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HSG Training - J&A

General Information

Document Type:PRESOL
Posted Date:Sep 07, 2017
Category: Education and Training Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of the Air Force, Air Combat Command, 55 CONS, 101 Washington Sq Bldg 40, Offutt AFB, Nebraska, 68113-2107, United States


J&A for HSG Training STATEMENT OF WORK 1. SECTION I - SCOPE OF WORK The contractor shall provide all labor, instructor equipment, tools, supplies, supervision, expertise, and materials in order to provide the following four courses: • A 5-day (40-hr) course on Complex Project Management • A 4-day (32-hr) course on JavaScript for Modern Web Development • A 4-day (32-hr) course on Introduction to Linux • A 5-day (40-hr) course on Oracle PL/SQL - Programming 2. SECTION II - GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 2.1. Requirements 2.1.1. For Complex Project Management, 14 WS requires an on-site training course for up to 13 attendees. Contractor provides all arrangements necessary to provide in-person trainer at 14 WS facility in Asheville, NC. 14 WS arranges access to the facility to include a dedicated training room and workstations for instructor and students. Training should address the following topics: • Manage complex projects involving strategic risks • Incorporate science of complexity into project management strategies • Identify when an adaptive process is necessary and provide different approaches for an adaptive process. • Identify when an assessment model is appropriate and how to apply • Identify best practices for minimizing uncertainty and how best to implement 2.1.2. For JavaScript for Modern Web Development, 14 WS requires a live, online training course for one attendee. Training should address the following topics: • Write and debug client-side JavaScript to create modern pages for a variety of modern devices • Implement dynamic HTML effects to improve interactivity and Search Engine Optimization • Apply JavaScript programming patterns with emphasis on separation of behavior from the webpage content • Create dynamic, interactive forms with robust techniques for validation of webpage markup • Develop custom libraries to simplify maintenance and code reuse 2.1.3. For Introduction to Linux, 14 WS requires a live, online training course for one attendee. Training should address the following topics: • Manage and automate open-source tools (such as GNU operating system and software) with Red Hat Linux • Create, edit and search files and directories • Limit access within the file system with permissions and ownership • Connect to network services • Combine GNU filter commands in pipelines to process text data • Exploit Bash shell features to enhance the command line interface 2.1.4. For Oracle PL/SQL - Programming, 14 WS requires a live, online training course for one attendee. Training should address the following topics: • Develop efficient PL/SQL programs to access Oracle databases • Create stored procedures and functions for reuse and maintenance • Design modular applications using packages • Manage data retrieval for front-end applications • Invoke native dynamic SQL to develop high-level abstract code • Improve performance with collections and bulk operations 2.2. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE / SCHEDULE All training should be accomplished during the period 1 Sep 2017 - 31 Dec 2017. Specific schedule considerations for each course follows below: 2.2.1. For Complex Project Management, 14 WS POC will coordinate with the vendor to schedule training within the overall period of performance above, according to instructor and student availability. Due to course offerings and trainee availability, this course is expected to occur after FY16 but before end of 1QFY17. 2.2.2. Javascript for Modern Web Development: 6 Sep 2017 - 9 Sep 2017 2.2.3. Introduction to Linux: 27 Sep 2017 - 30 Sep 2017 2.2.4. Oracle PL/SQL - Programming: 5 Dec 2017 - 9 Dec 2017. Due to course offerings and trainee availability, this was the first opportunity for this training to be scheduled. 3. SECTION III - TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Contractor should hold appropriate advanced certifications and experience (>5 years) in the project management methods and practices, operating system, language, or database being taught in each respective course. Contractor should enforce high standards of selection and training for its instructors. At a minimum, the selection and training process should include an interview, audit or train-the-trainer program, co-teaching of each intended course of instruction followed by evaluation of the instructor in a solo teaching role 4. SECTION IV - INSPECTION/ACCEPTANCE Contractor should provide professional course materials, either in physical or virtual modes, which enhance the learning environment. Course materials should be both available and readily-accessible for each attendee. In-course exercises should be hands-on where applicable. Each course should offer an end-of-course exam or other measure of performance leading to each attendee earning a certificate of completion or achievement in the course subject. 5. SECTION V - CONTACT INFORMATION Major Jason P. Scalzitti 14 WS/DO 151 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28704 (828) 271-4202 Jason.scalzitti@us.af.mil

Original Point of Contact

POC Andrew P. Byrne, Phone: 4022325943, Cody R. Benjamin, Phone: 4022321768CNT FA4600-17-0087DTD 090617

Place of Performance

14 WS facility, Ashville, North Carolina, United States
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