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Solicitation for the contractor to furnish all labor, material, equipment, and supervision to replace a chain link fence and double swing gate with privacy slats for the irrigation holding pond at Fort Sam Houston National - Attachment

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Aug 30, 2017
Category: Utilities and Housekeeping Services
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Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;NCA Contracting Service;155 Van Gordon St.;Stafford VA 22556


SCOPE OF WORK REPLACE CHAIN LINK FENCE FORT SAM HOUSTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78202 Page 1 of 5 The Contractor: Shall furnish all labor, material, equipment, and supervision to replace a chain link fence and double swing gate with privacy slats for the irrigation holding pond at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in accordance with the contract requirements specified below and per applicable industry standards and codes. The Work: The Work shall include, but shall not be limited to the following (not necessarily in the order indicated): Contractor shall demolish and remove the existing chain link fence, fence posts, and double swing gate. Demolition may include removal of existing vegetation (trees and shrubs) that interfere with the installation of the new fence. The Contractor shall cut and grind the old line and terminal posts flush with the concrete mow strip, and fill the post holes with non-shrink hand-mixed concrete. The mow strip shall be abandoned in place and the new fence footings shall be placed just North of the mow strip. All materials generated from demolition activities shall be removed by the Contractor from the cemetery property and properly recycled or disposed of per specifications. The Contractor shall provide and install all materials required to construct a new 6-foot high, 9-gauge, galvanized-after-weave (GAW), black PVC-coated chain link fence. All posts shall be ASTM F1083 Schedule 40, high strength 50,000 psi steel pipe. Nominal pipe sizes shall be 2-1/2 inches for line posts and 3-1/2 inches for terminal, corner and gate posts. Line posts shall be set 9 feet on center and line post footings shall be 18-inch diameter and 5.5 feet deep. Terminal, corner and gate post footings shall be 6 feet deep. Top and bottom rails (entire stretch), and terminal center rail shall all be 1-5/8 inches nominally. The Contractor shall provide and install all hardware and accessories required for a complete installation as per the contract Specifications. The fence shall be constructed according to the Specifications. Provide and install forest green UV-resistant HDPE, bottom-locking privacy slats, with 75% blockage. Install new 13-foot double swing gate with gate stops and latch to secure the leaves. Provide keepers with mechanical device to secure free ends of gate leaves when in full open position. General Conditions: Remove, cut, alter, replace, patch and repair existing work as necessary to install new work. Existing work to be altered or extended and that is found to be defective in any way, shall be reported to the COR before it is disturbed. Materials and workmanship used in restoring work shall conform in type and quality to that of original existing construction, except as otherwise shown or specified. Thoroughly clean up the work area at the end of each day s work including any mud or dirt tracked onto Cemetery streets, and at completion of the project. Leave premises clean and free of waste, scrap, used equipment, or other material intentionally or incidentally delivered to the site by Contractor or Contractor s personnel. Haul away & dump debris and waste to an approved disposal site. The Contractor shall preserve and protect all structures, equipment, and vegetation (such as trees, shrubs, and grass) on or adjacent to the work site not to be removed and do not unreasonably interfere with the work required under this contract. If any limbs or branches of trees are broken during contract performance, or by the careless operation of equipment, or by workmen, the Contractor shall trim those limbs or branches with a clean cut and paint the cut with a tree-pruning compound as directed by the Contracting Officer. The Contractor shall protect from damage all existing improvements and utilities at or near the work site and on adjacent property of a third party, the locations of which are made known to or should be known by the Contractor. The Contractor shall repair any damage to those facilities, including those that are the property of a third party, resulting from failure to comply with the requirements of this contract or failure to exercise reasonable care in performing the work. If the Contractor fails or refuses to repair the damage promptly, the Contracting Officer may have the necessary work performed and charge the cost to the Contractor. All utilities required for the continuous operation of all existing facilities shall be maintained in service at all times except when disruptions are needed. The contractor shall inform the Cemetery Director and the Contracting Officer (CO) in writing for such disruptions and obtain approval from the CO in writing at least 2 weeks prior to such need. When option exists, implement options to minimize interruption of services to the facilities. The Contractor shall coordinate with the Cemetery Director for parking, material storage, temporary portable restroom facilities, and any other needs for the work. Public access to the National Cemetery shall not be impaired. The Contractor shall assume sole responsibility for safety of all persons on or about the construction site, in accordance with applicable laws and codes. Guard all materials in accordance with the safety provisions according to OSHA and Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). Standards of Employee Conduct: The National Cemetery Administration honors veterans with a final resting place and lasting memorials that commemorate their service to our Nation. National Cemeteries are national shrines. The standards of work, appearance, and procedures performed by the contractor at this cemetery shall reflect this nations concern for those interred there. Due to the sensitive mission of the cemetery, contractor personnel must exercise and exhibit absolute decorum, composure, and stability at all times. Contractor personnel shall be required to adhere to the following standards of dress and conduct, as briefly mentioned here, while performing work in the National Cemetery. These standards and regulations are enforceable under Title 38, U.S.C., Part I, Chapter 9, Section 5901. Clothing shall be presentable and suitable to the work while maintaining proper appearance and decorum indicative for a National Shrine. Uniform shirts and hats are preferred. Clothing shall be clean and cleanliness and personal hygiene are imperative. T-shirts and/or tank tops as outer garments are prohibited. Protective/safety clothing and shoes shall meet or exceed OSHA and state requirements. Behavior and language must be appropriate, reverent, and respectful at all times. Eating and drinking (except water) is prohibited in the work areas and within sight of a committal shelter during a service. Use of intoxicating beverages, any tobacco products, and illegal drugs on the Cemetery premises is strictly prohibited. Contractor personnel shall not lean, sit, or stand on or against headstones or monuments. No tools, equipment or other items will be placed or leaned on headstones or monuments. The Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining satisfactory standards of personnel conduct and work performance and shall administer disciplinary action as required. The Contractor is expected to remove any employees from the Cemetery for cause, to include, but not limited to, safety violations, other misconduct in performance of duty under these specifications and/or conduct contrary to the best interests of the Government. If the Contractor fails to act in this regard, or the reason for a removal is immediately required to protect the interests of the Government, the COR may direct the removal of an employee from the premises. Contractor objections to any such action will be referred to the Contacting Officer (CO) for final resolution; however, the Contractor will first immediately comply with COR direction pending any CO final resolution at a later time or date. The Contractor will not be due any type of compensation for their costs incurred as a result of an employee being removed for cause; unless the removal is directed by the COR, and is later found invalid and/or unreasonable by the Contracting Officer. Time of Completion: The project shall be completed within 45 calendar days after Notice to Proceed. Contractor shall submit a detailed project schedule to the COR at most five (5) business days after Notice to Proceed. Work outside of the Cemetery s normal operating hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm shall be permitted only by approval of the COR and only in order to meet the Period of Performance. Code Compliance: All work shall be performed in accordance with National, State, and Local Codes including the International Building Code (IBC). Experience Requirements: The Contractor must demonstrate with their technical proposal, using persons directly employed by the Contractor, experience with the installation of at least three (3) similar fence projects over the past five (5) years. Each contract submitted must have been satisfactorily completed, or if not yet completed, must be marked by satisfactory progress. The Government will not consider a contract that is less than 50% complete or an effort that concluded more than 5 years ago. Contractor Quality Control: The Contractor shall guarantee that all work done under this contract shall be free from defaults and no faulty workmanship with one (1) year warranty. The Contractor hereby agrees to repair or replace deficiencies within the 10 calendar days of notification by the direction of the CO at Contractors own expense and shall be corrected to the satisfaction of the Government. Materials shall be warrantied by the manufacturer according to the terms of the contract specifications. Contractor Supervisor: A competent and experienced English-speaking Contractor Supervisor shall be provided by the Contractor whenever work is being performed - other than trash and debris pick-up. Offerors shall submit a resume for the Contractor Supervisor as part of the technical proposal. All permanent substitutions, whether of prime supervisors or sub-contractors, will be identified and reported to the COR and Contracting Officer, if not prior to, as soon as possible after occurrence. The Contractor Supervisor shall review and approve submittals, ensure all specifications are being met, inspect the quality of work performed, ensure contract work does not conflict with ceremonies and funerals, ensure employees are is adequately supervised and proper conduct maintained, and certify the completed work for payment and other purposes. E. Contractor Quality Control: The Job Site Superintendent will: a) review and approve submittals, b) inspect the quality of work performed, and c) certify the completed work for payment and other purposes. F. Submittals After Award: Submit manufacture s literature and specifications for the all components, equipment, and materials used to perform the work to the COR for review and approval. G. Plans/details: X-101, Cover L-101, Site Plan L-201, Fence Details Attachment 1, Pictures Specification Section 32 31 13, Chain Link Fences and Gates H. POC: The Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) for this project is Robert Winkler, Foreman, Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. I. Project completion: The project site shall be protected and/or restored to a condition equal to that existing prior to the commencement of work. Upon completion of contract, deliver work complete and undamaged. Existing work disturbed or removed as a result of performing required new work, shall be patched, repaired, reinstalled, or replaced with new work, and refinished and left in as good condition as existed before commencing work. END OF SCOPE OF WORK ATTACHMENT 1 PICTURES

Original Point of Contact

POC Geraldine Herrera

Place of Performance

Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery;1520 Harry Wurzbach Road;San Antonio, TX
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