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General Information

Document Type:PRESOL
Posted Date:Nov 07, 2017
Category: Lease or Rental of Facilities
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service (PBS), R7 Realty Services (7P), 819 Taylor Street, Fort Worth, Texas, 76102, United States


U.S. General Services Administration GSA Region 10 Leasing Division JUSTIFICATION FOR OTHER THAN FULL AND OPEN COMPETITION PROJECT NUMBER:5AK0361/LAK06870 Agency Name:Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(7) 1.NATURE AND/OR DESCRIPTION OF ACTION BEING APPROVED. The General Services Administration currently leases 6,857 ABOA/6,857 rentable square feet (RSF) of garage space, with 0 surface and 11 structured parking spaces at 522(b)(6) under lease number GS-LAK06870 for Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(7)). The current lease expires 4/30/2018. Approval is requested to negotiate an added renewal with the incumbent Lessor without full and open competition for continued occupancy at this leased location. 2.DESCRIPTION OF THE SUPPLIES OR SERVICES REQUIRED TO MEET THE AGENCYS NEEDS (INCLUDING ESTIMATED VALUE). Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(7) submitted a continuing need for 6,857 rentable square feet garage and related space for a 5 year term to commence on 5/1/2018. The space is structured and secured parking for Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(7) government vehicles. The building also contains several storage and training areas. Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(7) is the sole tenant. Federally controlled vacant space was procured for the Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(7). However, due to buildout delays, a sixty (60) month renewal is required at the agencys current location while Tenant Improvements are completed at the federal space. No Tenant Improvements are included in this renewal. The expectation is that Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(7)will move to their new space before the end of the sixty (60) month renewal. 522(b)(4) 3.IDENTIFICATION OF STATUTORY AUTHORITY PERMITTING OTHER THAN FULL AND OPEN COMPETITION. 41 U.S.C. 3304(a)(1): Only one responsible source and no other supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements. 4.DEMONSTRATION THAT THE PROPOSED CONTRACTORS UNIQUE QUALIFICATIONS OR NATURE OF THE ACQUISITION REQUIRES THE USE OF THE AUTHORITY CITED. GSAM 570.405 permits contracting without providing for full and open competition for lease extensions when the agency occupying the leased space is scheduled to move into other Federally controlled vacant space, but encounters unexpected delays in preparing the new space for occupancy. Award to other than the current Lessor would require relocation of the entire requirement and would cause Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(7) to incur move and replication costs that would not be recovered through competition. As set forth above, federally controlled vacant space has already been acquired for Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(7) and is currently being prepared. Per Leasing Desk Guide, Chapter 7 Section 5, Justification part b., when there are financial or other advantages of avoiding a lease holdover, a cost benefit analysis is not required. Because the strategy to move into the replacement space changed abruptly, the need to negotiate a short term action and not risk a holdover is in the best interest of the Government. 5.DESCRIPTION OF EFFORTS MADE TO ENSURE THAT OFFERS ARE SOLICITED FROM AS MANY POTENTIAL SOURCES AS IS PRACTICABLE. Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(7) will be relocated to federally controlled vacant space for the long term replacement lease. 6.DEMONSTRATION BY THE CONTRACTING OFFICER THAT THE ANTICIPATED COST TO THE GOVERNMENT WILL BE FAIR AND REASONABLE. In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 6.303-2(a) (7), the Contracting Officer determines by certifying this document that the anticipated cost to the Government of Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(4) for the entire requirement is fair and reasonable. This represents no increase from the current lease rate. 7.DESCRIPTION OF MARKET RESEARCH CONDUCTED AND THE RESULTS. Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(7) will be relocated to federally controlled vacant space for the long term replacement lease. 8.OTHER FACTS SUPPORTING USE OF OTHER THAN FULL AND OPEN COMPETITION. 9.LIST OF SOURCES, IF ANY, THAT EXPRESSED, IN WRITING, AN INTEREST IN THE ACQUISITION. N/A 10.STATEMENT OF ACTIONS, IF ANY, THE AGENCY MAY TAKE TO REMOVE OR OVERCOME ANY BARRIERS TO COMPETITION BEFORE ANY SUBSEQUENT ACQUISITION. Consistent with the Competition in Contracting Act, full and open competition will be undertaken in future requirements for Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(7), as future opportunities are available, should the federally controlled vacant space no longer meet the agency requirements 11.CONTRACTING OFFICER CERTIFICATION. By signature on this Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition, the Lease Contracting Officer certifies that the award of a five year renewal for 6,857 RSF is in the Governments best interest and that this Justification is accurate and complete to the best of the Lease Contracting Officers knowledge and belief. 12.TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS PERSONNEL CERTIFICATION I certify that the supporting data used to form the basis of this Justification is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. Exempt-5 U.S.C. 522(b)(4)

Original Point of Contact

POC Travis Hall, Phone: 2539317223CNT 5AK0361DTD 071317

Place of Performance

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