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Northport HCHV New Contract with POP 10/01/2017 thru 09/30/2018 - Attachment

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Aug 18, 2017
Category: Social Services
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Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;Network Contracting Office 2;James J. Peters VA Medical Center;130 West Kingsbridge Road;Bronx NY 10468-3904


Please note that the original solicitation has been amended due to change in procurement strategy. The solicitation is for Residential Housing and Case Management Services off-site for 16 beds per day. Please see below for the background and overview. Continue to monitor FBO for future contracting opportunities. Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) Contract Residential Care Performance Work Statement Related Information on HCHV and Resources: Potential Offerors can review additional background information on the HCHV program from the following source: VA Homeless Programs web page: http://www.va.gov/HOMELESS/hchv.asp Offerors should be advised that HCHV program implementation, operations, policies and procedures can vary between and among VA medical centers and selected vendors depending upon local needs and requirements. Frequently Used Acronyms: ADA Americans with Disabilities Act COR Contracting Officer s Representative FAR Federal Acquisitions Regulations HCHV Health Care for Homeless Veterans HEARTH Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing HMIS Homeless Management Information System NACI National Agency Check with written Inquiries VA Veterans Affairs (U.S. Department of ) VAMC Veterans Affairs Medical Center VHA Veterans Health Administration (sub-agency within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) VISN Veterans Integrated Service Network (regional grouping of VA medical centers) BACKGROUND AND OVERVIEW: The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is seeking a Offeror to assist with the provision of emergency residential placement and treatment services through the Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) program. This contract is designed to serve homeless Veterans in need of immediate placement in a safe environment with onsite treatment services. Many of these veterans have co-morbid conditions that include serious mental illnesses, substance abuse disorders, and other serious medical conditions. The goal of the HCHV Contract Residential Care Program is to rapidly stabilize Veterans medical, mental health, substance abuse and other psychosocial problems by providing appropriate on-site treatment and supportive services in order to place Veterans in permanent housing within 60 to 90 days, but no more than 180 days. VA intends to engage an Offeror to provide rapid placement of VA-referred Veterans in a safe, residential treatment setting while addressing Veterans complex needs through on-site supportive case management services. Entities that are interested in providing Veterans these services should be aware that although this contract seeks services for areas covered by the Northport VA Medical Center (including Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY), HCHV is a national program serving Veterans throughout the country. This program continues to expand and has become one of the largest VA interventions to assist homeless Veterans. It is also the first specialized homeless program developed by the VA. It represents one of VA s most significant efforts to achieve the President s goal of ending homelessness among Veterans. Through this contract, the VA seeks to support homeless Veterans served by HCHV by expediting placement of these Veterans into a safe, residential treatment facility. This facility must meet the criteria established both by HCHV clinical staff and VA fire and safety officials. Offerors are urged in the strongest terms to carefully review the requirements outlined in the Performance Work Statement to ensure that all facilities fire and safety and treatment services criteria can be met in a timely way. This contract is intended for community based Offerors currently operating residential treatment facilities with on-site treatment services and demonstrated experience serving homeless individuals and/or families whereby this contract provides supplemental funding for Veterans to receive immediate placement and enhanced on-site treatment designed to address Veterans unique and population specific needs. VA will consider proposals for new residential treatment programs if it can be determined that the Offeror can meet all of the terms of the Performance Work Statement within the required time frames. VA places a great deal of emphasis on the responsibility and accountability of Offerors receiving VA funds through the HCHV Contract Residential Care program. VA has procedures in place to monitor facilities and treatment services provided to homeless veterans as well as outcomes associated with the services provided in HCHV Contract Residential Care programs. Primary target populations for HCHV Contract Residential Care include chronically homeless, chronically mentally ill Veterans, Veterans with chronic substance abuse disorders and/or serious medical problems and complex needs. The VA is also highly interested in Offerors that are able to meet the residential treatment needs of homeless male and/or female Veterans with families and/or minor children as described in the Tasks and Deliverables outlined in the contract, though VA has authority to pay per diem for services to VA health care eligible Veterans only. Any costs associated with non-VA health care eligible family members cannot be included in the per diem rate for this contract. Examples of these costs include but are not limited to: food, household goods, toiletries, child care, supportive case managements, or transportation for non-VA health care eligible family members such as spouses, children, or other immediate family members of the Veteran. Offerors are expected to have other funding sources to cover costs associated with care for non-VA health care eligible family members who may reside in the residential treatment facility with the eligible Veteran. To be eligible for the HCHV Contract Residential Care program, Veterans must: Be eligible for VA health care as determined by the local VA medical center Be determined to be homeless or at imminent risk for homelessness based on McKinney-Vento / HEARTH Act definitions by the local VA medical center HCHV program [see Reference section for additional information]. Be assessed by the HCHV program at the VA medical center to have need for a safe and stable environment with enhanced treatment and support services to resolve their homelessness. HCHV Contract Residential Care Veterans are referred to Offerors based on a demonstrated need for case management and residential treatment services to stabilize their mental health, substance abuse, medical and/or other co-occurring serious psychosocial issues in order to secure permanent housing as quickly as possible. The program prioritizes Veterans based on chronicity of homelessness and other assessed biopsychosocial vulnerabilities. Contracts will only be awarded to contractors with residential treatment facilities that are located within the Northport VA Medical Center catchment area. Ideally these facilities should be in centralized locations, near public transportation, and near areas that provide employment. The Northport VA Medical Center catchment area includes Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York State. VA Liaisons to the Offeror will be identified by the HCHV program at the VA medical center. They will act as the clinical liaison for all client related issues between the Offeror and the VA homeless team. They will provide clinical oversight. They will not provide direct clinical supervision. Prior to award, the successful offeror must provide: Upon Award, the Offeror must provide documentation of site control through ownership or a valid lease. The Offeror must also provide evidence of appropriate licensure from Federal, state and/or local authorities to operate a residential care facility Upon award, the offeror shall provide identification of key personnel, licenses, insurance, and legal requirements. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: The period of performance for this contract will be for a Base Year plus four (4) Option Years. CONTRACT TYPE: Firm Fixed Rate (Per Diem Rate). PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Performance will occur at the Offeror s location unless otherwise required by work requirements listed in the Performance Work Statement. CONTRACT AWARD MEETING: The Offeror shall not commence performance on the tasks in the awarded Performance Work Statement until the Contracting Officer has conducted a kick off meeting or has advised the Offeror that a kick off meeting is waived. GOVERNMENT FURNISHED PROPERTY: Government furnished property will not be provided to the Offeror. All equipment required by the Offeror will provided at their expense. METHOD OF INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE: The Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) will evaluate all deliverables submitted. The COR is responsible for certifying invoices for payment only for deliverables received and deemed acceptable by the contract CLINs. A Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan will be used by the COR to assure success.

Original Point of Contact

POC Chad M. Johnson

Place of Performance

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