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St. Louis Mod, Contract No. TBD, AAPP 8196. This r

General Information

Document Type:MOD
Posted Date:Oct 10, 2017
Category: Operation of Government-Owned Facilities
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR 230 S. Dearborn Street Floor 6 Chicago IL 60640 USA


Sources Sought Notice for Request for Information (RFI) Number 1630J1-18-N-00001. The government reserves the right to compete any acquisition resulting from this notice. This sources sought notice is for planning purposes only and does not commit the Government to pay for the information requested, issue a solicitation, or award a contract. No solicitation document exists at this time. A determination by the Government to proceed with the acquisition as a set-aside is within the discretion of the Government. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. The United States Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration is conducting market research for the upcoming procurement requirement for the operation of the St. Louis Job Corps Center and Outreach and Admissions and Career Transition Services, located at 4333 Goodfellow Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63120. The NAICS Code is 611519, with a size standard of $38.5M. It is anticipated that a cost-reimbursement incentive-fee type contract with two year base and three unilateral option years will be awarded. The Contractor will be expected to provide all material, services, and necessary personnel to operate this JCC as set forth in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, (WIOA), of 2014. WIOA supersedes the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 and authorizes the Job Corps. The Contractor will also be required to comply with the Job Corps Policy and Requirements Handbook (PRH). The PRH is available at http://jobcorps.dol.gov. Job Corps is a national residential training and employment program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor to address the multiple barriers to employment faced by at-risk youth, 16-24 years of age, throughout the United States. Job Corps provides educational and career technical skills training and support services. The unique combination of services provided in the Job Corps is intended to better prepare youth to obtain and hold gainful employment, pursue further education or training, or satisfy entrance requirements for careers in the Armed Forces. The contractor shall provide: Center: 1. Academic, career technical, social and employment readiness skills, counseling, health services, safety, recreation and work-based learning; 2. Operation and management of government facilities; 3. Residential management, supervision, meals, and support services; 4. Job placement assistance and transitional support services; 5. Training and professional development staff 6. Center operations integrated with the local workforce development systems, employers and the business community 7. Center oversight, financial and program management OA: 1. Outreach to local communities about the Job Corps Program 2. Recruitment to eligible youth in assigned geographical areas 3. Information to eligible applicants about the Job Corps Program 4. Eligibility screening and application processing for Job Corps enrollment 5. Enrollment, assignment, and arrival of a specified number of Job Corps eligible youth to centers as assigned by the contract CTS: 1. Career transition support resulting from placement in careers aligned with training attained in Job Corps 2. Placement of specified number of graduates and former enrollees as defined by the PRH and contract 3. Job development and referral services 4. Follow up placement services to graduates and former enrollees 5. Transition support with housing, childcare, and transportation for Job Corps graduates during the specified service window The on-board strength (OBS) for the Center is 449 residential students, 80 nonresidential students. The contractor shall provide Outreach and Admissions services in the state of Missouri and shall ensure the arrival of a minimum of 749 students into the Job Corps program annually for resident male students, resident female students, and non-residential male and non-residential female students. All contractors doing business with the Federal Government shall be registered in the System for Award Management, (SAM), database. The website for registration is http://sam.gov. All legacy CCR records have migrated to SAM. ALL QUALIFIED SMALL BUSINESSES INCLUDING 8(A) FIRMS ARE ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE. Interested contractors responding to this RFI will be required to indicate their ability to successfully manage and operate a Job Corps Center operation by responding to the capability requirements listed below. The contractor should also indicate the number of students/program participants served for each described contract. If the contractor references a Job Corps contract, the contractor should also provide the referenced centers On Board Strength at the time that the contractor held the contract. FOR A CONTRACTOR TO BE DEEMED CAPABLE, THE CONTRACTOR MUST BE FOUND CAPABLE IN ALL 12 REQUIREMENTS LISTED BELOW. Capabilities Requirements 1. Describe your organizational experience operating a large scale job training program similar in size and scope to the St. Louis Job Corps Center. Your demonstrated experience must encompass key aspects of operating a similar program to include: providing food services; medical, dental, and mental health care; facility and property management; providing residential management and supervision; recreational programming; student transportation; oversight and purchase of Government owned property; managing GSA fleet vehicles; and protecting Personally Identifiable Information. 2. Describe your organizational experience coordinating activities carried out through a job training program in conjunction with activities carried out under state and local workforce development plans. 3. Describe your organizational experience offering career and technical education and training that reflects employment opportunities in the local areas in which enrollees intend to seek employment. 4. Describe your organizational experience in successfully assisting at-risk youth to connect to the workforce, including providing them with intensive academics and career and technical education and training. 5. Describe your organizations demonstrated record of placing at-risk youth into employment and postsecondary education. 6. Describe the strong fiscal controls your organization has in place to ensure proper accounting of Federal funds, and a description of how your organization will meet the requirements of section 159(a). Section 159(a) requires contractors to maintain a financial management information system that will provide-- accurate, complete, and current disclosures of the costs of Job Corps operations; and sufficient data for the effective evaluation of activities carried out through the Job Corps program. In addition, Section 159(a) requires each operator to maintain funds received in accounts in a manner that ensures timely and accurate reporting as required by the Secretary of Labor. Section 159(a) also requires that center operators remain fiscally responsible and control costs, regardless of whether the funds made available for Job Corps centers are incrementally increased or decreased between fiscal years. 7. Describe your organizational experience complying with basic health and safety codes, which shall include the disciplinary measures described in section 152(b) of the WIOA. 8. Describe your organizational financial management experience of a cost reimbursement type contract, and demonstrate your organizations ability to access financial resources sufficient to satisfy requirements of operating a Job Corps centers operation for the first 60 days of operation or the ability to obtain them prior to award, e.g, a $2.5 million dollar line of credit, evidence of a positive cash flow, etc. In addition, when providing information on your companys line of credit, please provide documentation to show the amount available in the line of credit. 9. Describe your organizations infrastructure for corporate oversight and support and management/corporate services. 10. Describe your organizations experience conducting outreach and admissions services to attract participants to the program, screen for eligibility and arrange for admission placement in the program. 11. Describe your organizations experience conducting career transition services to program participants, including job placement and other supportive services. 12. Describe your organizations experience conducting a training and educational program similar to a Job Corps Center. 13. Please describe your organizations experience providing a safe and secure learning and living environment. All interested parties are invited to submit in writing, by the closing date indicated below for receipt of responses, a package entitled "Statement of Qualifications / Capabilities Statement" (which must include the contractors indication of their ability to fulfill requirements). The Statement of Qualifications / Capabilities Statement package must be transmitted under a cover letter. The response must be specific to each of the capability requirements listed above. The submittals shall not exceed 12 pages, TOTAL. The capabilities statement package must be transmitted under a cover letter and must cite the following information at a minimum: 1. Response to RFI Number 1630J1-18-N-00001 2. Company Name, Address, and Point of Contact 3. DUNS Number 4. Business Size Standard/Classification and socio-economic status, relative to NAICS code 611519. The closing date for the receipt of responses is October 27, 2017, at Noon, Central Time. Send your responses to Chin-Jen Chang (John) at the following email address chang.chin-jen@dol.gov PLEASE NOTE: THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR EMAIL MUST STATE: "Response to Sources Sought Notice "1630J1-18-N-00001." No questions in connection with this notice will be accepted. Only submit responses to the Qualifications and Capabilities requirements provided above. Primary Point of Contact Sheryl Algee Branch Chief U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration Office of Contracts Management San Francisco Regional Office 90 7th Street, Suite 17-100 San Francisco, CA 94103 Contracting Officers Address: Jeannett Jackman, Contracting Officer, U.S. Department of Labor / Employment and Training Administration Office of Contract Management (OCM) 230 South Dearborn Street Chicago, Illinois 60604

Original Point of Contact

POC Sheryl Algee, Phone: (415) 625-2385, John Chang, Phone: 415-625-2384

Place of Performance

4333 Goodfellow Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri, 63120, United Kingdom
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