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Skipjack Grounds Maintenance - Clauses

General Information

Document Type:PRESOL
Posted Date:Sep 07, 2017
Category: Utilities and Housekeeping Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard (USCG), USCG Base New Orleans, 4640 Urquhart Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70117-4698, United States


USCGC Skipjack Grounds Maintenance USCGC Skipjack 9502 BEACON RD ABBEVILLE, LA 70511 This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial services. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation and no other solicitation document will be issued. Contractors shall provide a quote for Grounds Maintenance in accordance with the Scope of Work (SOW). Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Clauses and Department of Labor Wage Rates for Services are included in this order and are applicable. Wage Determination No.: 2015-5835 Revision No.: 2 Date Of Revision: 07/06/2017 Vendors Doing Business with the Coast Guard MUST be registered or willing to register with the System for Award Management at WWW.SAM.Gov Evaluation Process: Lowest Price Technically Acceptable. The lowest price quote will be evaluated on technical acceptability. If it is found to be acceptable, an award will be made. If it is found to be unacceptable, the next lowest price will be evaluated. This process will continue until a technically acceptable offer is identified; not all offers will be evaluated. PART 1 - GENERAL 1.1 GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment, transportation and supervision necessary to perform grounds maintenance for all landscaped areas. The work consists of grass mowing, edging/pruning trees, shrubs and ground cover, clean-up of grounds including raking, blowing and vacuuming walks and roadways and collection/disposal of litter, trash and fertilization. The period of this contract will be from 01 October 2017 to 30 September 2018. 1.2 LOCATION: The work is located at the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Skipjack, 9502 Beacon Rd, Abbeville, LA 70510 1.3 INSPECTION PRIOR TO BID: Prospective bidders are encouraged to visit the site to familiarize themselves with the existing conditions. U.S. COAST GUARD CUTTER SKIPJACK 9502 BEACON RD ABBEVILLE, LA 70510 ATTN: BM1 Michelle Rivera Telephone: (337) 898-8660 E-mail: Michelle.Rivera@uscg.mil 1.4 AVAILABILITY OF UTILITY SERVICES: Electricity and potable water will be made available to the contractor without charge. 1.5 WORK CONDITIONS: The Contractor shall closely coordinate all work with the Contracting Officers Technical Representative (COTR) in order to keep disturbances to personnel and operations to a minimum. 1.6 CONTRACTOR USE OF PREMISES: The Contractor will be working on a Coast Guard operational military installation. Become familiar with and obey unit fire, traffic and security regulations. Personnel shall not stray from the immediate area of work or direct avenues of ingress and egress unless authorized in advance by the COTR. 1.7 SECURITY 1.7.1 The Contractor shall provide the COTR with a list of names of all personnel who will be working on the site. The Contractor may submit a revised list any time during the project. Only personnel on the approved list will be allowed on the site. 1.7.2 All personnel shall carry proper identification (ID) when on site. Proper ID is defined as either the individuals drivers license or government issued photo ID. Individuals without proper ID will be escorted off the Coast Guard premises. 1.8 FINAL INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE: The Contractor shall give the COTR a 30 min advance notice prior to the completion of each lawn care visit so that the COTR may conduct the final inspection. 1.9 SAFETY: All equipment operators will be qualified operators of their equipment, trucks, street sweepers, etc. All equipment operators shall use the proper PPE. 1.10 EQUIPMENT: All power operating equipment and all hand tools shall be operated within the safety parameters as defined by OSHA. Equipment shall be carefully maintained and operated with proper safety guards and devices and with discretion when near any personnel. The COTR may stop work if equipment or methods are found to be unsafe. Any work not satisfactorily completed will result in reduction of payment. 1.11 WORK SCHEDULE: The Contractor is responsible for establishing and maintaining a monthly work completion schedule. 1.12 ON-SITE SUPERVISION: The Contractor is required to have a qualified work supervisor on the job while the contract work is being performed. The qualified supervisor must service as a point of contact for the COTR in maintaining the work specification requirements, scheduling, inspections and maintaining safety standards. The supervisor must be able to speak and understand English. 1.13 BILLING AND PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS: 1.13.1 Invoice Requirements: Invoices shall be submitted in an original and one copy to the COTR for certification of receipt and acceptance. PART 2 - PRODUCTS 2.1 FERTILIZERS, PEST CONTROLS, WEED KILLERS: The Contractor is required to submit any Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to the COTR for any chemicals brought onto the facility. All chemicals shall be in containers specifically designed for their storage, in good condition and free of leaks. PART 3 - EXECUTION 3.1 INSPECTION PRIOR TO BEGINNING WORK: Prior to performing any grounds maintenance, the contractor must inspect the landscaped areas and report to the COTR any adverse conditions and give recommendations for solving the problem. Conditions include, but are not limited to: a. Under watering b. Over watering c. Stress d. Change in color of grass e. Weeds and fungus f. Insect and animal pests 3.2 LITTER/TRASH DISPOSAL: Bottles, loose paper cartons, cans and other material not compatible with well-kept grounds shall be removed prior to each mowing. All debris is to be hauled outside the Government property the same day it is collected and disposed of at the Contractors expense. 3.3 MOWING: Grass cutting shall be completed as follows: from April 15 to October 15 (twice a month), during the fall and winter as necessary. Unit will notify 2 days ahead of the time if services are necessary for the fall and winter. Mowing equipment shall be kept in sharp condition and the cutting height from two and one half inches to three inches of blade surface remaining after each cut. 3.4 TRIMMING TURF: Trimming turf shall be done on a recurring basis in conjunction with grass cutting and shall include edging the grass along walks and roadside or areas where grass meets interferences, i.e., sidewalks, roadways, walks, walls, fences, trees, shrubs and the barrier between ground cover and grass, fire plugs, poles/post or along any structure bordering on a landscaped area. Eradication by chemical means may be utilized if approved by the COTR. Chemicals if utilized must meet the Environmental Protection Agencys requirements and are supplied at the Contractors expense. Chemicals shall not be used for edging. 3.5 PRUNING/TRIMMING OF TREES: Prune all trees once per month. Prune all palm trees including removal of seeds and lower palm fronds once per month. Trees along sidewalks shall be pruned such that overhanging limbs do not pose a hazard to pedestrians. All trees shall be kept seven feet clear of ground. 3.6 CLEAN UP: Immediately after each ground service, the Contractor must collect all grass clippings, hedge trimmings, leaves, palms, trash and debris to be hauled outside the Government property area as described in Section 3.1.

Original Point of Contact

POC Tyler C Jemison, Phone: 5043652467

Place of Performance

USCGC Skipjack, 9502 BEACON RD, ABBEVILLE, LA 70511, ABBEVILLE, Louisiana, 70511, United States
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