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JSMC DRAFT Scope of Work - JSMC DRAFT SOW Package

General Information

Document Type:PRESOL
Posted Date:Dec 01, 2017
Category: Operation of Government-Owned Facilities
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command, ACC - WRN (W56HZV)(DTA), 6501 EAST 11 MILE ROAD, Warren, Michigan, 48397-5000, United States


JSMC Comment Matrix - Attachment 0003 JSMC Questionnaire - Attachment 0002 JSMC DRAFT SOW - Attachment 0001 Background: Army Contracting Command - Warren intends to issue a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) W56HZV-18-R-0004 for the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC), located in Shawnee Township, Ohio. The Government formerly provided information for Industry Day and conducted market research under W56HZV-17-R-JSMC, however the anticipated RFP will be issued under the new solicitation number W56HZV-18-R-0004. The JSMC is a Government-Owned, Contract-Operated (GOCO) facility owned by the Department of the Army. On 29 August 2017, the Government held an Industry Day at JSMC to provide industry overview of the anticipated contracting approach and to solicit feedback. The anticipated scope of work presented at the Industry Day was for a single Facility Operator and Maintainer of JSMC for all buildings and Government-owned equipment. Revised Anticipated Contracting Approach: Due to affordability issues, the DRAFT Scope of Work (SOW) has been revised and de-scoped from what was presented at the Industry Day. The anticipated scope of work has shifted from a single Facility Operator and Maintainer to a dual Facility Operator and Maintainer of JSMC. The dual Facility Operator and Maintainer will consist of the current production Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS), and the other contractor will be selected as a result of a full and open competition for this effort. The current production OEM will continue to utilize, operate, and maintain certain buildings as well as production machinery. This revised approach will require close coordination between the awardee and the OEM. The OEM will continue to maintain these certain production buildings and production equipment. The awardee will maintain the remainder of the facility and the equipment, in accordance with the DRAFT SOW. The revised anticipated SOW still includes the Armament Retooling and Manufacturing Support (ARMS) Initiative to include those areas that the awardee is responsible for. The objective of the ARMS Initiative at JSMC is to fully utilize the infrastructure. The Government intends to conduct a full and open source selection for this procurement. The evaluation criteria is anticipated to be a Best Value Tradeoff source selection, with the evaluation factors consisting of: Cost, Past Performance, Small Business, and Technical. All evaluation factors and their relative importance will be disclosed in the RFP. At this time, the timeline for release of the solicitation, receipt of proposals, evaluation, and award is unknown, pending the Governments decision regarding a final contracting approach. Purpose: The purpose of this announcement is to gage interest and solicit feedback concerning this effort, which will assist the Government in developing a final contracting approach. Attachments: Provided with this announcement are the revised DRAFT SOW - Attachment 0001, a Questionnaire - Attachment 0002, and a Comment Matrix - Attachment 0003. The intent of the Questionnaire and the Comment Matrix is to receive more structured feedback on the revised anticipated DRAFT SOW. Response Format: Only electronic responses are requested. Responses to the Questionnaire shall be submitted in PDF format, and responses to the Comment Matrix shall be submitted in Microsoft Excel format. All responses shall be submitted to the JSMC mailbox, usarmy.detroit.acc.mbx.wrn-jsmc-ss@mail.mil by 22 December 2017. If you submit multiple e-mail messages, please make sure the subject lines include, for example, "Message 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3," as well as [Organization Name]. DO NOT use periods in the file name of the attachments. For example, "File1.2017.11.28.PDF" will be rejected by the system. All material submitted in response to this DRAFT SOW must be unclassified and properly marked. The Government will post updated information on the JSMC Operator and Maintainer effort as necessary. Interested parties are responsible to keep themselves informed, so it is important to visit Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) periodically to ensure that you have the most current information. This notice does not constitute an Invitation to Bid or Request for Proposal, is not to be construed as a solicitation, and no award shall be made on the basis of this notice. There is no formal solicitation available at this time, no solicitation will be issued against this notice, and this request for information does not obligate the Government to issue a solicitation. Please submit any questions and/or feedback through the JSMC mailbox usarmy.detroit.acc.mbx.wrn-jsmc-ss@mail.mil. The Government will post submitted questions along with the corresponding answers for public review and reserves the right to not respond to all questions received. Disclaimers: The DRAFT SOW supersedes any information presented at the Industry Day. Any information provided by the Government is DRAFT ONLY and is subject to change prior to the final RFP release. Publication of any DRAFT Documentation is not a pre-RFP notice (synopsis) or a formal RFP and does not bind the Government to solicit or award a contract. All DRAFT Documents are subject to change. Feedback provided in response to the draft shall be voluntary on the part of the potential offeror and the Government will not reimburse any potential offeror for costs associated with its feedback. All information is to be submitted at no cost or obligation to the Government. Participation in this effort is strictly voluntary with no obligation incurred by the Government. However, this presents an important opportunity for Industry to comment on the development of requirements, and the full range of other elements supporting the acquisition strategy for this program. The Government acknowledges its obligations under the Federal Acquisition Regulation 3.104-4 to protect confidential information provided to the Government (18 U.S.C. §1905). Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §1905, the Government is willing to accept any trade secrets or proprietary restrictions placed upon qualifying data forwarded in response to this survey and to protect such information from unauthorized disclosure, subject to the following: - Qualifying data must be clearly marked PROPRIETARY and be accompanied by an explanatory text so that the Government is clearly notified as to exactly what data so qualifies. - Mark only data that is truly confidential. - Do not mark data that is already in the public domain or is already in possession of the USG or third parties on an unclassified basis. - Proprietary data transmitted electronically must have the PROPRIETARY legend on both the cover of the transmittal e-mail as well as at the beginning of the file. Proprietary information contained within the correspondence shall use the legends: "PROPRIETARY PORTION BEGINS" and "PROPRIETARY PORTION ENDS." The Government is not obligated to protect unmarked data. Nor is the Government obligated for like data in possession of third parties or for data which is placed in the public domain by the contractor or by third parties through no fault of the Government. Should the Government need to reproduce the protected data for distribution purposes between Government offices, all such data will be reproduced with restrictive legends in place.

Original Point of Contact

POC JSMC-L Contracting Team,

Place of Performance

Joint Systems Manufacturing Center - Lima, 1155 Buckeye Rd., Lima, Ohio, 45804, United States
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