), routers, and other pieces of networking equipment, information about installed security software, and audits of patches of unknown security vulnerabilities. All relevant security-related patches and anti-virus updates must be installed within 15 days of initial release. The contractor will be required to execute a Business Associate Agreement with the Dorn VAMC. RECORDS MANAGEMENT LANGUAGE FOR CONTRACTS: The following standard items relate to records generated in executing the contract and should be included in a typical Electronic Information Systems (EIS) procurement contract: Citations to pertinent laws, codes and regulations such as 44 U.S.C chapters 21, 29, 31 and 33; Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552); Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. 552a); 36 CFR Part 1222 and Part 1228. Contractor shall treat all deliverables under the contract as the property of the U.S. Government for which the Government Agency shall have unlimited rights to use, dispose of, or disclose such data contained therein as it determines to be in the public interest. Contractor shall not create or maintain any records that are not specifically tied to or authorized by the contract using Government IT equipment and/or Government records. Contractor shall not retain, use, sell, or disseminate copies of any deliverable that contains information covered by the Privacy Act of 1974 or that which is generally protected by the Freedom of Information Act. Contractor shall not create or maintain any records containing any Government Agency records that are not specifically tied to or authorized by the contract. The Government Agency owns the rights to all data/records produced as part of this contract. The Government Agency owns the rights to all electronic information (electronic data, electronic information systems, electronic databases, etc.) and all supporting documentation created as part of this contract. Contractor must deliver sufficient technical documentation with all data deliverables to permit the agency to use the data. Contractor agrees to comply with Federal and Agency records management policies, including those policies associated with the safeguarding of records covered by the Privacy Act of 1974. These policies include the preservation of all records created or received regardless of format [paper, electronic, etc.] or mode of transmission [e-mail, fax, etc.] or state of completion [draft, final, etc.]. No disposition of documents will be allowed without the prior written consent of the Contracting Officer. The Agency and its contractors are responsible for preventing the alienation or unauthorized destruction of records, including all forms of mutilation. Willful and unlawful destruction, damage or alienation of Federal records is subject to the fines and penalties imposed by 18 U.S.C. 2701. Records may not be removed from the legal custody of the Agency or destroyed without regard to the provisions of the agency records schedules. The contractor will be required to execute a Business Associate Agreement with the Dorn VAMC. Any changes referencing the PBWS will be communicated to and approved by the contracting specialist/officer in writing throughout the life of the contract. Active Medical & Administrative Record Storage (QASP) Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan PURPOSE This QASP is to provide a method to evaluate performance for this contract. What will be monitored: Movement (shipment) of record boxes as needed, Shipment of boxes still here for logging into contractor system, Ensure Veteran records are available for VBA claims and other needs, & cost. Who will conduct the monitoring: Contracting Officer Representative (COR). How monitoring will be conducted: As needed if any problems occur. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS Standards define the desired services. The government performs surveillance to determine if the contractor exceeds, meets or does not meet the standards. To ensure we meet Fiscal Costs and responsibilities. Required Service Performance Standard Monitoring Method Incentive/Disincentives for Meeting Standards 1. Movement of record boxes as needed. Service Quality 1.Notified when boxes removed from current contractor to new contractor as needed. Possible continuation of contract beyond initial period. 2. New boxes from Columbia to be sent to contractor storage area. Service Quality 2. Notified when new boxes are received. Then ask for notification when records are logged into contractors system of records. Possible continuation of contract beyond initial period. 3. Ensure contractor understands we may need to pull a patient record quickly for a VBA claim. Service Quality 3. Notified when record is pulled and sent to us. Possible continuation of contract beyond initial period. 4. Make sure CO knows that any change from current contractor will cost over $25,000 for pulling boxes and shipping to new contractor. Fiscal Quality & Responsibility Work with contracting office Excess cost that is not needed. If Problem is found If problem continues Contact contractor Contact Contracting Officer Possible Continuation of contract beyond initial contract Methods of Surveillance Direct observation by the COR. Documenting Performance The Government will document ACCEPTABLE and UNACCEPTABLE performance. When unacceptable performance occurs, the COR will inform the contractor verbally and then in writing through the contractor s program manager. Basis of Award Project: MEDICAL RECORDS STORAGE A. BASIS FOR AWARD. Award will be made to the lowest priced, technically acceptable responsible offeror, whose offer conforms to all stated terms, conditions, representations, certifications, and any other information required by this solicitation. Offers will be ranked by price first then evaluated for technically acceptable. If, the low priced offer is found to be technically acceptable the evaluation process stops no other offer will be evaluated. If necessary this process will be performed until there is a low priced technically acceptable offer. If no offer is technically acceptable the government will make a determination to re-solicit. Technical tradeoff will not be made and no additional credit will be given for exceeding the minimum requirements. In the event an offeror s proposal is determined to be unacceptable in any of these factors, the entire proposal will be considered unacceptable and the offeror will be ineligible for award. If the contracting officer determines that a small business past performance is not acceptable, the matter shall be referred to the Small Business Administration for a Certificate of Competency determination, in accordance with the procedures contained in Subpart 19.6 and 15 U.S.C. 637(b)(7)). **ALL factors must be rated ACCEPTABLE to be considered for award. B. EVALUATION METHODOLOGY. The award decision will be based on the following: Registered in www.sam.gov to receive Government contracts. Registered in sam.gov as a Small Business (SB) for NAICS Code: 541611, Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) requirements. Please note, each offeror must provide a short capability statement describing the company s ability to meet the following requirements. Please see subparagraphs below for specific data points which must be addressed within each offerors capability statement. Please note that the factor Past Performance is included in this specific evaluation factor, please see subparagraph (j). Please provide the DUNS number associated with your company? Please acknowledge if your company is an approved NARA facility? Please provide the location of your storage facility? Please provide the name, phone number and e-mail address of the owner(s) of the storage facility. Please document your companies proposed access or current written contractual agreement with an approved NARA certified storage facility to meet the contractual requirements documented within the Statement of Work (SOW). Please document the proposed method of shipment of records from the current contractor s facility (current VA contract) to the new facility outlined within your quote; Please document the proposed method of shipment of records still at the Dorn VA Medical Center to the facility outlined in your quote. Please document your companies proposed method for accessing a secure web site to order records, a data system to log in/out these records and the type/volume of records, and secure mailing of requested records. Please document your companies proposed method of providing a Compact Disc(s) for all records stored once that contractual element which is outlined within the Statement of Work (SOW) has been met. Please provide information (Contract Number, Point of Contact (reference(s)) name, phone number and e-mail address) to document and support any contract history for either exact or similar document storage services completed within the past 3 years with either any VA / Military / Other Government or Commercial facilities. Price. All line items in the Price Schedule must include a price. The total evaluated price will consist of the offeror s total proposed price. The Government may determine that an offer is unacceptable if the prices are significantly unbalanced. Price realism may be performed by the Contracting Officer. Each factor will be scored as Acceptable or Unacceptable as defined below. Offers will be evaluated against the SOW and the stated evaluation criteria. All offers are evaluated using the same standards. "Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable" Evaluation Standards Acceptable ALL of the minimum acceptable criteria are clearly met by the offer. The offer meets the minimum performance and technical capability requirements defined in the solicitation. Unacceptable Not all of the minimum acceptable criteria were met by the offer. An unacceptable offer contains one or more deficiencies that does not meet the performance and technical capability requirements defined in the solicitation.. The following table will be used for each proposal received to score each LPTA factor as to whether it is Acceptable or Unacceptable. OFFEROR: __________________________________ Non- Cost/Price Factors Technically Acceptable/Unacceptable REGISTERED IN SAM REGISTERED IN SAM as a SB for NAICS Code: 541611 ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT AND GENERAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SERVICES NARA REQUIREMENTS (Please see exact written verbiage in the aforementioned paragraphs) Provided DUNS number; Acknowledgement of NARA facility; Provided location of storage facility; Provided the POC(s) for the storage facility; Provided documentation to support the proposed access; Provided documentation to support shipment of records from current facility; Provided documentation to support shipment of records from Dorn VA; Provided documentation to accessing secure website; Provided documentation to meet requirement to provide records on CD(s); Documentation to support past performance PRICE (Not Rated)

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