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Temporary Workforce Camp Facility at Fort Greely, Alaska

Temporary Workforce Camp Facility at Fort Greely, Alaska

General Information

Document Type:SNOTE
Posted Date:Sep 06, 2017
Category: Lease or Rental of Facilities
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Contracting Office Address

Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USACE District, Alaska, ATTN: CEPOA-CT, P. O. Box 6898, JBER, Alaska, 99506-6898, United States


REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) Temporary Workforce Camp Facilities at Fort Greely, Alaska NAICS Code: 721310 Size Standard: $7.5M THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL, REQUEST FOR QUOTE, OR INVITATION FOR BID. THERE WILL NOT BE A SOLICITATION, SPECIFICATIONS, OR DRAWINGS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. 1. Introduction: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Alaska District is issuing this RFI to obtain responses from members of the construction community interested in providing and operating temporary construction camp facilities in the vicinity of Fort Greely, Alaska. USACE intends to use the information provided for planning purposes and to help make strategic decisions regarding this potential procurement. USACE will not reimburse respondents for any expenses associated with responding to this RFI, though USACE sincerely appreciates respondents efforts and input. The USACE Alaska District may issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) at some point in the future, however, this RFI is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government, nor will the Government pay for any information provided. 2. Opportunity / Background: The Government is seeking industry input regarding the potential to provide camp facilities and operate the temporary construction camp facilities in the vicinity of Fort Greely, Alaska, potentially during the period of mid 2018 through 2021. Fort Greely is located approximately 100 miles southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska near Delta Junction and has a sub-arctic continental climate characterized by long cold winters and short mild summers. Temperature extremes can vary from a high of almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer to -50 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. This potential construction camp requirement is still in the advanced planning stage; initial indications are that the camp must support a temporary construction and technical workforce population of approximately 150 to 200 persons during 2018 through 2021. The services would include providing a full camp to include kitchen/dining, laundry, and recreation modules in addition to the sleeping modules to accommodate 150-200 persons. It is assumed that the temporary construction camp would be of modular design, and that all of the facilities and utilities would efficiently accommodate sub-arctic conditions. The current planning strategy calls for the camp facilities to be located on cleared portion of Fort Greely within a designated partitioned area that is outside of the installations security boundaries. The camp would require the development of on-site utilities including potable water, sewerage, commercial power, and communications. Potable water would be provided by the development of a temporary well and a looped pipe distribution system designed and constructed for sub-arctic conditions, including pre-heat. The water system would be sized to support fire hydrants delivering the water flow rates and quantity required by fire code. Sewerage collection and treatment would be through pipe collection into an on-site septic system designed for the specific soil and temperature regimes found at the site. All onsite utility development would be accomplished through permit with applicable regulators. All relocatable facilities must be industry-standard structures as utilized in medium-sized temporary camps in sub-arctic environments and not custom-designed facilities tailored specifically for this program. They would require full Life/Safety Code Compliance including adequate egress and must meet site conditions, including thermal requirements and all loading requirements for conditions at Fort Greely. When placed in the operational location, the relocatable facilities would be founded upon a foundation system compatible with soil bearing capacities and the structural design of the relocatable assemblies. The use of gang latrine/showers within sleeping facilities would be acceptable. In addition, the use of separate centralized latrine/shower facilities would be acceptable. The latrine and shower capabilities are to support worker hygiene requirements with adequate shower, sink, and toilet and urinal fixtures to support a maximum field population of 350-PN. Water would be required to be heated to applicable use requirements by "on-demand" type appliances. Facilities would need to have adequate ventilation and lighting and would be required to be heated. For all temporary workforce camp facilities, wired smoke/fire detectors would be required with a fire alarm system compatible with the system used at Fort Greely. The Government is currently considering one contract for the fulfillment of this potential requirement: supply of modules and operation of the temporary workforce camp to include complementary services such as housekeeping, maintenance, utilities, security, food and laundry services. 3. Statement of Limitations: a. USACE represents that this RFI, submissions from respondents to this RFI, and any relationship between USACE and respondents arising from or connected or related to this RFI, are subject to the specific limitations and representations expressed below, as well as the terms contained elsewhere in this RFI. By responding to this RFI, respondents are deemed to accept and agree to this Statement of Limitations. By submitting a response to this RFI and without the need for any further documentation, the respondent acknowledges and accepts USACEs rights as set forth in the RFI, including this Statement of Limitations. b. USACE reserves the right, in its sole discretion, without liability, to use any or all of the RFI responses in its planning efforts, and to develop and operate the temporary construction camp, in whole or in part, outside of this RFI process. USACE reserves the right to retain all the materials and information, and the ideas and suggestions therein, submitted in response to this RFI. All such material, information, ideas, and suggestions will become the property of USACE. c. This RFI will not be construed in any manner to create an obligation on the part of USACE to enter into any agreement, nor to implement any of the actions contemplated herein, nor to serve as the basis for any claim whatsoever for reimbursement for any costs associated with the preparation of responses submitted to the RFI. d. The submission of an RFI response is not required to participate in any potential future RFP issued by USACE. e. To the best of USACEs knowledge, the information provided herein is accurate. However, USACE makes no representations or warranties whatsoever with respect to this RFI or the site, including representations and warranties as to the accuracy of any information or assumptions contained in this RFI or otherwise furnished to respondents by USACE, site and environmental conditions on the property or the suitability of the site, or any portion thereof, for any specific uses or development. f. This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes and does not constitute a solicitation. Responses to this notice are not an offer and cannot be accepted by USACE to form a binding contract. g. Respondents submitting business information pursuant to this RFI should consult 32 C.F.R. and other implementing regulations concerning the release of such information to third parties under the Freedom of Information Act. All information submitted by respondents that they consider confidential and not releasable to third parties outside of USACE, and its employees, agents, consultants, and representatives, must be clearly and conspicuously so marked. 4. Submission of Responses: All interested parties should submit a cover sheet, company description, including business size and the completed numbered items below, in the specified format with appropriate supporting information clearly marked "Response to RFI -Temporary Construction Camp Facilities at Fort Greely, Alaska" no later than 02:00 PM, Alaska Time on 20 September 2017, to the following Point of Contact: Kimberly Tripp - Contract Specialist US Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District Kimberly.Tripp@usace.army.mil Responses must be submitted via email to Kimberly.Tripp@usace.army.mil or via fax to 907-753-2544. 5. Response Format: a. Cover Sheet, including: • Company Name • Company Address • Name and Contact Information for Company Representative including: • Telephone Numbers • E-mail Address • Signature of Representative b. Brief company description: business size under NAICS 721310; years in business; type of entity; followed by response to RFI items in numerical order and by any additional materials. Please limit submission to five (5) pages for discussion of the items below; pages must be numbered. You may attach supplementary materials outside of the page limitation. USACE Request for Information (RFI) "Temporary Construction Camp Facilities at Fort Greely, Alaska" c. Provide responses to the following: 1. Indicate your firms ability to provide modular housing suitable for a 150-200 person workforce camp. 2. Indicate your firms ability to provide services for operation of the workforce camp, to include housekeeping, maintenance, utilities, security, food and laundry services. 3. Provide your firms specific capabilities and any past performance for similar types of facilities, particularly in a sub-arctic environment. 4. Provide any additional information you feel is relevant.

Original Point of Contact

POC Kimberly D. Tripp, Phone: (907)753-2549, Aldone Graham, Phone: 907-753-2528

Place of Performance

Fort Greely, Alaska, 99731, United States
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