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Bed Bug Dog Services - BHHCS Fort Meade, SD Hot Springs, SD - Attachment

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Aug 23, 2017
Category: Quality Control, Testing and Inspection Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;Network 23 Contracting Office (NCO 23);113 Comanche Rd.;Fort Meade SD 57741


VA Network Contracting Office 23, Black Hills, is issuing this Sources Sought Synopsis to determine the suitability for a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) or other Small Business set-aside for canine bed bug inspection services for the Black Hills HCS, SD area (see Statement of Work below). This is not a request for quotes or proposals and any such submitted in response to this notice will not be evaluated. Vendors who are interested in this requirement should respond to this notice by providing: a. A short capability statement outlining their ability to provide the service b. A list of other contracts for similar service that they have been prime or a sub-contractor on c. Certification of their SDVOSB/VOSB status through VetBiz.gov (if applicable) d. Company DUNS number e. Company Contact information Annual workload estimate for this requirement is: Description of service Qty Inspections with qualified bed bug detection dog 52 Respond directly via email at: Stephen.holly@va.gov Statement of Work Bed Bug Dog Inspections GENERAL: The contractor shall provide approximately 52 one day visits to VA Black Hills Health Care System (VABHHCS) Facilities located at 113 Comanche Road, Fort Meade, SD or 500 North 5th Street, Hot Springs, SD. The visits will consist of the dog and the contractor inspecting random patient care or administrative areas as determined by VABHHCS. The contractor will provide a written detailed report of each visit, to include, the areas/building/rooms inspected, and the outcome of the inspection indicating positive/negative results. When positive results are determined, the contractor will immediately provide information on whether they found a live or dead bed bug or it was a positive response by the dog only. The dog and contractor at their discretion will be allowed reasonable breaks throughout the day to make sure the dog receives the rest and proper care so that they do not lose interest in their work. WORK HOURS: Normal Work Hours: Monday through Friday - 7:30am through 4:00pm After Hours: Saturday through Sunday 7:00am through 2:30pm Monday through Friday 2:00pm through 9:30pm National Holidays: The ten holidays observed by the Federal Government are: New Years Day, Martin Luther King s Birthday, President s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day and any other day specifically declared by the President of the United States to be a national holiday. SPECIFICATIONS: The contractor will inspect both patient care and non-patient care areas. The contractor will provide dog vaccinations of any dog that enters the premises of VABHHCS The contractor will respect a patient s privacy and will not enter a room where a patient is currently being treated. When positive results are identified, the contractor will attempt in every way possible to confirm a bed bug is present. The contractor will provide a written record of the building number and room number of every area they inspect along with the results of the inspection. Positive results will be reported verbally immediately to the COR. The bed bug dog will not enter a controlled area unless they have been authorized by the COR, i.e., SPS, OR, Pharmacy, etc. The contractor will not allow the dog to climb on top of any exam table or treatment counter. The contractor will not discuss with patients or employees any previous results of their inspections. The contractor will be responsible for any damage caused by the dog. PERSONAL HYGIENE AND CLOTHING:   In performance of this contract, contractor personnel shall be neat, clean, and well-groomed and shall otherwise exercise good personal hygiene.   Appropriate and professional attire shall be worn.   SMOKING POLICY: Smoking is not permitted within or around the VA, except in designated areas. CELLULAR PHONES: Cellular phones are not acceptable in all areas, as they may interfere with medical equipment. Contractor shall verify with the COR areas, where cellular phones cannot be used. LANGUAGE AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Contractors are expected to use appropriate language. Obscene language is not permitted and all individuals are expected to be courteous.   This requirement includes any conversation that can be overheard on federal property.   There is a zero tolerance for sexual harassment (implied, verbal, suggestive, or physical). PERSONNEL QUALIFICATIONS:   All work shall be performed by Fully Qualified personnel to perform the tasks associated with the specified actions noted.   Contractor shall insure that any contractor personnel driving a contractor s vehicle on VA property hold a valid Driver s License, appropriate insurance coverage (automotive and worker s liability) and will be assumed to have no outstanding legal impediments. The Government reserves the right to accept or reject Contractor s staff for the rendering of services.   Complaints concerning Contract Personnel s performance or conduct shall be dealt with by the Contractor or Contracting Officer s Technical Representative with the final decision being made by the Contracting Officer. The Contractor shall be responsible for protecting their personnel providing services under this contract. The Contractor shall follow all existing local, state, federal laws/regulations relevant to fringe benefits and premium pay for their employees.   Such personnel shall not be considered VA employees for any purpose. The Contracting Officer or his designee shall notify the contractor of any noncompliance with the foregoing provisions and the action to be taken.   After receipt of such notice, the contractor shall immediately correct the conditions to which attention has been directed.   Such notice, when served on the contractor or his representative at the site of work, shall be deemed sufficient of the purposes aforesaid.   If the contractor fails or refuses to comply promptly, the Contracting Officer may issue a Stop-Work Order for all or any part of the work and hold the contractor in default as provided elsewhere in this contract. Any costs incurred due to a work stoppage, which is due to contractor failure, shall not be chargeable to the Government.   CONTRACTOR PERSONNEL SECURITY REQUIREMENTS:   Contractor s staff participating in any duties will be required to provide identification and watch a short training video so that they can receive a VA Contractor s Identification Badge from the VA Police Department. This will require them to provide official identification such as a driver s license. PROTECTION OF PROPERTY:   The contractor shall protect and preserve from loss, damage, or harm, all materials, supplies, and equipment of every description of Government owned property. Contractor shall repair all damage incurred due to contractor negligence during movement of materials, furniture, equipment, at no additional cost to the Government.   The finished repaired surface/product shall match the original in construction and finish quality.   OVERTIME AND HOLIDAYS:   Any overtime and/or holiday pay that may be entitled to the Contractor s employees shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor and shall not be billed to nor reimbursed by the Government. BADGES AND PARKING: Contractor personnel are required to wear identification (I. D.) badges issued by the VA Security Office during the entire time they are on the VA Healthcare System grounds.   It is the responsibility of the Contractor s personnel to park in the appropriate designated parking areas.   Parking information is available from the VA Healthcare System Security Office.   The VA Healthcare System shall not validate or reimburse for parking violations under any circumstance. Parking may be a problem at some sites and should be coordinated through the COR.

Original Point of Contact

POC Stephen Holly

Place of Performance

Department of Veterans Affairs;VA Black Hills HCS;113 Comanche Rd.;Fort Meade SD
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Link: FBO.gov Permalink
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