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Anit-Circumvention Tool

Anit-Circumvention Tool

General Information

Document Type:SNOTE
Posted Date:Sep 06, 2017
Category: Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication Services
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Contracting Office Address

Broadcasting Board of Governors, Director, Office of Contracts, Office of Contracts (CON), 330 Independence Avenue, SW, Suite 4360, Washington, District of Columbia, 20237, United States


The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) Office of Internet Freedom (OIF) seeks additional sources to fulfill future task orders under an established Basic Ordering Agreement for Internet censorship circumvention client software and services. The primary supplies and services required under this contract relate to state-of-the art, extremely specialized information technology (IT) software and systems for circumventing Internet censorship by foreign governments, and require active, ongoing maintenance and support throughout the term of the Task Orders by the Contractor to ensure required service levels. In order to gather additional market research as well as to provide additional information to potential vendors, the BBG will be hosting an industry day on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 from 2pm to 4pm at its headquarters in the Cohen Building, 330 Independence Ave SW, Washington DC. For additional information, please contact: Diane Sturgis email dsturgis@bbg.gov or telephone (202) 382-7849. The BBGs requirements fall into one or more of the Task Areas summarized below. Certain Task Orders could require the delivery of integrated censorship circumvention platforms, which will require the Contractor to provide services encompassing several different task areas; while other Task Orders would require supplies/services related to only a single Task Area. Summary of Task Areas: Circumvention Client Software The contractor shall provide a system to circumvent Internet censorship imposed by foreign governments and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) using client software technology, which, at a minimum, transparently proxies HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) traffic, and may, based on individual Task Order requirements, implement transparent proxy services for additional protocol traffic, up to and including full Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. This system will work on operating systems as specified in each individual Task Order, which may include various desktop and mobile computing devices. This system must allow Internet users in target countries to use this client software package to circumvent the censorship of the Internet within their country. Clientless Web Proxies The Contractor shall provide a network of web proxies which may be accessed by any web browser which supports Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) and which can be distributed by BBG broadcasters. This system must allow Internet users in target countries to circumvent the censorship of the Internet within their country by accessing web proxies operated by the Contractor which are distributed globally and use a diverse set of domain names and dynamic IP addresses which cannot easily be discovered, enumerated, and blocked. The proxy sites will need to be changed regularly, based on the specifics of site blockages in the target countries. Electronic Mail Newsletter Distribution The Contractor shall distribute an electronic mail (email) newsletter provided by BBG broadcasters to a list of electronic mail addresses provided by the broadcasters, and validated by the Contractor, on a schedule as specified in the Task Order. The Contractor shall evade attempts by foreign governments to censor these newsletters by a variety of techniques. Censorship Circumvention Technical Expertise and Support The Contractor shall provide technical expertise in Internet censorship circumvention to further the BBGs other Internet anti-censorship initiatives. This may consist of producing technical documentation and reports on the current state of Internet censorship in target countries; providing computer programming and software engineering for BBGs internal software products, open source software, or other Contractors software; or setup, maintenance, and operation of computer systems and network devices.

Original Point of Contact

POC Diane Sturgis, Phone: 202-382-7849

Place of Performance

IBB, 330 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, District of Columbia, 20237, United States
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