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Sources for the Production of Small Caliber Dummy Drilled Inert (DDI) Cartridges - Cartridge Drawings

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:Oct 06, 2017
Category: Ammunition and Explosives
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command, ACC - RI (W52P1J), 3055 Rodman Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois, 61299-8000, United States


AB48 COAI AB48 Cartridge AB47 COAI AB47 Cartridge AB46 COAI AB46 Cartridge AB36 COAI AB36 Cartridge Drawing NOTE: This replaces the previoulsy posted Sources Sought Notice W52P1J-16-S-SCDI from July 2016. Any responses to that notice shall be resubmiited (to include any revisions) in response to this revised notice. Description: The U.S. Army Office of the Project Manager for Maneuver Ammunition Systems, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ is currently seeking sources for the production of the following items: 5.56mm Single Round, Dummy Drilled Inert (DDI), M199A2 (DODIC AB46); 7.62mm Single Round, DDI, M63A2 (DODIC AB47); Cal.50 Linked, DDI, M2A2 (DODIC AB36); and Cal.50 Single Round, DDI, M2A2 (DODIC AB48). This family of DDI cartridges are employed for Soldier training and in some instances as a field weapon gage. The cartridges provide the Soldier with a safe and effective training experience during basic Warrior Skills training such as chambering and clearing weapons and ammunition familiarity and can be re-used a minimum of twenty five (25) iterations. In some instances, the cartridges are used to perform verification of proper weapon setup after maintenance procedures due to their Profile & Alignment (P&A). These cartridges shall be compatible with existing associated calibered weapons and lubricants, to include being used in standard linked or single round configurations. These cartridges are silver in color so they can be distinguished from live ammunition, so that even the most untrained Soldier can immediately distinguish if a live round is introduced. The cartridge cases have six (6) corrugations described as flutes to support tactile identification (limited visibility scenarios). The DDI is inert and incapable of firing. No primer, vent hole, propellant or weight fill is employed within these DDI cartridges. 5.56mm Single Round, Dummy Drilled Inert (DDI), M199A2 (DODIC AB46), and 7.62mm Singe Round, DDI, M63A2 (DODIC AB47) are packaged in single round/carton configurations. They also need to sustain Soldier relinking in the field. The Cal.50 Linked, DDI, M2A2 (DODIC AB36), is already packaged connected with associated M9,.50 Caliber Link whereas the Cal.50 Single Round, DDI, M2A2 (DODIC AB48), is provided in carton configuration. Either configuration may be linked or re-linked in the field by Soldiers. Sources must have design, manufacturing, engineering and quality acceptance expertise sufficient to meet the specification and drawing requirements for these cartridges. The US Government overall performance objectives will be communicated in the Performance Specifications. The necessary manufacturing processes and forming techniques to achieve these goals will be the responsibility of the offeror, therefore sufficient engineering capability needs to be available. The cartridge may be assembled from case and bullet or manufactured as one unit. If assembled, the crimp joining the bullet to case shall be designed to meet Bullet Extraction requirements. If cartridge is plated to meet the color requirement, the offeror will need to account for plating thickness as well as preclude plating chemicals from entering and remaining in the cartridge. Cartridge must meet Profile & Alignment (P&A) dimensions to function as intended. The US Government owns a Fluted Dummy Cartridge Case Machine designed to apply (6) flutes to a cartridge for the purpose of manufacturing DDI. Dies are interchangeable for each specific cartridge 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and Cal.50. The use of this machine is not required. More information is available upon request. Specifications: The 5.56mm DDI, AB46 will be produced in accordance with 1) Specification: MIL-PRF-XXXXX (DRAFT) dated 15 August 2017, CARTRIDGE, 5.56mm, DUMMY - M199A2; 2) Drawing: 13023595 Rev C (DRAFT) dated 22 August 2017, Cartridges Loose Carton Pack 5.56mm M199A2 Dummy; 3) Drawing: 13068236 Rev - (DRAFT) dated 16 August 2017, Dummy Cartridge 5.56mm M199A2. The 7.62mm DDI, AB47 will be produced in accordance with 1) Specification: MIL-PRF-XXXXX (DRAFT) dated 15 August 2017, CARTRIDGE, 7.62mm, DUMMY - M63A2; 2) Drawing: 13023597 Rev A (DRAFT) dated 22 August 2017, Cartridge 7.62mm Dummy M63A2 Packed 20 Cartridges/Carton: 23-Cartons/Box, Ammunition, M2A2; 2-Box, M2A2/Box, Wirebound (Total 920 CTGS/Box, WBD); 3) Drawing: 13068237 Rev - (DRAFT) dated 16 August 2017, Dummy Cartridge 7.62mm M63A2. The Cal.50 DDI, AB36 will be produced in accordance with 1) Specification: MIL-PRF-XXXXX (DRAFT) 15 August 2017, CARTRIDGE, CALIBER.50 - DUMMY M2A2; 2) Drawing: 13021027 Rev D (DRAFT) dated 22 August 2017, Cartridges Linked Bare Pack, Cal.50, M2A2 Dummy; 3) Drawing: 13068238 Rev - (DRAFT) dated 16 August 2017, Cartridge Cal.50 Dummy M2A2. The Cal.50 DDI, AB48 will be produced in accordance with 1) Specification: MIL-DTL-XXXXX (DRAFT) dated 15 August 2017, CARTRIDGE, CALIBER.50 - DUMMY M2A2; 2) Drawing: 13023599 Rev C (DRAFT) dated 22 August 2017, Cartridges, Bulk Pack, Cal.50, M2A2 Dummy; 3) Drawing: 13068238 Rev - (DRAFT) dated 16 August 2017, Cartridge Cal.50 Dummy M2A2. NOTE: All listed documents are Distribution "D" unless otherwise indicated. Army Nomenclature System: The appearance of type designators (ex: M199A2) in specifications and drawings does not in itself constitute an official type-designation assignment. The type designator consists of prefix letter "M-", a number, and suffix alpha-numeric combination which indicates a modification. The suffix -"A2" was unofficially and temporarily chosen for the new DDI design to distinguish it from the current DDI design -"A1". The new DDI is to be produced under a performance specification but is intended to be nearly identical in form, fit, and function. A final decision on suffix is dependent on how similar the new design is to the current design. Planned Acquisition: The anticipated requirement is for the manufacture and delivery of approximately 1,000,000 - 3,000,000 requirement of AB46, AB47, AB36 and AB48. The Government plans to award an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), Firm Fixed Price contract for the period of FY18 through FY22. Submission Information: Request interested parties to provide their capability to produce all four (4) DODICs to include the following information: 1. Description of manufacturing method: Assembled case and bullet, or manufactured as one unit. 2. Description of raw materials and plating type (if applicable). 3. If mechanically forming the flutes: Explanation of the process to protect case mouth from deformation when fluting the case. 4. Capability to optimize/reduce cartridge case dimensions to account for plating thickness (if applicable). 5. Experience with coating and plating (if applicable): tolerance stack-ups, prevention of plating loss or flaking, and methods to prevent chemicals, cleaners, or wash compounds from entering the case during plating and pre-plating operations. All responsible interested sources are encouraged to submit their capability/qualification data with regard to the above, no later than 30 days from the date of this notice to: U.S. Army Contracting Center, Attn: Mark Stevens, Rock Island Arsenal, IL or at mark.d.stevens.civ@mail.mil. Please include company name, address, telephone number, and technical point of contact, brochures/literature/test data. Firms interested in the production of the AB46, AB47, AB36 and AB48 should adequately describe their capabilities, capacity and experience in the production of same or similar small caliber ammunition. Interested sources shall also submit any backup data to support claims that their production process will conform to the above mentioned drawing requirements (a copy of the drawings may be requested from the Point of Contact listed above). In addition, the ability and past experience related to acting as a prime contractor to inspect, handle, package, and ship the necessary components shall be provided. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION AND DOES NOT OBLIGATE THE GOVERNMENT TO ISSUE A SOLICITATION. Please be advised that the Government will not pay for any information submitted under this announcement. Electronic submittals are preferred.

Original Point of Contact

POC Mark D. Stevens, Phone: 3097822082, Jeffrey J. Decker, Phone: 3097825406

Place of Performance

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