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ABQ CRASH CARTS (VA-17-124342) - Attachment

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Sep 06, 2017
Category: Medical, Dental and Veterinary Equipment and Supplies
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

James Vercoe;Department of Veterans Affairs;VISN/18PHX;777 E. Missouri, Suite 300;Phoenix AZ 85014


STATEMENT OF WORK (SOW) as of 02/21/2017 Contract Number: Task Order Number: IFCAP Tracking Number: 501-17-2-040-3414 Follow-on to Contract and Task Order Number: Not Applicable Point of Contact (POC). Name: Ricky Kirkland Section: Supervisor, Central Supply Address: 1501 San Pedro Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 Phone Number: 505-508-8124 Fax Number: 505-256-6920 E-Mail Address: Ricky.kirkland@va.gov 2. Contract Title. Acquisition of seven (7) additional Crash carts and Portable Suction devices for NMVAHCS, Albuquerque, NM. 3. Background. NMVAHCS requires additional Crash carts and portable suction devices (attached to the Crash Carts ) due to new construction within the NMVAHCS. The additional facility new construction spaces require Crash carts for use if a patient s health deteriorates and the health personnel have to call a code. Crash carts are available in most patient care areas throughout the hospital. With the addition of new clinics, there are not enough Crash carts to park at designated places within the facility and have enough to re-stock ones that are opened and used for codes. Without these additional carts, the facility will be short carts Central supply personnel will not have time to re-stock and carts will not be available for placing in a designated area. 4. Scope. The additional crash carts will be used in addition to the Crash carts the NMVAHCS already has. The acquisition of the additional seven (7) carts and portable suction devices will ensure Central Supply personnel have enough time to properly prepare and re-supply opened/used crash carts and have carts ready-to-go when the staff demands it. 5. Specific Tasks. The carts and portable suction devices must be the same as the carts and suction devices already available in the hospital. New or different equipment/carts will cause chaos during an emergent situation and may cause harm or even death to the patient if the cart and suction are not the same as what the NMVAHCS already purchased. 6. Security Requirements The C&A requirements do not apply and the Security Accfreditation Package is not required. 7. Government-Furnished Equipment (GFE)/Government-Furnished Information (GFI). None 8. Other Pertinent Information or Special Considerations. Carts and portable suction devices must be the same as what the NMVAHCS already has available in the facility a. Identification of Possible Follow-on Work. None b. Identification of Potential Conflicts of Interest (COI). None known c. Identification of Non-Disclosure Requirements. No proprietary information to be shared with Contractor d. Packaging, Packing and Shipping Instructions. Ship to: NMVAHCS, 1501 San Pedro Dr SE, Building 46 - Warehouse, Albuquerque, NM 87108 e. Inspection and Acceptance Criteria. The carts and suction devices should arrive undamaged and safe for use in patient care. 9. Place of Performance. New Mexico VA Health Care System 1501 San Pedro Dr. SE Albuquerque, NM 87108

Original Point of Contact

POC james.vercoe@va.gov

Place of Performance

NMVAHCS;1501 San Pedro SE;Albuquerque NM
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Link: FBO.gov Permalink
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