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FEDMALL Multiple Award Schedule Solicitation - Amendment 3

General Information

Document Type:MOD
Posted Date:Oct 12, 2017
Category: Maintenance Repair Shop Equipment
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Acquisition Locations, DLA Contracting Services Office - Philadelphia, 700 Robbins Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19111-5096, United States


Attachment 6 Attachment 5 Attachment 4 Attachment 3 Attachment 2 Attachment 1 Amendment 12 Refresh 5 This solicitation, SP4708-15-R-0001, was previously synopsized on January 15, 2015 under the FBO Presolicitation Notice "SP4708-15-R-0001(Update)". The solicitation can be accessed by selecting and downloading the attachments to this notice. Prospective offerors are advised to download and review all attached materials prior to responding to this solicitation. * Amendment 0012 has been issued as "Refresh No. 5", revising various portions of the solicitation, as summarized by Attachment 3. Please be sure to download, complete, and submit all attachments, as applicable. The open solicitation period dated October 3, 2017 - October 31, 2017 is extended until November 14, 2017. Any vendor who submitted a proposal during the October 3, 2017 - October 31, 2017 (now extended until November 14, 2017) before Amendment 12 was issued will be required to submit a signed copy of Amendment 12 to the DLA Troop Support Business Opportunities Office as indicated in section A.2. of Amendment 12. * Amendment 0011 has been issued as "Refresh No. 4", revising various portions of the solicitation, as summarized by Attachment 3. Please be sure to download, complete, and submit all attachments, as applicable. * Amendment 0010 has been issued to update portions of the Solicitation regarding the acquisition and contract maximums. * Amendment 0009 has been issued as "Refresh No. 3", revising various portions of the solicitation, as summarized by Attachment 3. Please be sure to download, complete, and submit all attachments, as applicable. * Amendment 0008 has been issued to provide updated versions of "Attachment 6 - Historic Sales Data" and "Attachment 7 - Commercial Sales Pricing Practices", which previously contained electronic file errors. * Amendment 0007 has been issued to replaced the Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) clause. The most recent versions of Attachments 1, 2, and 4 have been included in the attachment package for convenience. * Amendment 0006 has been issued as "Refresh No. 2", revising various portions of the solicitation, and extended the closing date for the period ending October 30, 2015 to November 20, 2015. Please be sure to download, complete, and submit all attachments, as applicable. * Amendment 0005 has been issued to add additional PSCs to Table A.6.2.1. * Amendment 0004 has been issued to: update the table of "Quarterly Last Month Open Periods", extending the period opening on 06 July 2015 to 14 August 2015; add additional PSCs to Table A.6.2.1; provide updated "Questions and Answers" (see Attachments); add requirement for vendor verification regarding excluded items (see Attachments); and other revisions providing clarifications regarding excluded items. * Amendment 0003 has been issued as "Refresh No. 1", revising various portions of the solicitation, resulting in editorial changes and updated terms and conditions. * Amendment 0002 has been issued updating the table of "Quarterly Last Month Open Periods". * Amendment 0001 has been issued in order to provide guidance on formatting requirements. DOD EMALL is an internet-based ordering service that allows customers to make a "Best Value" decision for products from a variety of sources through a single entry point based on price, delivery, product description, vendor performance, or other factors required to meet mission objectives. This DOD EMALL solicitation seeks to establish Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) type contracts for various commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) items which will be ordered through the DOD EMALL system for delivery to DOD EMALL customers worldwide. DOD EMALL customers include DoD military and non-military customers, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) acting as or on behalf of the customer, and customers of other Government entities (including Federal, State, and/or Local). This solicitation is being issued as part of a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program using the guidance of FAR and DFARS Subpart 8.4 for ordering procedures. (See DLAD 8.400-90 DoD electronic mall (EMALL) and FAR 38.000 Federal Supply Schedule Contracting). The DoD MAS program is designed to provide logistic support that empowers the customer to select the product that best meets their mission needs using best value ordering procedures. This solicitation shall remain open for period not to exceed five (5) years in total length, unless sooner replaced by an updated solicitation, with recurring opening and closing periods on a quarterly basis. The intention of this solicitation is to make multiple awards for the entire spectrum of categories of items required. The maximum quantity of supplies (expressed in terms of dollar value) for this acquisition is set at $937.5 Million (M) based on the aggregated total value of all contract maximums established for each contract awarded against this solicitation. The maximum quantity of supplies (expressed in terms of dollar value) for any individual contract awarded as a result of this acquisition will be determined at the time of award based on the vendors proposal and/or history of sales but may not exceed $100 Million (M). The Government reserves the right to establish the estimated dollar value and maximum dollar value for each contract based on the information submitted by the offeror. The Government also reserves the right to supplement the offerors information with other relevant data available to the Government, if determined by the Contracting Officer to be necessary. The guaranteed minimum dollar value that the Government agrees to order during the period of any awarded contract will be $100.00. No order against any contract awarded as a result of this solicitation shall exceed $35,000 when Fast Payment Procedures are used; or $100,000 when Prompt Payment terms are used; or the remaining amount of the contract maximum limitation if less than either of these thresholds. This solicitation will also act as an interim solution for prospective suppliers to submit catalogs for loading to the DOD EMALL system until this system is replaced by the Next Generation e-Commerce Solution (NGe-Com), which may become a "Federal Mall", or "FedMall" (note: this effort was previously referred to as "DOD EMALL 2.0"). It is anticipated that "FedMall" will be in its Full Deployment (FD) phase of development as early as the end of the third quarter of Fiscal Year (FY) 2015. Given this aggressive timeline and the overall complexity of this effort, it is anticipated that there will be an integrated concurrent approach to development and deployment. The scope of this solicitation is limited to a subset of the DLA Managed Federal Supply Classes (FSCs; also referred to as Product Service Codes (PSCs)) and commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) items (see FAR 2.101) matching the FSC descriptions. Descriptions of the required items (and excluded items), technical requirements, and performance requirements are outlined in the solicitations Schedule of Supplies/Services and Statement of Work. All ordering shall be conducted electronically. DOD EMALL is the sole means by which orders will be issued against any contract awarded in response to this solicitation. Prospective suppliers will be required to submit an Electronic Commerce ("EC") Implementation Plan with their proposals. The EC Implementation Plan shall detail the contractors computer hardware/software, thereby outlining the contractors capability to receive electronic orders. At a minimum, all responding offerors must address how they intend on interfacing with the DOD EMALL System and the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFASs) Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) system. Suppliers will also create a catalog using the Microsoft Excel workbook titled "DOD EMALL Catalog Loader Template and Instructions.xlsx" (see Attachment 2). The first spreadsheet (tab) in this workbook, entitled "Data Dictionary", provides descriptions and instructions for each of the catalog loader data elements, and identifies the ten (10) mandatory data elements that must be addressed for each item when creating a new catalog or issuing a catalog change. The second spreadsheet (tab), entitled "Requirements", provides the template that suppliers shall populate when submitting their catalog. The third spreadsheet (tab), entitled "Unit of Issue Codes", provides a listing of all acceptable Unit of Issue (UOI) codes used within the DOD EMALL system, which offerors are required to identify for each item in their catalog. The vendor shall also establish "Days After Receipt of Order (ARO)" for each item in its catalog. Vendors shall honor the posted delivery times in the catalog at the time of delivery order placement. Vendors will be required to make every effort to ship urgent or high priority orders within 24 hours after receipt of order, at no additional cost to the government, and meet all Preservation, Packaging, Packing, Labeling and Marking (PPPL&M) requirements. All offered pricing within Supplier Catalogs shall be Fright on Board (FOB) Destination and must be inclusive of all shipping, handling, and transportation costs. Offerors may provide pricing and delivery terms based on customer location for Contiguous United States (CONUS) delivery; Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico (AHP) delivery; and Outside Contiguous United States (OCONUS) delivery. The DOD EMALL will provide the shipping addresses for each order placed through the DOD EMALL system. Shipment shall be made via traceable means. The terms of the contracts awarded as a result of the contemplated solicitation will have a Base Period and four (4) Option Periods (for a total of five (5) periods of performance). Each of these contract periods shall be for one year, unless otherwise specified in the award document. All contracts awarded as a result of this solicitation shall not exceed 60 months (should all option periods be exercised). The Government intends to award contracts without discussions on the basis of initial offers; however, it reserves the right to hold discussions and solicit Final Proposal Revisions (FPRs) if it is advantageous to the Government. The proposals will be reviewed in order of receipt and priority and compared to the checklist contained within the solicitation to ensure that offerors have submitted complete proposals. The Government intends to award to any responsible offeror who can comply with the supply and technical requirements at fair and reasonable prices. No award will be made to any offeror whose pricing is not considered fair and reasonable, or is uncompetitive with existing contractors providing the same supplies. An initial assessment of all proposals submitted prior to the closing date and time will be performed within a reasonable amount of time after offers are retrieved from the Business Opportunities Office to determine completeness. One or more of the items under this acquisition is subject to the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement and Free Trade Agreements.

Original Point of Contact

POC Mark Esposito, Phone: 215-737-0394, Mark Esposito, Phone: 215-737-0394

Place of Performance

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