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General Information

Document Type:MOD
Posted Date:Aug 31, 2017
Category: Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of State, Office of Acquisitions, Regional Procurement Support Office Frankfurt, Germany, American Consulate General Frankfurt, Giessenerstrasse 30, 60435, Frankfurt am Main, Non-U.S., Germany


RPSOFR has received questions regarding this project and hereby provides the answers (see below). This does NOT extend the due date for receipt of proposals. Since that date is very near fiscal year end (9-30-2017) we would ask (ask as a courtesy - not require) companies to let us know if they will be submitting a proposal so we can prepare for the volume of work to be expected. Thank you Chris Heck Contract Specialist RPSOFR HeckC@state.gov Q.1 Is there an incumbent contractor? If yes, what company? Whats the contract number? A.1 There is no contract for any of the three statements of work / HUBS. Q.2 Please elaborate on the photography requirements. What photography assets will the government provide? (e.g. access to a databases, etc.) What original photography assets is the contractor required to provide? A.2 There is no ‘original photography asset required from offerors LONDON - The photographs will be made available to the contractor from the U.S. Government open sources such as Instagram accounts and official websites. However, we do expect potential contractors to have in-house facility to manipulate / edit / process images according to the instructions provided. For example, cropping the image and / or incorporating branding by including logo(s) etc. The latest version of Photoshop - compatible to the one that the London Hub uses - would be sufficient to do the job. BRUSSELS - the same as London MIAMI - Assets provided = Access to all State Department and Hub photos, and State Department subscription services to wire photos Contractor assets required = Editing software, basic photography equipment to create infographics or images for social media Q.3 Elaborate on the videography requirements. What source media will the government provide? What source media is the contractor to provide under the contract? D escribe an average duration of the video clips that you require under the procurement (1 minute, 5 minute, etc.) A.3 There is no ‘source media required from offerors LONDON - The original footage will be either provided by the London Hub or the Hub will direct the contractor to obtained from a specific government open source such as website / social media account. The contractor will be responsible for an in-house facility to translate/voiceover/manipulate/edit footage. Any video editing software, ideally Final Cut Pro, and expertise to use it to edit, including branding, subtitles, and voiceover is sufficient. Regarding duration of video clips, most of the time - consistent with usual social media practices - the clips will be between 30sec to 2min. On odd occasions, however, the videos could be longer: specially when U.S. government representatives and high officials making important statements etc. BRUSSELS - the same as London, except they use Adobe Premiere MIAMI - Assets provided by the USG = Original video from State Department events Contractor assets required = Mp4 or similar that can be used/edited for social media platforms, including HD-quality video Video clip details = Most will be under 5 minutes (average 1-2 minutes) but on special occasions, there may be a need to edit/produce videos that are longer in nature (for example, a press conference or spokesperson interview that is 20 minutes) Q.4 Page 58 paragraph b.3, please define ‘pool A.4 This paragraph is deleted in its entirety. Q.5 Attachment 2 - Experience. Can other past performance forms / entries be substituted for this form e.g. CPARS?. A.5 CPARS input is acceptable if provided as a legible print copy (NOT a link to the database), otherwise the form shall be used.

Original Point of Contact

POC Chris Heck, Phone: 49-69-7535-3333

Place of Performance

not applicable, United States
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