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Sources Sought for Utility Energy Service Contract (UESC), Energy Conservation Services

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:Oct 31, 2017
Category: Utilities and Housekeeping Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USACE HNC, Huntsville, P. O. Box 1600, Huntsville, Alabama, 35807-4301, United States


R--Sources Sought for Utility Energy Service Contract (UESC), Energy Conservation Services Solicitation Number: W912DY Agency: Department of the Army Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Location: USACE HNC, Huntsville Classification Code: R -- Professional, administrative, and management support services NAICS Code: 221122 Electric Power Distribution 221210 Natural Gas Distribution 221310 Water Supply and Irrigation Systems 1. Contract Information: The U.S. Government is the nations single largest energy consumer. Due to the magnitude of funds spent on energy in support of Government operations and the steady inflation of such costs, the Government is re-evaluating its operations and reducing its energy consumption. The primary purpose of the proposed acquisition is to acquire the design, implementation, and operation of a Utility Energy Services Contract (UESC) project for Fort Polk, Louisiana. 2. Background: 10 U.S.C. 2913 Energy Savings Contracts and Activities, is the overarching bill for shared energy savings contracting for the DOD. The Secretary of Defense through Defense Energy Program Policy Memorandum (DEPPM) 91-2 dated March 19, 1991, directed the Secretary of the Army to coordinate with the Secretaries of the Navy and Air Force and with the heads of Defense Agencies to develop an integrated strategy for all Components within the service territory of each utility to coordinate activity and maximize savings. DEPPM 94-1, issued December 20, 1993, establish the guidelines for participation in Energy Conservation and Demand Side Management (EC/DSM) programs offered by or to be negotiated with public utilities. 42 U.S.C. 8256 provides information relating to utility incentive programs. Four key elements of this section are highlighted below. - Agencies are authorized and encouraged to participate in programs to increase energy efficiency and water conservation or manage electricity demand conducted by gas, water, or electric utilities and generally available to customers of such utilities. - Each agency may accept any financial incentive, goods, or services generally available from any such utility, to increase energy efficiency or to conserve water or manage electricity demand. - Each agency is encouraged to enter into negotiations with electric, water, and gas utilities to design cost-effective demand management and conservation incentive programs to address the unique needs of facilities utilized by such agency. - If an agency satisfies the criteria that generally apply to other customers of a utility incentive program, such agency may not be denied collection of rebates or other incentives. 2. Description of the Requirement: The requirement at Fort Polk, Louisiana, is for comprehensive UESC services not limited to these Energy Conservation Measures: Building envelope energy conservation. HVAC system replacements and upgrades to include HVAC Direct Digital Controls (DDC), controls and re-commissioning. Boiler and connected systems improvements.. Chilled and connected systems improvements. District heating and cooling system re-commissioning to include operation, maintenance and repairs. Motors, drives and connected controls improvements. Space heating improvements. Steam system improvements. Natural gas system improvements. Lighting retrofitting and controls. Water conservation measures and leak detection. Advanced metering to include network connectivity. 3. Project Information: A UESC is a contracting vehicle that allows agencies to accomplish energy savings projects for their facilities without up-front capital costs and without special Congressional appropriations to pay for the improvements. Under a UESC contract, the selected UESC utility provider (Utility) will provide their own funding, provide financed funding, or a combination of their own and financed funding, for an energy conservation project that will be repaid from utility bill savings. The Utility will conduct a comprehensive energy audit to identify improvements that will result in energy savings. With coordination and approval of the Government, the Utility will design and construct an energy savings project and provide assurance that the improvements will result in savings sufficient to pay for the project over a maximum 25 year repayment period. The Utility will also develop a savings assurance plan and arrange project financing. The project energy savings will be measured over the course of the financing period. 4. Submission Requirements: The Government does not intend to rank submittals or reply to interested companies/firms. This synopsis is for Market Research purposes only and is not a Request For Proposal (RFP) or a Request For Quote (RFQ). The Government will not reimburse respondents for any costs incurred in preparation of a response to this notice. Your firms response is requested no later than 4:00 Central Time, Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Send responses by email to alan.e.fearns@usace.army.mil, and andrew.gross@usace.army.mil. Responses should be limited to a maximum of 10 pages. No hard copy or facsimile submissions will be accepted. Cover letters and extraneous materials such as brochures will not be considered. Personal visits for the purpose of discussing this announcement will not be considered or scheduled. Sources Sought Questionnaire. 1. Is your business currently a utility provider to Fort Polk, Louisiana? 2. What is the name and address of your business? 3. Identify a responsible point of contact who can be contacted regarding your response, their phone number, and email address. 4. Is your firm a large business, small business, a certified 8(a) small business, certified HUBZone business and/or Service Disabled veteran owned concern? List all that apply. 5. Provide your companys project annual and maximum financing capability over a 25 year period in dollars that could be utilized for this contract for a project taking approximately 9-16 months to develop and award, plus an additional 12-18 months to complete construction. Assume no advance payment or financial assistance is available from the Government prior to or during the construction phase. 6. Provide no more than three (3) examples of financed energy conservation projects for which you were the prime contractor, a joint venture partner, or a first-tier subcontractor responsible for developing, financing, and/or managing the design, construction and/or post construction effort. Identify the scope of your contractual responsibilities, location, client, and size of the project in terms of construction cost and total financed amount. 7. Identify the financier and the amount financed (if any) for the above listed project(s). Provide financing source reference(s) including points of contact for telephonic confirmation of the dollar amount claimed for project financing capability. 8. Does your company have the capability to identify and obtain all permits required by Federal, state, local and installation agencies, including the capability of complying with environmental laws and regulations? 9. Does your company have the ability to work in the Fort Polk, Louisiana area? 11. Does your company have experience or has partnered with a firm, in performing investment grade feasibility studies, economic analysis, such as Life Cycle Cost, Risk, and Return on Investment (ROI), which may be required in order to determine/demonstrate the financial viability of a proposed project? 12. Does your company have experience coordinating rebates, other incentives, and any potential interconnect/transmission discussions/agreements that may be necessary as part of a proposed project? 13. Is your company capable and qualified to search out energy and ancillary cost savings potentials in the Fort Polk area? 14. Is your company capable of developing procedures, courses of action, steps, repairs, or changes in equipment which result in lower energy costs? 15. Is your company qualified and capable of providing work plans/designs? 16. Does your company have the capability to perform the construction efforts to include site security (fencing, lighting, and/or guard service) if required by the project? 17. Is your company capable of and qualified to provide maintenance and repair services for any energy related equipment including computer software systems? 18. Is your company capable of providing yearly equipment inspections to assure the equipment is being operated properly and maintenance is being performed? 19. Does your company have the capability to provide all personnel including dedicated project management, tools, equipment, transportation, materials, and supervision needed to safely and efficiently perform a UESC project? 20. Does your company have the capability to implement, maintain, and control a system for identification, preparation, reproduction, distribution, and maintenance of all documentation needed for its management of a UESC contract? 21. Does your company have the capability to provide and maintain an effective quality control program? 22. Does your company have the capability to provide, maintain, and execute an approved site safety and health plan? 23. Does your company have the capability to provide metering, monitoring, measuring, or testing equipment to verify savings? 24. Does your company have the capability to coordinate all work from all trades including subcontractors and suppliers for a UESC project? 25. Does your company have expertise and experience with each of the following energy conservation measures? Identify with a "yes" or "no" to each. a) Building envelope energy conservation. b) HVAC system replacements and upgrades to include HVAC Direct Digital Controls (DDC), controls and re-commissioning. c) Boiler and connected systems improvements. d) Chilled and connected systems improvements. e) District heating and cooling system re-commissioning to include operation, maintenance and repairs. f) Motors, drives and connected controls improvements. g) Space heating improvements. h) Steam system improvements. i) Natural gas system improvements. j) Lighting retrofitting and controls. k) Water conservation measures and leak detection. l) Advanced metering to include network connectivity Contracting Office Address: USACE HNC, Huntsville P. O. Box 1600 Huntsville, AL 35807-4301 Place of Performance: USACE HNC Huntsville P. O. Box 1600 Huntsville AL 35807-4301 US Points of Contact: Alan E. Fearns, 256-895-1756, or Andrew Gross, 256-895-1143

Original Point of Contact

POC Andrew M. Gross, Phone: 2568951143, Alan Fearns, Phone: 2568951756

Place of Performance

Fort Polk, Louisiana, Vernon Parrish, Fort Polk, Louisiana, 71459, United States
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