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Orthopedic Surgeon (Locum Tenens) - Attachment

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Aug 25, 2017
Category: Medical Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;SAO West/ NCO 17;11495 Turner Road;El Paso TX 79930-4221


Page 1 of 3 Subject: Orthopedic Surgeon (Locum Tenens) Amendment to Combined Synopsis/ Solicitation Notice: VA257-17-Q-1244 (Posted 8.24.2017) The following answers to questions are posted for all interested firms in support of the subject Combined Synopsis. All other terms and conditions remain the same and in full force and effect. Question# 1: Can you clarify the following evaluation factors? Factor# 1 (Technical Responsibility): Is noted Pass or Fail, if one of the items is missing, will this be classified as a Pass or Fail ? Answer: Yes, with the exception of items that are considered if applicable. Also, clarification of the following is provided: Factor # 1: Technical Responsibility. Candidate must meet all technical specifications identified within this solicitation. Particular attention must be given to the Performance Work Statement, Section 2 Qualifications. This will be rated on a Pass or Fail basis. Copies of the following shall be submitted with the proposal: DEA Controlled Substance Registration Certificate. Answer: This is mandatory and will be rated Pass or Fail. Current license to practice medicine in any State, Territory, or Commonwealth of the United States or the District of Columbia when services are performed onsite on VA property. No restrictions allowed. Answer: This is mandatory and will be rated Pass or Fail. Prior work experience with Electronic Medical Records. (If applicable) Answer: This is only if applicable, and should be identified within the candidate s CV and could be verified during an optional interview and/or when the customer converses with Point of Contact (reference) personnel. Will be subjectively rated Pass or Fail according to results of an optional interview (via telephone, skype or in person whichever mode is feasible for the candidate) and/ or results of contact with reference personnel. Note: Customer may contact the candidate to retrieve interview mode preference. Provide all malpractice related history (If applicable) Answer: Provide all malpractice related history (if applicable). If applicable, this shall be reported on the candidate s CV. Board Certification - Contractor s physician (s) shall be Board Certified /Board Eligible (Orthopedic) by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) in Internal Medicine and Orthopedic Physician services. Answer: This is mandatory and will be rated Pass or Fail. Basic Life Support (BLS) Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) or equivalency. Answer: This is mandatory and will be rated Pass or Fail. Excellent interpersonal, writing, typing and verbal skills. Answer: References maybe contacted by the customer to quantify/ qualify this requirement. Will be rated subjectively as Pass or Fail. Complete training history. Answer: Submittal of candidate(s) CV (resume ) will suffice CVs shall provide evidence of qualifications that meet or exceed the Performance Work Statement. CVs shall list three peer references (name, title, address, telephone numbers & email address), including the current or last supervisor/superior rater, that can validate professional personnel performance. Answer: This is mandatory and will be rated Pass or Fail. Updated Vet-Pro registration. (yes or no) Answer: If the candidate does not have an updated Vet-Pro registration, it will not serve as a discriminator and does not apply to a Pass or Fail rating. Current background investigation: National Agency Check & Inquiry (NACI).(if applicable & date) Answer: If the candidate does not have a current background investigation/ NACI, it will not serve as a discriminator and does not apply to a Pass or Fail rating. Brief contingency plan detailing how firm (vendor) will ensure that a replacement physician is provided to cover absences of physicians so as to not interrupt patient care, and provide timely patient access. Answer: This is mandatory and will be rated Pass or Fail. Submit the company s quality control approach to ensure quality of care is achieved. Answer: This is mandatory and will be rated Pass or Fail. It is understood that some of the information within this document may duplicate areas within the Brief contingency plan - # 12 of this summary. Signed/ Dated Attachments: B Organizational Conflict Statement, C Contractor Employees Legal Status, D FSC Vendor File Request Form, E Statement of Commitment and Understanding Answer: These documents are mandatory; however, Attachment D FSC Vendor File Request Form applies to firms that are not already listed within the Integrated Funds Distribution Control Point Activity Accounting and Procurement (IFCAP) system for Dallas, Texas. IFCAP is the Department of Veterans Affairs system of record to conduct payment actions for all firms. Firms are encouraged to complete and include this document with the proposal packet to ensure correct information is listed within IFCAP. Question# 2: Does the Combined Synopsis/ Solicitation under solicitation number VA25717Q1244 contain requirements similar to a current contract, or is this a new requirement for the Government? Answer: There is no current contract in place (no incumbent). This is a new requirement. Questions# 3: Is this posted through GSA eBUy or FBO/ and where should vendors send responses? Answer: This is posted in FBO and all proposals shall be sent to the following email address in accordance with the suspense listed within the Combined Synopsis : Hassan.wilson@va.gov End of Document

Original Point of Contact

POC Hassan O. Wilson

Place of Performance

Department of Veterans Affairs;North Texas Healthcare System;4500 South Lancaster Road;Dallas, Texas 75216
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Link: FBO.gov Permalink
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