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Leasing Opportunity_Fort Hancock Building 104, Sandy Hook, New Jersey - Attachments

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Aug 22, 2017
Category: Lease or Rental of Facilities
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Contracting Office Address

Department of the Interior, National Park Service, NPS - All Offices, 12795 West Alameda Parkway, Post Office Box 25287, Denver, Colorado, 80225-0287


Attachment G - Land Assignment Attachment F - Bid Sheet Attachment E - Instructions for Financial Forms Attachment D - Financial Forms (Personal) Attachment D - Financial Forms (Business) Attachment C - Fort Hancock Standard Lease_SAMPLE Attachment B - Sample Letter of Intent Attachment A - Fort Hancock RFB Terms LEASING OPPORTUNITY Gateway National Recreation Area Building 104 at Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook <img style="border-width: initial; border-style: none; transform: rotate(0rad);" src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-W9Ux6mD_txx2GCY4nEQWudk6hW3Iz_xs2Drj6J9xzZPyQE5FFxe2K8HDBP4EjtTcS8VNIjhwdsinjJQWDa5WDhYMlWy3UGmaG4T-CP8iDxOVpDv-two9iaejhE1oMc8CctKvYo7" alt="" width="329" height="244" /> REQUEST FOR BIDS (Term: up to 60 years) RFB Release Date: August 22, 2017 Bid Submittal Deadline: September 25, 2017 1:00 PM EST Site Tour : Upon Request Anticipated Date for Selection of Qualified Bidder/s: September 29, 2017 Submit Questions To: gateway_bmd@nps.gov Anticipated Lease Commencement: TBD A. The National Park Service and Gateway National Recreation Area 1. The National Park Service and its Mission: America’s National Park Service was created by Congress to “conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wildlife therein, and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such a manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.” Additionally, Congress declared the National Park System should be, “…preserved and managed for the benefit and inspiration of all the people of the United States.” The National Park Service (NPS) has as its overall mission the preservation and public enjoyment of significant aspects of the nation’s natural and cultural heritage. 54 U.S.C. 102102 (formerly 16 U.S.C. 1a-2(k) allows the NPS to lease certain federally owned or administered property located within the boundaries of park areas. The leasing process is regulated pursuant to 36 CFR 18. To learn more about the NPS, visit our website at www.nps.gov. This site includes information about who we are, our mission, NPS policies, and individual parks. 2. Gateway National Recreation Area: Gateway National Recreation Area (Gateway) was established in 1972 as the nation’s first urban National Park. Gateway is comprised of three park Units in two states - the Jamaica Bay and Staten Island Units in New York, and the Sandy Hook Unit in New Jersey. The building offered in this Request for Bid (RFB) are located in the Fort Hancock district of the Sandy Hook Unit. 3. Sandy Hook Unit: Sandy Hook is located at the northern end of the New Jersey shore, accessible via Route 36 in Monmouth County. Sandy Hook is situated at the southern entrance of Lower New York Bay. The approximate 7-mile stretch of spectacular ocean and bay waters make Sandy Hook a favorite Jersey Shore getaway for Garden State residents and others. Manhattanites also enjoy Sandy Hook beaches and recreation due to the convenience of a 45-minute ferry ride from the Wall Street area to the Fort Hancock Historic Post at Sandy Hook, at which large scale revitalization efforts are underway. More information about Fort Hancock can be found here www.nps.gov/gate. For additional leasing opportunities please visit https://forthancock21.org. In 2016, Sandy Hook was a destination for over two million visitors. Historic annual visitation figures are public and available to review here https://irma.nps.gov/Stats/Reports/Park. Sandy hook offers additional special events throughout the season. The Sandy Hook Wednesday Night Concert series is a free weekly event featuring live entertainment hosted by the Sandy Hook Foundation. There are several other special permitted events such as marathons, bike races, and cooperator run events throughout the season. Standard amenities at beach locations include public bathrooms, showers, and vending machines. B. Request for Bid Summary This Request for Bids (RFB) provides the opportunity for interested individuals and organizations to submit bids to the NPS to lease Building 104, the Sandy Hook Proving Ground Foreman’s Residence, under the general terms and conditions contained herein. See the attached “Offered Lease” for terms of use and occupancy. The final lease negotiated between NPS and the Selected Applicants cannot differ materially from the terms of this RFB. Site visits can be scheduled by appointment only through the Business Management Division at Gateway National Recreation Area by emailing gateway_bmd@nps.gov. 1. Property Offered for Lease: The building for lease is a historic single family dwelling located in the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area. Constructed in 1894, this buildings features a one and a half story building with brick foundation, asbestos shingle siding painted white, and asphalt hip roof. This building is wood frame construction and includes an enclosed, full-width, front porch with hip roof. There are two gabled dormers on the northern slope of the roof, three on the southern slope of the roof, and an internal chimney on the southern slope. 2. Uses of the Leased Property: The Offered Lease will authorize use and occupancy of government land and building in connection with the use of Building 104 as it’s historic use as a single family home/office space. All Premises shall be subject to the general supervision and inspection of the NPS and to such rules and regulations regarding ingress, egress, safety, sanitation, and security, as may be prescribed by the Park Superintendent from time to time. The Lessee shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Premises and any improvements to the Premises that may be necessary during the term of the Offered Lease. The Lessee must be aware the building is located in a public space. 3. Term of Lease The Proposed Lease is for a term uf up to sixty (60) years. Leases are not renewable. 4. Rent & Other Financial Obligations Rent required by the Offered Lease is as follows: Total Rent in “as if complete” condition in an amount not less than $1,200 per month. Annual rent payments are due on a monthly basis. Actual capital improvements expenses will be offset against the minimum “as if complete” rental rate. Rent required by the Offered Lease (see its Section 5 for complete terms) is as follows: Annual Rent in an amount not less than Fourteen Thousand Four Hundred Dollars ($14,400); Initial Improvements Initial Minimum Improvements are required as follows: <img style="border-width: initial; border-style: none; transform: rotate(0rad);" src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/c1gCF_osa4lUvrdupC8NjL2VVwsjMGxb5i9MDbdIrHWla-IOHdfVjPNPjiBxAWeNzf4B-si_EP8z2ia-fZN0s7dzYTahrSGMycRjANatcRU_4Pbc8luJ8vdjwQ1PiBVJndZpJ6cU" alt="" width="421" height="405" /> Cost of tenant improvements are not included in this Initial Investment Requirements Estimate and are to be determined by the Lessee. Fire protection, alarm, and suppression is not included and must be determined by the building use and code. Costs identified herein are minimum investments required in connection with use of the building. Completion of the above identified tasks does not guarantee the building will satisfy requirements necessary to obtain a certificate of occupancy or similar authorization. If qualified, Lessee may perform initial improvements themselves. Estimated cost of initial improvements will be used to determine financial capability to complete the initial improvements. Actual costs may vary. 5. Other Terms and Conditions The Offered Lease includes provisions addressing compliance with applicable laws; repair and maintenance obligations; termination; default; and insurance, among others. 6. Competitive Process This lease opportunity is open to all interested persons on a competitive basis. The bidder submitting a responsive bid offering the highest Annual Rent will be selected for award of the lease subject to a determination of financial capability. A responsive bid is a bid that meets the material terms and conditions of this request for bids. If two or more bids are equal, a lottery drawing between the equal bids shall be used to make the lease award. 7. Bid Submission Date Bids submitted in response to this RFB must be received by September 25, 2017, by 1:00p.m. in the form and at the address stated on the following pages. 8. Authority This RFB is issued under the authority of federal law and regulation. The applicable law is found at 54 U.S.C. 102102 and leasing regulations may be found in the Code of Federal Regulations at 36 CFR Part 18. This RFB and the Offered Lease are subject to and incorporate all terms and conditions of Part 18 as applicable. In the event of any conflict between the terms of this RFB and Part 18, Part 18 controls. For further information, please contact: Business Management Division Gateway National Recreation Area 210 New York Avenue Staten Island, NY 10305 718-354-4665 E-mail: gateway_bmd@nps.gov C. Submission of Bid 1. Bid Submission Requirements Bid forms must be enclosed in a sealed envelope and received by the Superintendent of Gateway National Recreation Area not later than September 25, 2017 by 1:00 p.m. The face of the sealed envelope shall show the bidder’s name and address, along with the receiver’s address as follows: CONTAINS BID -- MAILROOM DO NOT OPEN Superintendent Gateway National Recreation Area 210 New York Avenue Staten Island, NY 10305 Attention: Sandy Hook Mobile Operations Telephonic bids, faxes, e-mail, and other means of transmittal will not be considered. Bid submittals will not be returned. 2. NPS Selection NPS will review all responses to this RFB as follows: To be considered responsive, applicants must submit a bid sheet (see Attachment F) and all additional information identified as required below. The applicant must identify the following on the bid sheet: Indicate the total amount of rent offered. Indicate commitment to undertake the Initial Capital Investment of $XXX,000 and provide proof of financial capability as required by executing Attachment D. Sign the bid sheet. By signing, the applicant unconditionally agrees to the terms and conditions of the Offered Lease (see Attachment F). Applicants must provide the following in order to qualify: Financial Information Required - Completed Attachment D and E (OMB Control Number 1024-0233). Bids will only be considered if received before 1:00 pm. on September 25, 2017, at the location designated above. Bids are expected to be opened publicly at: Gateway National Recreation Area, 210 New York Avenue, Staten Island, New York 10305 at 2:00 p.m. September 29, 2017. If bidders or their representatives wish to attend the bid opening, please email gateway_bmd@nps.gov. The bidder submitting a responsive bid offering the highest Annual Rent will be selected for award of the Offered Lease (subject to the NPS determining the successful bidder has the financial capability to enter into the Offered Lease as explained below). If two or more bids are equal, a lottery drawing between the equal bids shall be used to make the lease award. It is anticipated that the new lease will commence on or before TBD. D. Confidentiality of Bids If you believe that a bid package contains financial information that you do not want to be made public, please include the following sentence on the cover page of the bid package: “This bid package contains trade secrets and/or confidential commercial and financial information that the Bidder believes to be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. The Bidder requests that this information not be disclosed to the public, except as may be required by law.” In addition, you must specifically identify what you consider to be trade secret information or confidential financial information on the page of the bid package on which it appears, and you must include the following sentence on each such page: “This page contains trade secrets or confidential commercial and financial information that the Bidder believes to be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, and which is subject to the non-disclosure statement on the first page of this bid package.” Information so identified will not be made public by NPS except in accordance with the requirements of applicable law. E. Determination of Financial Capability Bidders shall include as part of their submission in response to this RFB either Exhibit B (Individual or Business, as applicable) demonstrating financial capability. The bidder that is determined by the NPS to be the highest responsive bidder (or the successful bidder) may also be subject to background investigations to be conducted by the United States and must comply with same. F. Award Process The successful bidder must execute and return the final Offered Lease within 30 calendar days after delivery by the NPS. If the successful bidder fails to execute the final lease, the NPS may choose to enter into the Offered Lease with the next responsive highest bidder, or may choose to forego any award without liability or obligation to any person. The successful bidder will be required to comply with NPS law, regulation, and policy pertaining to public health. NPS will provide successful bidders with a preseason orientation pertaining to same. The NPS may reject any and all bids in its discretion and re-solicit or cancel a lease solicitation at any time without liability or obligation to any person. Attachments: Attachment A: FORT HANCOCK TERMS AND CONDITIONS Attachment B: SAMPLE LETTER OF INTENT Attachment C: SAMPLE LEASE Attachment D: CREDIT INFORMATION Complete and include one of the following as applicable: Identification and Credit Information (Individual) - OMB Control Number 1024-0233 Identification and Credit Information (Business) - OMB Control Number 1024-0233 Attachment E: FINANCIAL INFORMATION Financial Information for Revenue-Producing Uses - OMB Control Number 1024-0233 Attachment F: BID SHEET Attachment G: LAND ASSIGNMENT

Original Point of Contact

POC Gateway National Recreation Area, Phone: 718 354 4612

Place of Performance

Sandy Hook Unit of, Gateway National Recreation Area, Sandy Hook, New Jersey, 07732, United States
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Link: FBO.gov Permalink
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