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Document Type:SNOTE
Posted Date:Nov 27, 2017
Category: Research and Development
Set Aside:N/A

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AFICA/KO PGL AFICA/KO RFI 17-01 RFI-AFSOC-17-01 (27 Nov 2017) PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT: This page may contain Privacy Act Information. The Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a, requires that federal agencies inform individuals at the time information is solicited from them. Failure to provide Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may limit the efficient performance of ADNI-CIO administrative/management responsibilities. I. Introduction: This is a Request For Information (RFI) ONLY from Headquarters Air Force Special Operations Command (HQ AFSOC) at Hurlburt Field, FL. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION. Interested firms shall not send proposals in response to this Notice. This notice shall not be construed as a commitment by the Government to issue a solicitation nor does it restrict the Government to a particular acquisition approach. II. Background: The Gap Analysis phase of the HQ AFSOC Strategic Planning Process (SPP) Capability-Based Assessment (CBA) produced the FY19-38 Prioritized Gap List (PGL) and provides the basis for a data call for potential solutions grounded in the DOTMLPF-P framework. Subsequent analysis of submitted solutions by technical and subject matter experts will be used to develop a way ahead recommendation for each PGL item. III. Prioritized Gap List (PGL): The FY19-38 PGL contains the Commands most enduring and critical capability gaps and each entry includes in depth detail to include: a gap description, background information, major components, and their attendant measures of merit. It is a classified document and is currently hosted in electronic form on a classified network. PGL access will be granted to solution providers contingent on their completion of the Submission guidance in Section IV below. AFSOCs unclassified Areas of Interest (AOI) list is provided as a decision aid to potential solution providers prior to requesting a copy of the PGL. IV. Submission Guidance: Step 1: a. Interested solution providers will submit a Notice of Interest (NOI) to HQ AFSOC/A8XZ. The unclassified NOI shall include a brief Vendor Capability Statement (limited to 10 pages in PDF format) to include the following: 1. Core Competencies 2. Key Personnel 3. Security POC 4. Company and Government Entity (CAGE) Code b. In a separate, password protected document, solution providers may submit security cleared company representatives (limit to five personnel) requiring access to the PGL. Use this document to identify the following personally identifiable information (PII) for designated company representatives: 1. First Name 2. Last Name 3. SSAN (Needed to verify security clearances) 4. Classified Email Address 5. Telephone Number NOTE: As an alternative to sending PII, companies may submit clearances via the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) to the following Security Management Office (SMO) code: EE0VFJHM6. Please enter AFSOC/A8XZ Attn: PGL RFI within the POC block. c. Providers will answer the following questions to allow AFSOC to determine the degree of foreign involvement/influence in the providers company: 1. Is the company US owned and US operated? 2. Is the company US owned but foreign controlled? 3. Is the company US owned by foreign affiliated? 4. Is the company foreign owned and foreign affiliated? 5. Is the company a US subsidiary of a foreign company? NOI unclassified email submittals: AFSOC.A8X.SP@us.af.mil NOI classified email submittals: AFSOC.A8X.SP@socom.smil.mil NOI normal mail submittals: HQ AFSOC/A8XZ 100 Bartley St, Suite 209W Hurlburt Field, FL 32544-5434 d. For providers who have been previously approved to receive the PGL and wish to receive the latest updated version, confirm the following in writing from the security POC as an alternative to resubmittal of the NOI: 1) Changes in company core competencies, key personnel, or CAGE Code IAW item a above 2) Changes to cleared personnel requiring access to the PGL IAW item b above 3) Changes to the answers to the questions IAW item c above Step 2: a. Following a review of the NOI, the Government will notify solution providers of the results. Approved solution providers will be granted access to the PGL via one of two methods: 1. Classified email directly to one of the cleared company representatives identified in the company NOI. 2. Classified package (hard copy) delivered to a facility within the company cleared to receive, handle, and store classified materials. Receiving individual must have a valid security clearance, verified by AFSOC/A8X. Standard procedures for wrapping, mailing, and tracking classified materials apply. NOTE: Unapproved solution providers or those providers that cannot meet at least one of the requirements above (a.1. or a.2.) will be dismissed from further participation in the AFSOC Strategic Planning Process. b. In addition to the PGL, the Government will provide a solution template to document solution submittals. A separate template must be used for each solution submittal and all submittals should be related to one or more items on the PGL. Discussions with any of the AFSOC points of contact shall not constitute a commitment by the Government to subsequently fund or award any proposal. Only Contracting Officers are legally authorized to obligate the Government. Current RFI Open Period: This RFI will remain open until 30 March 2018 unless amended or superseded. All submissions will be accepted and receipt will be acknowledged. Follow-up requests for additional information on specific submittals will be initiated by the Government. The RFI may be reissued and/or amended periodically, as needed. Contracting Office Address: 427 Cody Avenue Hurlburt Field, Florida 32544-5434 United States Primary Point of Contact: Science and Technology Planning Branch Telephone: (850) 884-2402 Unclassified E-mail: AFSOC.A8X.SP@us.af.mil Classified E-mail: AFSOC.A8X.SP@socom.smil.mil Secondary Point of Contact: AFSOC Technology and Industry Liaison Office (TILO) Telephone: (850) 884-2402 Strategic Analyst Unclassified E-mail: AFSOC.A8X.SP@us.af.mil Classified E-mail: AFSOC.A8X.SP@socom.smil.mil A8X Security Point of Contact: Telephone: (850) 884-2402 Strategic Analyst Unclassified E-mail: AFSOC.A8X.SP@us.af.mil Classified E-mail: AFSOC.A8X.SP@socom.s

Original Point of Contact

POC Science and Technology Planning Branch, Phone: 850-884-2402, AFSOC Technology and Industry Liaison Office (TILO), Phone: 850-884-2402

Place of Performance

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