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Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Aug 21, 2017
Category: Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Bath VA Medical Center;76 Veterans Avenue;Bath NY 14810


General The VA Medical Center, Bath, New York is engaging in a short-list selection as defined in FAR 36.602-5(a) of an AE (SDVOSB) for the design of a project to Repair Building 34 showers. SDVOSB Vendors with an SF-330 on file within the past twelve months are being considered. If you believe you have an SF 330 on file and would like to be considered for this procurement please send an e-mail to Mark.Simonson@va.gov expressing your interest in being considered. Other SDVOSB firms having a working office within a 300 mile radius from 76 Veterans Avenue, Bath, NY may submit SF 330 s for consideration, to the Contracting Officer at Mark.Simonson@va.gov by 4:30 PM EST, September 12, 2017. The general scope of this project is to design repairs to the existing showers in building 34. This project will design all necessary repairs and or modifications to the existing showers in building 34 to resolve existing damage, and prevent water from escaping the shower area and penetrating to the structure, while ensuring the showers are useful for their intended purpose. All designs will follow, but not be limited to, VA Space Planning Specifications, in conjunction with the VA Master specifications as outlined in VA Handbook 7610. The design will be completed in a manner such that the estimated construction cost is within the VA budget. EXISTING CONDITIONS The Bath VAMC is a campus facility with many (more than 30) buildings located on over 200 acres. Many of the facility buildings are included on the historic register. Building 34 has (3) floors, all occupied by inpatient domiciliary care units for inpatient treatment programs. There are approximately 40 restrooms on (3) separate floors in the building. Each restroom has a toilet, a sink, and a contiguous shower. The shower has a central drain, as well as a narrow trench type floor drain at near the door to the bathroom. The flooring at the shower has become loose and openings between the drain and the flooring have allowed water to penetrate to the structure in some locations. Additionally, it appears that water penetration has occurred at the trench drain in some locations as well. Finally, it appears that the slope is insufficient to conduct water to the drain. A/E SCOPE OF SERVICES 1. Provide investigative and schematic design services, construction documents, working drawings, specifications, cost estimate, shop drawing review and construction period services as required to repair and modify the existing showers to resolve existing issues and the potential for future issues. Services will included all Site/Civil, Mechanical, Electrical or other Engineering or Architectural work associated with this project. Provide for necessary utilities to support the project and operations outside the construction area. All aspects of the design must adhere to the design manuals posted on the VA technical information library (see below). Final design submission shall include phased drawings of all demolition, and construction work as required to allow the continuous use of all of the floors and areas associated around each construction area. 2. Provide contract specifications utilizing as a template the VA Master Specifications available at www.cfm.va.gov/TIL/. Edited specifications are to be provided to the Bath VAMC electronically by either email or on a CD rom. All edited specifications shall be edited to the specified project and have all impertinent specs and information removed. The designer shall provide to the VAMC a comprehensive electronic spreadsheet listing, by specification, all required submittals for the project for use as a submittal log. 3. Attend design review meetings and make all necessary site visits during design to gather information necessary from the existing sites, building plans, utility plans, etc. to provide a complete assessment of the proposed work. This should include an identified number of visits included in the proposal. The VA shall provide access to hardcopy files of existing drawings, and the AE shall perform all searches of these files for any required reference materials to support design efforts. 4. Assess the intent and scope of this project and work with the Medical Center staff to develop a final design and cost estimate to best suit the needs and constraints of the government, while incorporating VAMC Bath Engineering Service, VA Network 2, or any other government comments. 5. The design must, at a minimum, be in accordance with all applicable codes indicated in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Design Manuals and VA Publications (Master Construction Specifications, Construction Standards, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Underwriters Laboratory, International Building Code IBC 2003, NFPA and National Electric Code (NEC), building codes and standards, and VA Information Security Handbook 6500.6, etc.). 6. A/E Design Deliverables: The deliverables below are required: DESIGN: Conceptual (0%) a. Initial site visit to become familiar with VA Facilities personnel, the site and site conditions. b. Concept design and recommendations defining the design approach. c. Confirm design approach, deliverables and schedule. Design Development (30%) a. Meetings as required. At a minimum, AE shall hold separate meetings independently with stakeholders for input/requirements (trades, IT/EMS/end user) b. Site investigation and surveys. Include written description of identified site obstructions and plans for joining to old work. c. Analysis of subject utility services. d. Schematic Design Plans to include at minimum floorplan layout options. e. Schematic level cost estimate for budget check. Un-Reviewed Final Design (90%) a. Complete submittal of design drawings, specification and cost estimate for final review. b. Prior to the submission of the un-reviewed final drawings and specifications, the Project # 528A6-17-612 the Architect Engineer shall conduct a narrative walk-thru with the COR and identified VA staff for each of the trades included in the project to demonstrate that the work shown on the drawings can be physically constructed as depicted. The trades may include, but not be limited to, Civil, Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Communications, Security, and Mechanical. The designer for each trade shall be present at the walk-thru which will encompass all the physical areas affected by the project. Upon completion of the walk-thru, the VA will give direction to the Architect-Engineer whether the design may proceed to completion as shown or whether some re-design is necessary. The walk-thru shall be scheduled by the Architect-Engineer in a manner that will allow corrections before the un-reviewed final submission due date. Required corrections will not excuse the Architect- Engineer from submitting the un-reviewed final drawings and specifications on time. c. Response to previous submittal review comments. Final Design (100%) a. Submittal of final design drawings, specifications, including material submittal listing, finish schedule and final cost estimate. b. Final design drawings shall be prepared in both pdf and CAD format. Final specifications shall be prepared in both.pdf and Word format. c. Response to previous submittal review comments. CONSTRUCTION: During Bidding: 1) Provide bidding assistance and evaluation. 2) Provide expeditious written clarifications to questions (RFI) about the specifications and drawings that are submitted by prospective bidders and/or offerors prior to submission of offers. Written responses shall be prepared and forwarded to the VA Contracting Officer and COR and not to the bidder/offeror. Construction Phase 1) Provide a minimum of 1 on-site inspections for critical testing required by the specifications. 2) The Architect-Engineer is expected to be available within 48 hours after the VA requests a site visit. Submit cost per additional on-site inspection. 3) Provide contractor shop drawing and material submittal review, recommendation and approval evaluation for the Contracting Officer s Technical Representative. 4) Provide written clarifications to questions (RFI) about the specifications, drawings and site conditions. Provide bulletins for omissions. 5) Provide review and evaluation of contractor s fee proposals and contract changes to the Contracting Officer and the Contracting Officer s Technical Representative as required. 6) In-process field inspection of critical testing required by the specifications. 7) Final inspection and final punch list. 8) As-build drawings (CAD). 7. Design Review And Completion Schedule: Deliver each identified submittal to the COR on or before the date specified below: Conceptual Plan: 10 days after contract award Design Development 30% Submittal 45 days after contract award Un-Reviewed Final Design 90% Submittal 90 days after contract award (Includes 10 days for VA review of the 60% submittal) Final Design 100% Final Submittal 120 days after contract award. (Includes 5 days for VA review of the Un-Reviewed submittal 8. Design Deliverables: The A/E will provide two (2) full-size drawing copies, (2) half-size drawing copies, and electronic and bound paper copy of all documents at each review stage. 9. Provide an electronic set and one (1) set of drawings stamped and signed by an Engineer licensed in the State of New York, specifications, and cost estimates at final design submission. Electronic set at 100% final stage is to be provided in both PDF and AutoCAD 2017 formats. 10. Provide a detailed material/labor cost estimate for construction of this project at the 100% review stage, in RS Means format. Submit in editable excel document. 11. Attend pre-bid job walk and provide all engineering responses to questions asked by potential bidders and issue an addendum, if necessary. 12. Provide a technical review of all project submittals/shop drawings related to the project and provide all required responses to any design/conflict questions encountered in these areas during construction in an expeditious manner. 13. Create a list of all items required to be submitted on by the project specifications as part of the final design documents at the 100% submission. The list shall be organized by specification number, followed by the name of the item to be submitted on by specification. 14. Provide expeditious responses to all design/conflict questions encountered during the construction term. 15. Upon completion of the project, provide two (2) sets of stamped Architectural E1 (30 x42 ) as-built drawings, as well as a complete set in PDF and AutoCAD 2017 formats. Provide a detailed construction cost estimate and a detailed construction statement of work. The following evaluation criteria will be used when reviewing submitted SF 330 data and will comprise the basis of information to be used by VAMC Bath for A/E evaluation and selection. Firms submitting SF 330 data for consideration must address each of the following criteria in the SF 330: SHORT-LIST CRITERIA UTILIZING THE SF330 FORM Department of Veterans Affairs Architect/Engineer Evaluation Board 1. Specialized experience and technical competence of the firm (including a joint venture or association) with the type of services required Assignable point rang..(0 to 40) 2. Specific experience and qualifications of personnel proposed for assignment to the project and record of working together as a team Assignable point range.(0 to 40) 3. Professional capacity of the firm in the designated geographic area of the project to perform work (including any specialized services) within the time limitations. Unusually large existing workload that may limit A/Es capacity to perform project work expeditiously Assignable point range.(0 to 20) 4. Past record of performance on contracts with the Department of Veterans Affairs. This factor may be used to adjust scoring for any unusual circumstances that may be considered to deter adequate performance by an A/E. (Firms with no previous VA experience receive a +5 rating) Assignable point range (-20 to 20) 5. Geographic location and facilities of the working office(s) which would provide the professional services and familiarity with the area in which the project is located Assignable point range (0 to 20) 6. Demonstrate success in prescribing the use of recovered materials and achieving waste reduction and energy efficiency in facility design Assignable point range (0 to 20) 7. Inclusion of small business consultant(s) (1 point), and/or minority owned consultant(s) (1 point), and/or women-owned consultant(s) (1 points), and/or veteran owned consultant(s) (1 point), and/or disadvantage veteran owned consultant(s) (1 point), and/or HUBZone consultant(s) (1 point) Assignable point range (0 to 6) SCORING KEY SCORING FACTORS RANGE POOR MARGINAL ACCEPTABLE VERY GOOD OUTSTANDING 1 and 2 0 40 0 5-10 15 25 30 35 40 3,5,6 0 20 0 5 10 15 20 4 (-20)-(+20) (-20) (-10) 0 10 20 7 0-6 0 1-2 3-4 5 6 Discussions will be held with the top ranking firms. These discussions will at a minimum include a verification of accuracy of the information within the SF 330 and a chance to provide any updated information. Responses to discussion items will be evaluated using the same factors outlined above. This procurement is set-aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB). The estimated construction cost for this project is between $25,000 and $100,000. The NAICS code for this procurement is 541310.

Original Point of Contact

POC Mark Simonson

Place of Performance

Bath VA Medical Center;76 Veterans Avenue;Bath;NY
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