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United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operations

General Information

Document Type:MOD
Posted Date:Sep 06, 2017
Category: Miscellaneous
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), Contracting Division (9QZ), 50 United Nations Plaza, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, California, 94102-3404, United States


AFRICOM ISR ID09170083 Government Responses to RFI Questions As of Sep 06 2017 Q1.) Would the Government consider making this a small biz set aside under a NAICS code that uses an employee size standard, such as 481211 or 481212? A1.) The Government is conducting market research at this point in time to help determine the most appropriate acquisition strategy. Q2.) Would the Government consider a UAS as the aircraft solution as opposed to MAISR? A2.) No. Q3.) Does the Government require real time transmission of collected data to ground stations (Air to Ground), or can the data be handed off to ground stations upon landing for analysis? A3.) Real Time. Q4.) Does the MX-15 need to be on an elevator that retracts into the fuselage or belly-pod, or could it be hard-mounted? A4.) It is not a requirement for the MX 15 to retract into the aircraft. Q5.) Company X currently has a Facility Clearance at the Secret level. If awarded a contract requiring Top Secret level clearance, Company X would begin the process to improve that security level upon contract award. Does the government require that the contractor already have the appropriate clearance level or would the government be willing to allow the contractor to improve its clearance level upon award? A5.) Need Top Secret at time of award. Q6.) Are the UHF/VHF Line of Sight and UHF SATCOM radios capable of providing Blue Force Tracking (BFT) / Friendly Force Tracking (FFT) to be provided by the Government or Contractor? A6.) Radios will be contractor provided. Q7.) Would the 5 aircraft be stationed at the same location or based at differing locations throughout the AFRICOM AOR? A7.) ANSWER - Different locations Q8.) In regard to remuneration on per flight basis, what is the rule of measurement of flight time: Hobbs Time or Tach Time? A8.) Tach Time Q9.) What mechanical and electrical interface specifics can you provide regarding the GFE sensors? A9.) This information is sensitive and will not be provided as part of this RFI. Q10.) Does the GFE kit include the communications gear identified: 3x VHF/UHF BFT/FFT radios, Ku-band SATCOM, L/S/C-band LOS video data link? A10.) No Q11.) Is the analysis (aka "PED") software Government-furnished or is it contractor-provided? What is the functionality of the contractor provided "customized verification software"? Whom is the contractor training on software updates and how frequently? A11.) PED will not be included in this contract. Q12.) Specification states "provide aircraft hangar and security within the AFRICOM AOR." The AOR is very large, hangar space may or may not be an issue depending on the location. Are all 5 AC expected to be housed? A12.) YES. Q13.) Is the program expected to relocate with regularity or will it be in one location for a set/planned period? A13.) Aircraft will be moved from location to location throughout the AOR. Q14.) Is the contractor required to provide the Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination or is this USG provided? A14.) This will not be provided under this contract. This effort is for the airborne data collection and off boarding only. Q15.) Specification requires 11 hours / 1750 nm at mission airspeed and altitude. Service ceiling is listed at 25,000 MSL but airspeed is not listed. Is there a min airspeed required? A15.) There is no minimum airspeed. Q16. ) What is the estimated number of flight hours per aircraft, per year? A16. ) The requirement is for 5 planes to fly 18,000 hours per year. Q17.) What is the projected weekly amount of flight hours? A17.) The requirement is for 5 planes to fly 18,000 hours per year. Q18.) What is the projected contract period? A.18.) There is a base of 6-months. There are seven each 6-month option periods. Q19. ) We are in the process of answering the RFI however can you tell me the monthly ISR hours required and how many estimated locations. This will be extremely helpful in answering section VII of functional capabilities to meet the demand signal. A19. ) The requirement is for 5 planes to fly 18,000 hours per year. Estimated locations are within AFRICOM AOR but not known at this time. Q20. ) What is the current airworthiness certification of the GFE and with what certifying authority? References: RFI Section II. A20. ) There is no airworthiness certification for the GFE. The only GFE is the sensors. Airworthiness certification is only required for the contractor provided planes. NAVAIR is the certifying authority, in support of AFRICOM. Contractor shall follow all applicable FAA and DoD certification requirements. REFERENCE: Here is the reference in RFI Section II: "Solution must provide all necessary FAA airworthiness certificates and any additional information that is needed to obtain a DoD flight clearance to fly missions within the AFRICOM Area of Responsibility (AOR)" Q21. ) What security and life support services are government-furnished versus contractor furnished? A21. ) AFRICOM will provide security and life support services as specified in DFARS 252.225-7980 (DEVIATION 2016O0008). DFARS 252.225-7980, Contractor Personnel Performing in the USAFRICOM AOR applies to all contractor personnel when performing in the USAFRICOM area of responsibility. Below are a few examples on the type of support AFRICOM will provide IAW DFARS 252.225-7980. AFRICOM has designated their contractor as non-CAAF under this requirement. Q22.) Few aircraft are capable of all of these performance characteristics, which of the three are the most important? A22. ) All required performance characteristics are essential to meet mission requirements. Q23.) I noticed that this is manned requirements however if the Unmanned system can meet or the ISR capabilities (as ours can) as outlined in the RFI would Government even entertain a RFI submission. We had a Navy IFC for the system which is about be renewed under a new ISR Contract. Obviously I dont want our staff to put in a submission if the government would discard the submission if they only want manned solutions. A23. ) AFRICOM is not considering unmanned solutions at this time, for this mission. Q24. ) RFI states these services are procured under a sole source contract. What type aircraft is currently providing these services and does the aircraft meet all the listed requirements? A24. ) The services are currently provided by a customized King Air 350 ME. The aircraft meets all requirements. (End of document) Added: <input type="hidden" name="dnf_class_values[procurement_notice][description][1][added_on]" value="2017-08-31 23:58:11">Aug 31, 2017 11:58 pm Modified: <input type="hidden" name="dnf_class_values[procurement_notice][description][1][modified_on]" value="2017-09-06 20:14:48">Sep 06, 2017 8:14 pm Track Changes Please see RFI description box for RFI Vendor questions and Government responses. Added: <input type="hidden" name="dnf_class_values[procurement_notice][description][2][added_on]" value="2017-09-06 16:07:45">Sep 06, 2017 4:07 pm Modified: <input type="hidden" name="dnf_class_values[procurement_notice][description][2][modified_on]" value="2017-09-06 20:14:48">Sep 06, 2017 8:14 pm Track Changes

Original Point of Contact

POC John W. Rhoden, Phone: 8085411774

Place of Performance

USAFRICOM AOR, United States
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