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Pest Control Service Ann Arbor VA Healthcare System - Attachment

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Aug 28, 2017
Category: Utilities and Housekeeping Services
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Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;Ann Arbor Healthcare System;Network Contracting Office 10;2215 Fuller Road;Ann Arbor MI 48105


The Department of Veterans Affairs, Network Contracting Office 10, 24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive, Lobby M, Suite 2200, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, intends to solicit offers for pest control services for the Ann Arbor VA Medical Center located at 2215 Fuller Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Contract will be for the period October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018 with four (4) option years in strict accordance with terms, conditions and provisions of the contract solicitation, NAICS Code 561710. Contractors that can provide this requirement and meets the requirements below are requested to send their 1. Company Name, 2. DUNS number, 3. Business size under NAICS 561710 and 4. If the item(s) are available on a FSS contract or not and the FSS contract number if it is available on contract, 5. Notification if they are a VETBIZ registered VOSB/SDVOSB or not. Contractors must be registered and certified in VETBIZ to be considered VOSB/SDVOSB. This is not a solicitation. This is a Request for Information, Sources Sought. This Sources Sought will close on 09/05/2017 at 12PM EDST. Please e-mail all responses to christopher.gundy@va.gov. Statement of Work INTEGRATED PEST CONTROL SERVICES STATEMENT OF WORK 1. SCOPE OF WORK: The contractor shall furnish all necessary supplies, materials, equipment, labor, supervision, and transportation necessary to perform Integrated Pest Management Services for all buildings and grounds at the Ann Arbor VA campus, 2215 Fuller Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48105. The contractor shall perform in strict accordance with all terms, conditions, provisions, specifications, and schedules of this solicitation and any resulting contract. The Ann Arbor VA Medical Center is seeking one base year with four one year options. The base year will be from October 1, 2017 thru September 30, 2017. 2. SPECIAL PROVISION: The following provisions shall be adhered to by the contract personnel in performing pesticide applications in the areas specified below: A. Food Handling Areas: Treatment of these areas is limited to times when food is not being held, processed, prepared, serviced, and while not being occupied by facility employees, i.e., 7:30pm 12:00am. B. Patient Occupied Areas: Contractor shall use pesticides with as low a volatility and odor as possible to keep odors from disturbing patients. C. Critical Areas: The Contractor shall submit a list of pesticides for intended use in areas listed for approval by the Supervisor, Environmental Management, prior to any applications. The planned use of pesticides in these areas requires recognition of the attendant hazards to occupants, supplies equipment, and surfaces. No substitution can be made without approval from the Supervisor, Facilities Maintenance. D. Critical Areas are defined as: Pharmacy, RME Processing Rooms, Operating Rooms, Respiratory Care Units, Research Facilities, Intensive Care Units, and SPD. Space treatment of these areas shall be done using gel based pesticide or an Ultra Low Volume method with approved equipment capable of delivering particle size range of.5 to 15 microns. E. Contractor will put in place an exterior rodent bait/trap system by the food intake doors as well as the auditorium doors. F. Contractor shall furnish and maintain flying insect traps/controls by the following doors: Maintenance entrance to the Surgical Suite (2 doors), Loading Dock doors, Ground floor stairwell entrances (2 doors), and Trash Dock doors (2 doors). 3. SCEDULING: A. The Task and Frequency Charts of the Integrated Pest Management Program are shown in attached, and the indicated time frames shall be a minimum basis for the scheduling of when services will be performed and submitted to the COTR, Supervisor, Facilities Maintenance. B. The task shall be scheduled so as to be performed on definite appointment days and in no event shall the contractor carry on work outside the scheduled hours without approval from the Supervisor, Facilities Maintenance. C. In the event, climate or weather conditions become unsuitable for work or may induce an environmental hazard, then the entire work shall be rescheduled to a date and time suitable for both Contractor and Supervisor, Facilities Maintenance with no additional cost to the government. 4. COVERAGE: the contractor shall provide complete Integrated Pest Management services for all building and grounds on the Ann Arbor Veterans Healthcare Campus. 5. TASKS: A. Inspection to determine which pest management measures are appropriate and required. B. Recommending environmental sanitation practices that restrict or eliminate food, water, or harborage for pests. C. Selection and utilization of non-chemical control methods which eliminate, exclude or repel pests (i.e, insect electrocution devices, traps, caulking, air screens etc.) The Contractor is responsible to advise the VA of the method required to utilize a non-chemical control of pests. If the method suggested is agreed upon by this medical center, the furnishing and installation of required item would be by the government. However, the government reserves the right to reject contractors recommended method and instruct them to proceed with other methods, as provided by the contract. D. Selection and use of the most environmentally sound pesticide to affect control when chemical methods are necessary. E. Control of general structural arthropod pests (i.e., cockroaches, ant, carpet beetles, spiders, etc...) F. Control of flying pests (i.e., houseflies, stable flies, blow flies, etc..) G. Control of predatory pests (i.e., lice, bedbugs, fleas, mites, ticks, bees, wasp, mosquitoes. etc...) H. Control of stored products (i.e., saw tooth grain beetle, red/confused flour beetle, grain moths, etc ) I. Control of mice and rats, (i.e., house mice, field mice, roof rat, Norway rat, etc ) J. Control of wood destroying organisms (i.e., subterranean termites, dry wood termites, fungi, wood boring beetles, etc ) K. Control of other vertebrae pests (i.e., bats, cats, dogs, etc ) L. Control of aquatic pests (mosquito larvae,/pupae, algae, etc..) N. Evaluation of control measures through follow-up inspections. 6. INTERFERENCE TO NORMAL FUNCTION: Contractor personnel are required to interrupt their work at any time so as not to interfere with the normal functioning of the facility including utility services, fire protection, and passage of facility patients, personnel, equipment and carts. 7. DISPOSAL OF HAZARDOUS WASTES: The Contractors hall not dispose of any other materials contaminated by pesticides at any location on the medical center facility premises except as specified by the Supervisor, Facilities Maintenance. 8. STORAGE OF PEST CONTROL MATERIALS: Pest control materials, or equipment for emergency situations such as arthropod pests, i.e., cockroaches, ants, predatory pest, lice, bedbugs, fleas will be stored at the VA Medical Center. The COTR will have access to this locked storage. 9. TRAINING: The contractor shall provide scheduled in-house training to employees twice per year on procedures and prevention to control pests. Audience will consist of Facilities Maintenance personnel throughout the medical center. Facilities Maintenance will be responsible for providing space and will notify personnel of training. 10. HOURS OF OPERATION: A. Normal business hours: 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. B. Some contract work may require work to be performed after normal business hours as noted elsewhere in the statement of work and/or contract. C. The holidays observed by the Federal Government are: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, President s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. 11. CALL BACK REQUIREMENT A. Routine: The Contractor shall within 12 hours after receipt of notification by the Contracting Officer or his/her representative, and at no additional cost to the government, retreat previously treated areas when inadequate control, as per specifications, was obtained. B. Emergency: The Contractor shall within 4 hours after receipt of notification by the Contracting Officer or his/her representative, and at no additional cost to the government, perform Integrated Pest Management Services to correct urgent condition. 12. REQUIRED CONTRACTOR REPORTING: A. Contractor personnel shall sign in at the beginning of their scheduled work shift and out at the end of their shift. This will be done at the office of the Supervisor, Facilities Maintenance. Upon signing in at the office, a tentative itinerary for the tour of duty will be provided. The Contractor shall provide a report at the end of each shift as to what services were provided during that shift. B. The Contractor is responsible for supplying, completing, and submitting all reports as requested by the Federal, State, and local ordinances which pertain to any duties contained in the contract. C. The Contractor will be required to furnish the VA prior to initial application of pesticides, the trade name if any, and chemical names of the chemicals used and a label showing the contents, the use strength of the chemical as applied and the antidote thereto. Contractor shall furnish the same information each time he/she changes chemicals or products used in the performance of this contract. Contractor shall also provide all MSDS sheets for all chemical to be used in this facility. 13. PAYMENT: Payment will be made in arrears upon satisfactory performance of all services and upon submission of a proper invoice. Invoices shall be certified by the COTR of this contract. Task Frequency Chart Location Frequency AREA ROOM WEEKLY MONTHLY SEMI ANNUAL Kitchen D180 x Kitchen E180 x Kitchen D311 x Kitchen A519 x Kitchen A560 x Kitchen C542 x Kitchen C534 x Kitchen C722 x RME room D503 x RME room D720A x RME room D719 x RME room E112 x RME room A124 x RME room E709 x RME room B270 x Retail Store 3N x Canteen Storage 3N, BW x Food Production 3N x Surgery Suite 5E x Laboratory 3E x Pharmacy D196, DB12 x Trash Room CB21 x Locker Rooms AB03,BB20 x Canteen 3N x Mechanical Rooms Various Locations x SPS Entire Suite x

Original Point of Contact

POC Christopher Gundy

Place of Performance

Ann Arbor VA Healthcare System;2215 Fuller Road;Ann Arbor
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Link: FBO.gov Permalink
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