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Horizontal Band Saw

General Information

Document Type:MOD
Posted Date:Aug 31, 2017
Category: Metalworking Machinery
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command, ACC - RI (W90WL5) Tooele Contracting Office, PO BOX 839, Tooele, Utah, 84074-5000, United States


HORIZONTAL BAND SAW Please contact Angela Larsen for an email copy of Statement of Work and Description. FBO attachement action is not working. STATEMENT OF WORK EVALUATION CRITERIA 1. EXPERIENCE In the regular course of its business for a period of at least 3-yrs preceding this solicitation, the manufacturer of this equipment shall have previously supplied or offered for sale this type of equipment to industry for other than its own use. At least one of the following shall be provided as evidence: 1.1.1 PUBLISHED DATA: Each bidder shall provide a brochure, catalog, or published data describing the equipment offered. 1.1.2 REFERENCES: Each bidder shall provide contact information (including at least Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Telephone Number, e-mail address, and a description of the equipment the contact purchased) for minimum of (3) projects of similar scope and scale. 2. TECHNICAL Each bidder shall submit a package containing the following information. Failure to provide all the data required with the package may result in a bidder being considered unresponsive and eliminated from further consideration. 2.1 Compliance Statement Each bidder shall provide a statement of compliance. It shall be a copy of the purchase description. Each and every paragraph the vendor shall circle, type, or write exactly either "COMPLY" or "NON-COMPLY". Other formats will not be considered acceptable. If "NON-COMPLY" is written, a brief description of the non-compliance is required. 2.2 Equipment Identification Each bidder shall identify the manufacture and model number of the equipment being offered. The bidder shall also identify all the options by number that are offered in order to meet this purchase description. The bidder shall also identify items that are not normally numbered for ordering such as installation, freight, and training. 2.3 Warranty The proposal must include a minimum warranty of one year parts and labor and will begin upon final acceptance. GENERAL SYSTEM DESCRIPTION • Replacement Metal Cutting Band. • Production Column Band Saw. • Tooele Army Depot Building 519. STANDARDS AND PUBLICATIONS National Standards and Specifications The following specifications in effect on the Date of Invitation for Bid/Request for Proposal form a part of this purchase description. In the case of conflicting requirements, the more stringent shall apply. Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA). American National Standards Institute (ANSI). National Electrical Manufacturers Association Standards (NEMA). National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). NFPA-70 National Electrical Code NFPA-79 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery. International Standards Organization (ISO). DESIGN General Design Standards YES NO DEVIATION FROM PRODUCT: Modifications to the manufacturers standard design to achieve requirements as specified in this document are only permissible as dictated by good design practice. For example, mounting a 20-hp motor in a power train designed and normally using a 10-hp motor would not be acceptable. YES NO UNITS OF MEASURE: Dimensions and capacities in this purchase description are given in the English-US (in-lb) system. All dials, gauges, and drawings shall be in the English-US system or both the English-US and the metric systems, unless otherwise specified in this document. YES NO ID DATA PLATE: The equipment shall include a main data plate which will include the following data as a minimum requirement (additional information is acceptable): Manufacturer Name, Manufacturers Dunns and Bradstreet Number, Manufacturers Model Number, Manufacturers Serial Number, Year of Manufacture, Contract Number, Machine Weight. This information is necessary for compliance with the governments Unique Identification Program (UID). YES NO DATA PLATES: All instruction, data, and identification plates and labels attached to this equipment and its controls shall be manufactured of corrosion and oil resistant metal or plastic material. All wording shall be in the English language using plain, bold face lettering. Lettering shall be permanent and have a contrasting background. YES NO UTILITY CONNECTION: Equipment supplied to the Tooele Army Depot will have single point shut-off for each utility supplied to a system. This means that equipment constituting a single system shall be wired to a single main electrical disconnect point, plumbed to a single pneumatic shut-off valve, etc. This will be referred to as the "point of first connection". Each type of power source may have only one point of first connection. E.g. (1) pneumatic shut-off valve, (1) electrical disconnect, etc. Each point of first connection shall be clearly labeled on the system and shown in the safety lockout portion of the documentation package. These points must be located on a stationary component and positioned such that they will not create a hazard to personnel during normal operation of the system. The first connection points shall be accessible from the shop floor without the use of ladders, steps, or stools. Access cannot be hampered by operation of the system. YES NO UTILITY CONNECTION LABOR: Tooele Army Depot shall provide only such labor and materials as will be needed to connect facility utilities to each point of first connection of the system. The supplier will be responsible for all connections beyond the point of first connection for each utility. UTILITIES AVAILABLE: Tooele Army Depot shall be responsible for providing the following: Connection of 460-V, 60-Hz, 3-Ph AC electrical power to the contractors RK-1 rating fused or breaker type disconnect switch required in the ELECTRICAL DISCONNECT paragraph of this purchase description. Connection does not include filters, surge protection, or any peripheral equipment necessary to make the equipment functional. Connection of approximately 80-psi compressed air to a single point for each system, if needed. Connection does not include filters, dryers, or any peripheral equipment necessary to make the equipment functional. YES NO ELECTRICAL DISCONNECT: The equipment shall be equipped with a manual, fused meeting RK-1 arc flash safety protection or breaker type disconnect switch, readily accessible to the operator, which will deactivate the entire equipment. It shall be located no more than 6-ft 7-in from the floor to the highest point the control device. It shall be capable of being locked in the de-energized state (OFF) only. YES NO CONDUIT: Flexible conduit is not permitted in exposed areas. All wires, cables, and hoses will be enclosed by rigid, oil-proof protection, except where flexibility is necessary for operation of the equipment. Flexible wires, cables and hoses shall be arranged to prevent draping or tripping hazards. YES NO SERVICE ACCESS: Components subject to periodic adjustment, replacement, or servicing shall be readily accessible. Meaning that experienced personnel can access the part after no more than 30-min of labor. If any special tools or equipment are necessary to access these components, said equipment will be supplied as part of the system and provided with a proper storage location within the system. YES NO DEFLECTION: The system shall recover from distortion and deflection at no load. The machine and its components shall be sufficiently rigid that work piece finish and tolerances are not impaired by machine vibration. YES NO NEW EQUIPMENT: The equipment furnished under this purchase description shall be new and unused. YES NO LUBRICATION: Components specified as requiring lubrication by the original manufacturer shall have an appropriate means of providing said lubrication included in the design of the machine. YES NO The lubrication points will be labeled on the lubrication drawing provided as part of the maintenance documentation and will also be labeled on the machine at the lubrication point and on any access panel covering the lubrication point. These labels will include as a minimum standard, the specific type of lubricant, the quantity to be used, the frequency for change, and the maintenance manual reference for detailed instructions. The lettering shall be English and the units shall be English standard (i.e. pints, quarts, and gallons) YES NO If an automatic circulation system is used, it shall be complete, including, but not limited to the following: reservoir, valves, nozzles, filters, pumps, sight gages, and other components as necessary to make the system completely functional. YES NO A system allowing blockages or inadequacies to go undetected is unacceptable. The system shall be interlocked to the machine control, providing an alarm that lubrication failure has occurred. The system shall not initiate immediate shutdown of the affected function during a cutting cycle. It shall allow completion of the cycle and shutdown in an orderly sequence. YES NO The reservoir shall be sized to allow no less than 80-hrs of machine run time before requiring refill. It shall also have a means provided for draining and cleaning. A means shall be provided to enable the operator to determine the fluid level. YES NO All filters shall be either cleanable or replaceable. YES NO All pumps shall be self-priming. YES NO FILTRATION/REGULATION: Equipment requiring filtered or regulated energy sources shall be supplied with the components necessary to perform this function. E.g. the equipment shall be supplied with a Filter, Regulator, Lubricator (FRL) device, if filtered, lubricated, regulated pressurized air is required for the efficient, proper operation of the equipment. These devices shall be located on the equipment side of the lockout devices at the points of first connections. YES NO Equipment which requires a high quality constant power source shall have proper isolation and/or power conditioning equipment for the power service designated in this description. All electrical equipment shall have a power factor (ratio of real power to apparent power) of no less than 80%, as read at the equipment main disconnect. Equipment with a power factor of less than 80% shall be fitted with suitable power factor correction capacitance, sized on the basis of the equipment inductive AC load. YES NO HYDRAULICS: The machine will be equipped with a hydraulic system and the system shall be complete with, but not limited to, pump, valves, piping, cylinders, pressure controls, filter, and reservoir. All components necessary to make the system completely functional shall be provided. YES NO If the duty cycle of the system under maximum usage will cause the hydraulic fluid to exceed 120°F in temperature, a suitable air-cooled heat exchanger shall be provided to maintain fluid temperature at or below that temperature. The exchanger shall be equipped with changeable fiberglass filter(s), unless permanent type filters are supplied. YES NO The system shall have adequate capacity to provide sufficient pressure and flow to perform all hydraulic operations under all normal machine operating conditions. YES NO Protection shall be provided to prevent damage to components. YES NO Safeguards shall be provided to alert the operator of temperatures and pressures above/below design limits. If safe limits (within design limits) are exceeded, the system shall automatically shut down. YES NO Anti-surge devices or circuits shall be incorporated to ensure uniformity of motion under varying loads. YES NO The hydraulic reservoir shall be provided with means for draining and cleaning. YES NO Means shall be provided to enable the operator to determine fluid level. YES NO Each hydraulic system shall include a filter, which shall be either cleanable or replaceable. YES NO All pumps shall be self-priming. YES NO COOLANT: The machine will be equipped with a coolant system and it shall be equipped with external flood coolant capabilities, as a minimum. Coolant on/off shall be a machine control function. YES NO The coolant systems shall include all necessary components necessary to provide completely functional systems, with sufficient capacity to give satisfactory service and provide adequate pressure and flow under normal operating conditions. YES NO Coolant troughs and chip screens shall be provided around the machine table base to trap, direct, and return the coolant to the reservoir. An easily removable strainer shall be provided in the return line to the reservoir. "Easily removable" is defined as being removable after no more than 5-min of work by experienced personnel. YES NO All machine coolant systems and their components shall provide drip-proof coolant delivery to the coolant point of discharge. In addition, the machine shall be designed and constructed to prevent coolant from escaping the confines of the machine or leaking to the floor when producing work-pieces of a size within the dimensions of the machine table. MOTORS: YES NO All motors shall be rated for continuous duty. YES NO Motors shall not operate in an overload condition during normal operation of the equipment and shall be equipped with overload protection. YES NO Each motor shall bear an identification plate containing the identity of the manufacturer, model number, serial number, input voltage, amperage, horsepower, phase, frequency, duty cycle, and frame size or mounting identification. YES NO Motor starters and controls shall operate at no greater than 120-VAC. It is preferred that they operate at 24-VDC. YES NO Motor starters shall provide drop-out protection. This means that, in the event of a loss of power, the equipment shall be re-energized only by the deliberate action of the operator. Manual or mechanical motor starters shall not be deemed acceptable. YES NO DIALS AND GAUGES: All scales, dials, and gauges shall be manufactured of corrosion and oil resistant material. All wording shall be in the English language using plain, bold face lettering. Lettering shall be permanent and have a contrasting background. YES NO HANDWHEELS: Hand-wheels turned in a clockwise rotation shall produce a linear motion, of the controlled component, to the right, away, or upwards. If rotary motion is produced by the hand-wheel, clockwise rotation of the hand-wheel shall produce clockwise movement of the controlled component. YES NO CONTROL LEVERS: Control levers shall move in the same direction as the motion of the controlled component. Safety and Environmental YES NO INDUSTRY AND REGULATIONS: The equipment shall comply with the most current of all local, state, and federal laws and regulations listed in Standards and Publications. YES NO MATERIAL EXCLUSIONS: The equipment shall not contain polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), ozone depleting substances (Class I or Class II), or asbestos materials. YES NO SAFETY REGULATION COMPLIANCE: The contractor shall comply with standard OSHA and TEAD safety standards, including conforming to confined space work requirements when applicable. YES NO SAFETY LOCKOUTS: Each point of first connection shall be designed and constructed to allow the utility to be completely isolated from the equipment. This isolation shall be insured by application of a standard key locking padlock. The device(s) shall only be lockable in the de-energized (OFF) condition. YES NO LOSS OF PRESSURE: Hydraulic and pneumatic circuits shall be designed such that loss of pressure, or pressure surges, shall not cause a hazard. Means shall be provided to prevent operation of the equipment with insufficient pressure, if such operation could cause a hazard. YES NO TRAPPED ENERGY: Means shall be provided for the controlled release of stored energy. This energy may be in the form of, but not limited to, air and hydraulic pressure accumulators, capacitors, springs, counter balances and flywheels. When appropriate, a label shall be affixed to the stored energy source to identify the hazard. YES NO WORKING RANGE: Hydraulic and pneumatic components shall be selected, which cannot be adjusted outside the safe working range of the circuit and/or equipment. YES NO ACCUMULATORS: Gas charged accumulators operating above 200-psi charging pressure shall be charged with inert gas. YES NO BRAKES: Braking systems shall be designed to "fail-on". This means, energy supplied to the brake shall be used to disengage the brake. Loss of energy shall therefore cause the brake to activate. YES NO EMERGENCY STOP: The system will incorporate a clearly identified, red, mushroomed, control button with a yellow backing plate at every operator work station. Upon momentary operation, any emergency stop button shall de-energize all machine motions and override all other controls without creating additional hazards. All motion stopped shall be restarted by the deliberate action of the operator (requiring manual reset). No other red mushroomed buttons shall be allowed on the equipment. It is preferred that there is no other red buttons of any type. YES NO CONTROL GUARDS: Controls shall be guarded against accidental operation. YES NO OPERATOR REACH: Controls shall be within reach and located such that the operator, when in the normal operating position, is not required to reach past moving parts, which may cause injury. YES NO AUDIBLE NOISE: The equipment noise level during normal operation shall not exceed 85-dbs, "A" scale. Tests shall be conducted around the entire equipment 60-in to 65-in above the floor within 3-ft of any major sound source. Metal removal equipment shall comply with the standard noise requirement while making a midrange horsepower cut on rigidly clamped mild steel. The contractor shall furnish shields, baffles, enclosures, or other devices necessary to bring the equipment into conformance. Any such device shall not interfere with the proper operation of the equipment and shall be designed to preserve the visibility necessary for safe operation of the system. COMPONENT SPECIFICATION Equipment: The supplier shall furnish all equipment normally considered by him to be standard for his machine unless identified in this requirement to be of specific manufacture. The following equipment shall be provided in addition to the equipment specified in other sections of this purchase description, which may not be standard. The inclusion of standard equipment in this paragraph is inadvertent and should not be construed to allow duplication. YES NO Capacity: Rectangle material 18 Inches High, 20 Inches Wide. YES NO Capacity: Blade at 90 degrees: Round 18 inches. YES NO Blade Speed Range: 72 - 390 fpm infinitely variable speed drive system YES NO Front Mounted Speed Control: P.L.C. control allows all electrical and hydraulic functions adjusted from operators control station YES NO Bundling Nesting Capacity: Minimum Capacity 9 5/8" W x 4 ½" H Max. 17 3/4" W x 10" H YES NO Table Capacity: 6,283 lbs. YES NO Remnant Length: Single piece 4.53". YES NO Automatic Stops: Adjustable stops can be pre-set to stop advance and return of blade, and also stop motor ant any location within the 18 Inch travel of the blade. YES NO Blade Drive: 10 HP Motor. YES NO Hydraulic System: 2 HP Motor, Hydraulic tank capacity 29 gallons. YES NO Coolant System: Built-in Flood system, controlled by on-off selector switch at operators station, coolant through saw guides. YES NO Flushing Hose: Washes chips from hard to get at places reducing clean up time. YES NO Power Chip Brush: Together with blade wipers and flood coolant keep blade teeth free of chips. YES NO Carbide Guide System: Guides are stationary and can be readily adjusted to present new guiding surface to the blade. Upper and lower guides have preloaded carbide faced back up blocks to support back edge of blade. YES NO Saw Blade: 209"Inch x 1 1/2-Inch wide x.050 thick. Two Welded-Edge Band Blades is furnished with each machine. YES NO Automatic Chip Conveyor: Automatically removes chips from cutting area. YES NO Blade Breakage Stall motion Detector: Automatic machine shut down if blade breaks, or stalls. YES NO Saw Blade Door Interlocks: Machine will not run if the saw blade door is open. YES NO Work Light: 110 volt work light illuminating the cutting area. YES NO Automatic Material Feed: Single stroke feed at least 19" to multiple stroke at least 177". YES NO Controls: IEC fused disconnect switch and magnetic motor starters, with overload and low-voltage protection. Transformer provides low voltage control (120Volts) to all push buttons at operators control panel and machine lighting circuits. Control apparatus mounted in moisture proof NEMA 12 compartment. YES NO In Feed and Out Feed Conveyors: The material infeed and out feed conveyors shall be at least 6 in length. Dimensions: YES NO DOOR ACCESS: The equipment shall be shipped either assembled or disassembled to pass through a door 12-ft wide by 12-ft high, and shall not exceed 25-ft in length. YES NO COMPONENT WEIGHT: The maximum weight of any one piece shall not exceed 10,000-lbs. YES NO INSTALLED FLOORSPACE: When installed complete, the equipment shall be contained in an area 16-ft wide and 30-ft long, excluding the operators area. Maximum height shall not exceed 10-ft. Width is defined as front to back from the operators normal operating position. APPROVAL/SHIPPING Shipping RESPONSIBILITY: The contractor is responsible for delivery of the equipment to the Tooele Army Depot. Adequate preserving of equipment surfaces, packing, marking, and skidding of materials for shipment shall be the responsibility of the contractor. If special lifting devices, such as hooks or eyes, are required for ease of handling, they shall be supplied with the equipment. SHIPPING SCHEDULE: Be aware, the Tooele Army Depot will only off-load equipment arriving between 7:00 am and 12:00 am (noon), local time on Mondays through Thursdays except holidays. There is no place to stage transporting vehicles awaiting the arrival of contractors. All equipment shall be delivered at the same time, meaning the same day (multiple trucks are acceptable) unless pre-authorized to deliver on multiple days by the TEAD-JMC contracting officer. Installation PREPARATION EXECUTION SUPPORT: Tooele Army Depot will support the preparation portion of the installation by providing utilities to the points of first connection. LABOR AND MATERIAL: The supplier is solely responsible for providing all labor, materials, hardware, tools, and equipment necessary for complete installation of this system except as specifically listed in this document as being provided by the Tooele Army Depot. SUPERVISION: Supervision of the installation process will be the responsibility of the contractor. Tooele Army Depot shall retain the right to periodic inspection and evaluation of the process, as it deems necessary. OFF-LOADING/PLACEMENT: Off-loading of the equipment from the delivery vehicle, and placement of the equipment in position for the installation is the responsibility of the contractor. The contractor shall not be allowed to use government equipment to accomplish this work. OFF-LOADING/PLACEMENT OPTION: At the request of the contractor, Tooele Army Depot will perform the off-loading and placement of the equipment. Any special requirements or precautions to be observed shall be the responsibility of the contractor to provide. The contractor or his representative may be present during this process; however, such person will be responsible for being present upon arrival of the equipment at Tooele Army Depot. Off-loading and placement shall not be delayed to allow arrival of the contractor or his representative. LIABILITY: In any case, the equipment remains the property of the contractor, and the contractor shall assume all responsibility and liability for the equipment and the work performed upon it. The government shall be held harmless for any damage done to the equipment at any time up until final acceptance of the equipment by Tooele Army Depot. SET-UP: The contractor shall be responsible for set-up and connection of the equipment beyond connections of the utilities to the points of first connection. Completion Final acceptance of the equipment shall occur after the following: Set-up completion by the contractor. Successful completion of performance testing at Tooele Army depot. Final inspection approval by the government representative or inspector. This is to verify full compliance with this description to include amendments and modifications to the final contract. The government representative shall perform any and all tests he deems necessary to insure compliance with this description and industry standards to include, but not limited to ease of control, convenience of operation, safe operation, and adequacy of lubrication devices. All required training is complete. Complete documentation packages are delivered. TRAINING The contractor shall provide instruction in proper operation and maintenance of the equipment without additional cost to the government. Training shall be of sufficient duration that the recipients are able to demonstrate a reasonable level of competence as determined by the equipment installer and/or the inspector. Acceptance may be delayed as a result of inadequate training. Schedule YES NO Training shall be coordinated with the Tooele Army Depot. Daily training shall begin no later than 7:00 a.m. MST and shall continue until at least 3:15 p.m. MST. This is required to get full coverage of the 1st shift of operation at TEAD. If training does not begin until after the stated time, TEAD may at its option require additional training at a different time to compensate for the loss of training caused by the late start. This may include more time than what is represented by the delay (e.g. a 1-hr delay may require 2-hrs later to impart the knowledge lost). Location All training shall be performed at the Tooele Army Depot. It shall be performed using the equipment purchased in this description. Type Each type of training shall be given independently. Tooele Army Depot shall coordinate with the contractor to provide the proper personnel for each type of training. The following types of training shall be provided by the contractor. YES NO OPERATOR: Training shall be provided by the contractor for (5) operators. This shall include instruction on the safe, efficient operation of the equipment delivered. The trainees supplied by TEAD shall be familiar with machine operation, but not necessarily with the style or type of controls provided with the equipment. (E.g. for a new CNC lathe, the operator will be familiar with CNC lathe operation, but may have no experience with a Fanuc control system.) YES NO MAINTENANCE: Mechanical and electrical control and diagnostic maintenance training shall be provided by the contractor. This shall include information on troubleshooting and preventive maintenance procedures. This shall be provided for (2) personnel. SERVICE Service/Support Requirements The contractor shall have as a minimum, a verifiable service/repair capability which meets or exceeds the following requirements: STAFF: Staffed by qualified, English speaking personnel fully knowledgeable in the service/repair of the equipment offered. TELEPHONE ACCESS: Telephone access to service/repair personnel shall be available for consultation during Tooele Army Depot normal working hours. Tooele Army Depot normal working hours are 7:00 am MST to 5:00 pm MST, Monday through Thursday, except legal federal holidays. ON-SITE RESPONSE: Physical, on-site response shall be possible within 48-hrs of notification that service/repair of the equipment is necessary. MAINTENANCE PARTS: Parts necessary for periodic replacement such as belts, hoses, filters, and other parts normally considered as spare parts, by the manufacturer, shall be stocked and available for shipment. PRIOR HISTORY: Said service/repair capability shall have been available to the general public prior to the issue date of this purchase description. Adequate proof of prior availability shall be provided upon request.

Original Point of Contact

POC Angela Larsen, Phone: 4358332128

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