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General AE Services for APS at Powidz Air Base, Poland - Amendment 1

General Information

Document Type:MOD
Posted Date:Aug 18, 2017
Category: Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USACE District, Europe, Konrad-Adenauer Ring 39, Wiesbaden, 65187, Germany


Attachment 5 - SOW Attachment B Proposed Site Plans Attachment 4 - Revised SOW Poland APS_DRAFT Amendment 0001 Announcement for W912GB-17-R-0046 GENERAL ARCHITECT ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR ARMY PREPOSITIONED STOCKS AND MAINTENANCE COMPLEX AND MUNITIONS STORAGE AREA POWIDZ AIR BASE, POLAND 1. AGENCY: United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Europe District (NAU). 2. NAICS: 541330 - Engineering Services 3. PLACES OF PERFORMANCE: Powidz, Poland 4. CONTRACT INFORMATION: The USACE NAU, intends to solicit and award one standalone C-Type contract for General Architect and Engineering (A-E) Services in support of the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI) Army Prepositioned Stock (APS) Care and Prevention Center and Ammunition Storage Facilities in Poland. This contract will be procured in accordance with Public Law (PL) 92-582 (the Brooks Act) and Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 36. Firms will be selected for negotiation based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the required work. The project will be NATO funded. Therefore, in accordance with NATO regulation, only those Offerors who originate or are chartered/incorporated within NATO-member nations will be considered. The contract will be negotiated and awarded as Firm Fixed Price (FFP). Funds are not presently available for this acquisition. No contract award will be made until funds are made available. Performance Period: The contract will have a base item period of performance of 13 months for design with one option item period of performance of 30 months for construction support services. The option item will be exercised prior to the expiration of the base item. Anticipated Award: The anticipated award is December 2017. FAR Part 19 Small Business Programs is not applicable outside of the United States or its territories and setting aside solicitations for SB may conflict with international agreements, therefore, this acquisition will not be set aside. However, if your firm is qualified to perform the services please submit a proposal by the requested due date and time. 5. PROJECT INFORMATION: Architect-Engineer (A-E) services are required for the preparation of English and Polish language 100% design documents of an Army Prepositioned Stocks and Maintenance Complex (APS) and a Munitions Storage Area (MSA) at Powidz Air Base, Poland. The A-E shall furnish all labor, management, investigations, studies, travel, facilities, supplies, equipment, and materials to perform the required services. The A-E is responsible for determining what disciplines and skill sets are required for accomplishing the work under this SOW and form a team accordingly. The A-E shall accomplish the required services and furnish to the Government reports and other data together with supporting material developed during the period of service as set forth herein. During the execution of work, the A-E shall provide adequate supervision and quality control to assure the accuracy, quality, timeliness and completeness of the work. The magnitude of construction is between $100,000,000 and $250,000,000. 6. SELECTION CRITERIA: The selection criteria listed below are in descending order of importance. The above mentioned Place of Performance and Project Information will be considered in evaluation of all criteria. a) FACTOR 1: SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE AND TECHNICAL COMPETENCE (FAR 36.602-1(a)(2)): Submittals must demonstrate the specialized experience and technical competence of the prime firm, joint venture partners, consultants, key subcontractors and/or free-lance associates. The Offeror shall submit a maximum of four projects total. All four projects shall be at least 90% complete (from the date of this announcement), or have been completed within the last six years from date of the announcement. If more than four projects are submitted, only the first four projects listed in the proposal will be evaluated. Projects shall include the following information: which prime firm, partner, consultant or key subcontractor executed the project, a description/narrative/ photos of the project, scope, location, contract dollar award amount and final dollar cost, the start date, original contract finish date, the actual finish date, customer POC with current phone number and email information. Indicate whether the work was performed as the prime contractor, a subcontractor, or as a partner of a Joint Venture (JV). If work was performed as a subcontractor or JV partner, clearly describe what part of the work the firm for which the experience information is submitted performed (both in magnitude and description of the work performed). Projects shall also list any key personnel that worked on the submitted projects. Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts, where numerous Task Orders are listed together, are not acceptable as projects. Rather each Task Order would be considered a project. Projects submitted for consideration should demonstrate experience in the following areas. Projects demonstrating experience in multiple categories will be considered more relevant: • Design of military facilities in Poland, with projects that applied U.S. design codes and NATO standards. • Projects demonstrating design of military facilities in any NATO member country using U.S. design codes and NATO standards. • Preparation of design criteria, architectural engineering designs, specifications, design-related analyses and studies, and cost estimates for military facilities. • Environmental documentation preparation, permits, special studies, and other environmental activities as required by US and host nation laws and regulations. • Preparation of feasibility studies, other special studies, geotechnical investigations and topographical mapping services, programmatic support services, as-built drawings, and providing engineering and design support during construction. • Planning services such as comprehensive master plans, installation real property master planning, infrastructure assessments, planning & design charrettes, CADD/GIS mapping, and systems analysis of existing facilities and infrastructure. • Construction inspection services, and certification that the construction is in conformance with the design in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations. • Developing Request-For-Proposal packages. Design-bid-build projects will be considered more favorably than design/build. Projects demonstrating experience in the following will be considered less relevant : • Planning of military facilities in Poland, with projects that applied U.S. design codes and NATO standards. • Projects demonstrating planning of military facilities in any NATO member country using U.S. design codes and NATO standards. If the experience of key subcontractors or parent organization is offered for any experience requirements, then a letter of commitment between the A-E firm or joint venture partnership and the subcontractor is required. The letter of commitment MUST be signed by both parties to be considered and an English version/translation must be provided. Please see the attached example Letter of Commitment. If the Letter of Commitment is not submitted or signed by both parties, the Experience of the subcontractor will not be considered. FACTOR 1 EVALUATION: The Government will evaluate the specialized experience and technical capability of the prime firm and any subcontractors for the submitted projects. • Projects which demonstrate experience in multiple categories may be evaluated more favorably. • Any cost growths or schedule delays should be explained by the offeror in the narrative. • Project examples that demonstrate experience by the Offeror working with proposed Key Subcontractors may be evaluated more favorably. • Projects demonstrating experience in Poland may be evaluated more favorably. The adjectival ratings for FACTOR 1: SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE AND TECHNICAL COMPETENCE are listed in Attachment 3, Evaluation Rating Chart. b) FACTOR 2: MANAGEMENT PLAN: The Offerors Management Plan shall include the following elements: • Organization Structure and Staffing; • Project Execution, Schedule, and Management; • Quality Control and Processes. These are not subfactors. Management Plan will be assessed an overall rating. The submittal must include Blocks D and H of the SF 330. Please note that Key Subcontractors may not be changed during execution of the project without the approval of a USACE Contracting Officer. No substitutions shall be made unless a USACE Contracting Officer determines in the exercise of his/her sole discretion that the proposed substitution is in the best interest of the Government. i. Organizational Structure and Staffing : The Offeror must clearly describe its organization structure and provide an Organization Chart. The description must identify all offices involved in this project from the Offerors Headquarters through to the Offerors site office, and how they are related. All Joint Venture partners and major Subcontractors shall be addressed in this description. The description shall identify whether functions/positions will be filled by prime or by subcontractors. The Management Plan must indicate which firm is responsible for each item of work, the interdisciplinary and interoffice communication and supervision process and the procedure to ensure high quality products and services within cost limitations and in strict compliance with performance scheduled. 1. Clearly delineated lines of authority on the organizational chart (graph) organized in a precise and logical manner including the relationship between the headquarters office and the site office, including all involved with the management of the contract including subcontractors and joint venture partners. 2. The graph and the narrative description clearly display the planned organization structure. 3. Comprehensive descriptions of duties, roles, major responsibilities, and authorities for specifically identified personnel including roles of authorities for subcontractors and joint ventures presented as a logical approach to perform the work throughout the contract, including which roles and personnel are identified to communicate with the Government. ii. Project Execution, Schedule, and Management : The Offeror shall provide their plan to successfully execute the work within the time allowed by providing a schedule. The schedule shall include all of the major portions of work required for this project. The schedule shall address the submittals, reviews and approval periods (do not include a schedule for the option items). The Management Plan should also explain the A-Es approach and ability to execute tasks in Poland. iii. Quality Control and Processes : The Offeror shall provide a detailed Quality Control plan and processes for the project. FACTOR 2 EVALUATION: The Management Plan will be evaluated for feasibility, completeness, reasonableness, risk, logic and the degree to which the plan describes a viable strategy to execute the project. In evaluating the Offerors proposal regarding the Management Plan, the Government will evaluate whether the plan includes all the elements described in the statement of work. The Government will evaluate whether the offeror illustrated an understanding of the contract requirements by describing management for performance of the contract including: • start-up and resources (prime and subcontract), • plan to obtain, retain, coordinate and manage subcontractors, • summary for compliance with all applicable codes and regulations, • plan for ensuring completion of critical milestones • Quality Control procedures and communication plans; and, • additional and/or unique management advantages provided to the Government. The Government will evaluate the Offerors schedule for compliance with the proposed contract duration and the realism of the schedule. The Offerors Quality Control and Process will be evaluated to determine whether the offerors methods and approach have comprehensively considered, defined, and satisfied the requirements specified in the Statement of Work. The effectiveness of the proposed project team (including management structure; coordination of disciplines, office and/or subcontractors; and prior working relationships) will also be evaluated. The adjectival ratings for FACTOR 2: MANAGEMENT PLAN are listed in Attachment 3, Evaluation Rating Chart. c) FACTOR 3: PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS (FAR 36.602-1(a)(1)): The A-E firm must identify the qualifications of personnel in the following key disciplines: Project Manager, Architect, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Cost Engineer, Construction Inspector, Fire Protection Engineer, Environmental Engineer, and Geotechnical Engineer. Offerors must propose at least one person for each of the key disciplines; an individual may not be proposed for multiple disciplines. FACTOR 3 EVALUATION: The Government will evaluate and consider the education, training, professional registration, certification, language ability (English and Polish are preferred), overall and relevant experience and longevity with the proposed team for all the key personnel proposed. Submittals should demonstrate that the firms staff is capable of certifying that all work is in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations. The adjectival ratings for FACTOR 3: PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS are listed in Attachment 3, Evaluation Rating Chart. d) FACTOR 4: PAST PERFORMANCE (FAR 36.602-1(A)(4)) : Offerors shall submit the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) or Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) evaluation for the projects submitted in Factor 1. If there is no CPARS or PPIRS evaluation is available for a project, Attachment Two (2), Past Performance Questionnaire shall be submitted to the client for the projects the Offeror includes in its proposal for the Factor Specialized Experience and Technical Competence. The CPARS, PPIRS or PPQ shall be submitted in the proposal. In the case of an offeror without a record of relevant past performance or for whom information on past performance is not available or so sparse that no meaningful past performance rating can be reasonably assigned, the offeror may not be evaluated favorably or unfavorably on past performance (see FAR 15.305(a)(2)(iv)). Therefore, the offeror shall be determined to have unknown (or "neutral") past performance. Offerors may also include performance recognition documents received within the last six (6) years, such as awards, award fee determinations, customer letters of commendation, commercial and foreign government evaluations and any other forms of performance recognition. To the extent such documentation is not in the English language, a translation must be provided in order for the documentation to be considered. In addition to the above, the Government may review any other sources of information for evaluating past performance. Other sources may include, but are not limited to, past performance information retrieved through the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS), including Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS), using all CAGE/DUNS numbers of team members (partnership, JV, teaming arrangement, or parent company/subsidiary/affiliate) identified in the Offerors proposal, inquiries of owner representative(s), Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS), Electronic Subcontract Reporting System (eSRS), and any other known sources not provided by the Offeror. While the Government may elect to consider data from other sources, the burden of providing detailed, current, accurate and complete past performance information rests with the Offeror and the government is under no obligation to check other sources. FACTOR 4 EVALUATION: Past Performance of the A-E, joint venture, partners, and key subcontractors on DOD and other contracts with respect to cost control, quality of work and compliance with performance schedules as determined from the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS), Past Performance Questionnaires (PPQs) and other sources will be evaluated. Incomplete and unsigned PPQs will not be considered. The Government will evaluate the Offerors past performance to determine how relevant project work is, as described in Factor 1 Specialized Experience and Technical Competence. The Government will evaluate the Offerors performance to determine a confidence assessment of the Offerors performance. With respect to relevancy, more relevant past performance will typically be a stronger predictor of future performance and have more influence on the past performance confidence assessment than past performance of lesser relevance. The adjectival ratings for FACTOR 4: PAST PERFORMANCE are listed in Attachment 3, Evaluation Rating Chart.. e) FACTOR 5: KNOWLEDGE OF LOCALITY (FAR 36.602-1(A)(5)): Knowledge of engineering and design in Poland to include coordination with host nation authorities. Additionally, offerors must demonstrate an understanding of certification and registration requirements for companies in Poland and the ability to meet the requirements. Offerors must also demonstrate the ability to communicate in the host nations acknowledged national language(s) and English. FACTOR 5 EVALUATION: The Government will evaluate the Offerors plan in relation to their design capabilities. The adjectival ratings for FACTOR 5: KNOWLEDGE OF LOCALITY are listed in Attachment 3, Evaluation Rating Chart. f) FACTOR 6: CAPACITY (FAR 36.602-1(A)(3)): Capacity to perform approximately $12,500,000 in the required type of work within a one-year period. FACTOR 6 EVALUATION: The Government will evaluate and consider the availability of an adequate number of personnel in key disciplines. Firms must address and demonstrate capacity to execute multiple task orders simultaneously. The adjectival ratings for FACTOR 6: CAPACITY are listed in Attachment 3, Evaluation Rating Chart. The following is the "Secondary Selection Criteria" used by the Selection Board only in the event of a tie-breaker. The following two methods are quantitative analysis performed by the SSEB. The firm that is physically located closest to the project and/or the firm with the lower number of DoD contracts will be viewed more favorably. • Geographic Proximity (FAR 36.602-1(a)(5)): Proximity is simply the physical location of a firm in relation to the location of a project, and has very little to do with the technical ability of a firm to perform the project. The Government will evaluate which firm is physically located closest to the project site using the physical address of the Prime firms closest office listed on the SF 330. • Volume of DoD Contract Awards (Defense PGI 236.602-1(a)(6)(A)): Current DoD A-E contract awards may be obtained from CPARS, and verified and updated during the interviews with the most highly qualified firms. Only awards of A-E contracts will be considered but includes awards to all branch offices of a company, except as indicated in Defense PGI 236.602-1(a)(6)(A)(2). This criterion will be used to determine equitable distribution of DoD contracts. The Government will evaluate the number of DoD contracts awarded to the firm using various contracting systems which may include but is not limited to Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS-NG), Electronic Document Access (EDA) and Procurement Desktop Defense (PD2). The intent of this criterion is to evaluate the firms to determine the firm with the lowest number of DoD contracts. 7. REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION: Questions shall be submitted no later than ten (10) calendar days prior to the proposal due date, to allow the Government adequate response time. Questions submitted after this date will be answered at the discretion of the Contracting Officer. For any questions concerning the solicitation or preparation of your proposal, you may contact the Contract Specialist, Whittni Hiscox and the Contracting Officer, Erica Taylor, via email at whittni.c.hiscox@usace.army.mil and erica.j.taylor@usace.army.mil. All questions must be submitted in writing. No questions will be acknowledged or answered verbally. 8. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Submission: A-E Firms that have the capability to perform this work are invited to submit one electronic copy (via the AMRDEC SAFE Application) and one hard copy of Standard Form 330 for the proposed team, including the prime firm and all joint venture partners, subcontractors, consultants and free-lance associates, to the address below not later than the closing date of this announcement (located in paragraph 9, Due Date and Time). The SF 330 Part I shall not exceed 75 pages (8.5-in x 11-in or A4), including no more than 20 pages for Section H. Use of 11in x 17 in or A3 is acceptable for the Organizational Chart. The Government will stop evaluating proposals on page 75 for the SF 330 Part I and page 20 for Section H. Each side of a sheet of paper is a page. Use font type no smaller than size 11. The organizational chart, letters of commitment, tabs, tables of contents, and tab dividers are not considered part of the page count. The Organizational Chart may be on a larger size paper (not to exceed A3 or executive size). Firms responding to this announcement after the closing date and time will NOT be considered. Required forms may be obtained on the Internet at: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/forms/type/TOP HARD COPY PROPOSALS shall be mailed to: (International) US Army Corps of Engineers, Europe District Contracting Division (Attn: W. Hiscox or E. Taylor) Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 39, Box 7 D-65197, Wiesbaden, Germany Or (US Postal Service) US Army Corps of Engineers, Europe District Contracting Division (Attn: W. Hiscox or E. Taylor) CMR 410, Box 7 APO, AE 09049-0007 The Government will not make assumptions concerning intent, capabilities, or experiences. Clear identification of proposal details shall be the sole responsibility of the Offeror. The proposal shall meet the following basic requirements. a) The proposal shall be typed and submitted in English and easy to read. b) Proposal shall be organized, concise, and tabbed. Each factor shall be described in a separate tabbed section. c) The proposal shall identify the solicitation number, name, address, and telephone number of the prime Offeror on the cover. d) Each volume shall contain a Table of Contents and include at the bottom left side of each page the volume and page number. e) Offerors shall verify that the information for all forms submitted is current, correct and complete including names of the points-of-contact, email address, and telephone number. f) Proposals shall completely and adequately address the requirements of this solicitation. Offerors are reminded that elaborate corporate marketing information, formatting, special reproduction techniques, etc., are not necessary. g) Contractors are cautioned against submitting conditional proposals. h) Failing to submit attachments or failing to complete the proposal properly, may result in rejection of the offer without further evaluation. Therefore, Offerors are urged to follow instructions and speak with the Contracting Officer if instructions are not understood. Proposal Expenses and Pre-Contract Costs: The Request for Proposal (RFP) solicitation does not commit the Government to pay any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal or for any other costs incurred by any firm submitting a proposal in response to this solicitation. Joint Ventures: An Offeror that is part of a Joint Venture must submit a legally binding joint venture agreement. The Government will not evaluate the capability of any Offerors that are not included in the Joint Venture agreement. Joint Ventures must include a copy of the legal joint venture agreement signed by an authorized officer from each of the firms comprising the Joint Venture with the chief executive of each entity identified and must be translated into English, if the original agreement is in a language other than English. If submitting a proposal as a Joint Venture, the experience and past performance of each of the Joint Venture Partners can be submitted for the Joint Venture Entity. The experience for each Joint Venture Partner will be considered the experience of the Joint Venture entity. Joint ventures shall submit the following additional documentation regarding their business entities: a) A copy of their Joint Venture agreement in English. b) A detailed statement outlining the following in terms of percentages, where appropriate. 1. The relationship of the joint venture parties in terms of business ownership, capital contribution, and profit distribution or loss sharing. 2. The management approach of the joint venture in terms of who will conduct, direct, supervise and control the project and have custody and control of the assets of the joint venture and perform the duties necessary to complete the work. 3. The structure of the joint venture and decision-ranking responsibilities of the joint venture parties in terms of who will control the manner and method of performance of the work. 4. The bonding responsibilities of the joint venture parties. 5. Identification of the key personnel having authority to legally bind the joint venture to subcontracts and state who will provide or contract for the labor and materials for the joint venture. 6. Identification of party maintaining the joint venture bank accounts for the payment of all expenses and the deposits of all receipts, keep the books and records, and pay applicable taxes for the joint venture. 7. Identification of party furnishing the facilities, such as office supplies and telephone service. 8. Identification of party having overall control of the joint venture. Other sections of the proposal shall identify, where appropriate, whether key personnel are employees of the individual joint venture parties and identify the party, or hired as employees of the joint venture. If one of the joint venture parties possesses relevant experience and/or past performance, the experience and/or past performance of that firm will be considered as the experience and/or past performance of the joint venture. A complete and legally binding document with all the information required under this section titled "Joint Ventures" shall be included. *** The Joint Venture Agreement must be signed and submitted. A signed English translation must also be provided*** Key Subcontractors: If an Offeror wishes to be credited with the experience of a key subcontract or supplier (i.e., a firm that is not the prime contractor part of the Joint Venture) a letter of commitment signed by the Key Subcontractor and the prime contractor shall be submitted. The commitment letter shall be submitted even if the firm is in some way related to a Joint Venture Partner (for example, the Key Subcontractor is subsidiary of a Joint Venture Partner, or a subsidiary of a firm to which the Joint Venture partner is also a subsidiary). Letters of commitment must unequivocally state that a key subcontractor or firm will perform for the purpose that its experience is being submitted. If a letter of commitment is not submitted, the experience associated with that Key Sub, will not be considered. Forms must be complete and current. Each firm identified as part of this contract including free-lance associates must complete a separate Part II of the SF 330. Firms may be rejected for incomplete or missing SF 330s. Part II must show only the office or offices that are intended to have a key role in the contract. Blocks E and G of Part I must include only individuals proposed to perform the anticipated work, including all subcontractors or consultants, in the appropriate columns, and should not include persons that will not actually do the work. Block E must clearly show if individuals are full-time, consultants or free-lance. Do not include promotional brochures, advertisements or other extraneous material in a submission such as prices, as this is not a request for proposal. Include the firms point-of-contact, email address, telephone number and facsimile number in the submittal. 9. SPECIAL NOTE: Proposals shall be submitted utilizing the AMRDEC SAFE Application, https://safe.amrdec.army.mil/safe The AMRDEC SAFE Application is used to send large files to individuals that would normally be too large to send via email. There are no user accounts for SAFE- authentication is handled via email. Everyone has access to SAFE, and the application is available for use by anyone. a. The AMRDEC SAFE application can be accessed via https://safe.amrdec.army.mil/safe. b. There are two options to proceed from the SAFE homepage: o Proceed as CAC User - Select this option if you have a valid US DoD-issued Common Access Card (CAC). o Proceed as Guest - Select this option if you do not have a CAC. c. After selecting one of the options above, the page will be redirected to the package upload form. Fill in all the required input fields: o Your Name - Your name; o Your Email address - Your email address; o Confirm Your Email Address - Re-enter your email address; o Description of File(s) - Enter Army APS at Powidz Air Base Poland. o Files Should be Titled - W912GB17R0046CompanyName o File(s) - Click the "Browse" button to select your file(s). You may add up to 25 files per package, so long as the total file size does not exceed 2GB; o Deletion Date - Select the Maximum date for the package to be deleted from SAFE. The maximum (which is also the default) is two weeks (14 days) from today; o Provide an email address to give access to- Enter---- whittni.c.hiscox@usace.army.mil and erica.j.taylor@usace.army.mil o Grant access to these people - This is the list of people you have granted access to the package. To remove a recipient, highlight their name and click the "Remove" button; o Caveats - Default is "None"; o Encrypt email message when possible - Attempt to encrypt the packages notification email to each recipient; o Notify me when files are downloaded - You (the sender) will receive a notification via email when a recipient downloads the package; o Require CAC for pickup - Require the recipient to be logged in with a valid US DoD-issued CAC to download the file(s). Recipients without a CAC will not be able to download the package. d. Clicking the "Submit" button will upload the files and submit the package. Guest users will need to check their email to verify their email address before the recipients will be notified. No additional action is required by CAC users. After the package has been uploaded (and verified, if proceeding as a guest), each recipient will receive a link to the package download page as well as a password. These passwords are unique for each recipient (not the package), and will be disabled once SAFE detects that the user successfully downloaded each file within the package. Forwarding recipient and sender notification emails to anyone except the AMRDEC WEB Team is strictly forbidden. 10. PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE: A pre-proposal conference will be held on 08 August 2017 at the Amelia Earhart Center, Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 39, 65187 Wiesbaden. Meeting point will be in the lobby at 10:30 hours, if sign-in is required, meeting point is the entrance gate at 10:15 hours. All interested parties are encouraged to participate. Only two people per Offeror are allowed to attend the pre-proposal conference. All interested attendees must pre-register for the event no later than Tuesday, 01 August 2017 at 12:00h by emailing Contract Specialist Whittni Hiscox and Contracting Offcier Erica Taylor at the email addresses provided in paragraph 12. 11. DUE DATE AND TIME: Proposals are due by 1600 HRS Central European Summer Time on 25 August 2017. 12. POINTS OF CONTACT for additional information: a. Whittni Hiscox, Contract Specialist E-mail: whittni.c.hiscox@usace.army.mil Phone: +49-611-9744-2797 (outside Germany); (0)611-9744-2797 (within Germany) Fax: +49-611-9744-2618 (outside Germany); (0)611-9744-2618 (within Germany) b. Erica Taylor, Contracting Officer E-mail: erica.j.taylor@usace.army.mil Phone: +49-611-9744-2106 (outside Germany); (0)611-9744-2106 (within Germany) Fax: +49-611-9744-2618 (outside Germany); (0)611-9744-2618 (within Germany) 13. ATTACHMENTS a. Attachment 1: Letter of Commitment sample/template b. Attachment 2: Past Performance Questionnaire (PPQ) c. Attachment 4: Revised SOW Poland APS_(DRAFT) d. Attachment 5: SOW Attachment B - Proposed Site Plan

Original Point of Contact

POC Whittni C. Hiscox, Phone: 49061197442797, Erica J Taylor,

Place of Performance

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