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New Contract- LETC 9MM Ammunition Amendment A00002 - Attachment

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Aug 17, 2017
Category: Ammunition and Explosives
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Strategic Acquisition Center - Frederick;Department of Veterans Affairs;321 Ballenger Center Drive, Suite 125;Frederick MD 21703


Summary of Changes The purpose of this amendment is to revise the Authorized Duty Round 1 to accept the new Manufacturing Item number (GS9MMBB) for the Remington Gold Saber round. ATTACHMENT A: STATEMENT OF WORK INTRODUCTION The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC) is a franchise fund site authorized pursuant to the Government Management Reform Act of 1994 (Public Law 103-356). The Act authorizes designated agencies to provide certain common administrative support services on a reimbursable basis both internally and to other government agencies. In 2006, permanent status was conferred upon the VA Franchise Fund under the Military Quality of Life and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act 2006, Public Law 109-114. Consequently, the VA-LETC received no federally appropriated funding and is required to market VA-LETC services to customers. The VA-LETC provides training for federal police officers working in health care or service oriented environments. In order to provide student training and conduct student and staff qualifications with the Beretta 9MM 92D handgun, the Sig Sauer P229 handgun and the Sig Sauer P239 handgun, VA-LETC requires ammunition to be delivered via periodic shipments. 2.0 SCOPE OF WORK The VA-LETC in North Little Rock, Arkansas requires a contractor to provide facility, labor, material, insurance, licenses and equipment required to provide up to 838,000 rounds of leadless training ammunition, up to 123,000 rounds of frangible training ammunition, and up to 72,000 rounds of duty ammunition per year. 3.0 CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS 3.1 GENERAL 3.1.1 Contract Type: This is a firm-fixed price effort. 3.1.2 Delivery Period: October 1, 2017- September 30, 2020. 3.2 DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS 3.2.1 Delivery Point: VA-Law Enforcement Training Center 2200 Fort Roots Drive, North Little Rock, AR 72114 3.2.2 Hours for Delivery: Deliveries shall be made between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm CST during normal workdays. 3.2.3 Delivery Schedule: Delivery shall occur via quarterly shipments of the annual ammunition requirement. Shipments shall be delivered by the following dates: Contract Year One Contract Year Two Contract Year Three 10/30/2017 10/30/2018 10/30/2019 01/30/2018 01/30/2019 01/30/2020 04/30/2018 04/30/2019 04/30/2020 07/30/2018 07/30/2019 07/30/2020 3.2.4 Regulatory: Contractor shall meet all requirements for Federal, State, and City codes regarding provisions and delivery of ammunitions. 3.3 AMMUNITION REQUIREMENTS 3.3.1 Ammunition shall consist of production ammunition offered by the manufacturer. 3.3.2 All ammunition delivered shall be be newly manufactured. No remanufactured or used products will be accepted. No component of ammunition shall have been used previously. Reloaded ammunition is unacceptable. 3.3.3 Contractor shall ensure that all applicable laws have been complied with in relation to construction, packaging, labeling, registration and transporting. 3.3.4 In the event of ammunition failure, findings of failure analysis will be reported to the contractor in writing, within 5 business days. Remedial action may be required to be taken by the contractor to replace the defective product if warranted. Findings of failure shall be reported to the manufacturer. 3.3.5 The contractor and manufacturer shall not make any unannounced alterations to the ammunition design or components, including powder, primer, cartridge case, projectile, or suppliers, without prior notification and written approval by the COR. 3.4 CARTRIDGE SPECIFICATIONS/DESCRIPTION 3.4.1 Storage All ammunition must be current production verified by lot number through the manufacturer. Vendor must guarantee that all ammunition sold has been stored under manufacturer recommended conditions to protect the integrity of the product. 3.4.2 Projectile Design The projectile design shall not require that a clean firearm barrel be seasoned by the firing of fouling shots in order to achieve optimal accuracy. If any type of surface coating is applied to the projectile, it shall not wear off or transfer under normal handling and/ or storage (inside a pocket, etc.). The bullet pull force will be sufficient so as not to dislodge the projectile from its seated position in a previously un-chambered cartridge during recoil (when contained in the magazine) or when feeding/chambering in the VA Approved weapons listed. The manufacturers shall certify and warrant that the projectile designs is compatible with all listed VA approved weapons and will not cause abnormal wear or damage to any components of these weapons. 3.4.3 Service Projectile Material which fill the cavity (i.e., polymer tip ) is acceptable. The service projectile should expand when striking validated ballistic gelatin. It is desirable that the service projectile consistently penetrate an average of 12 to 18 throughout FBI gelatin test, with no shots less than 12, expand to an optimal diameter, and retain as high a percentage of its weight as possible. No exposed lead is permitted at the base of the bullet. Duty Ammunition: Must be brand name from any of the three approved ammunitions for duty rounds as listed below: Authorized Duty Round 1 Authorized Duty Round 2 Authorized Duty Round 3 Golden Saber LE 124 GR Mfg Item#-GS9MMB or GS9MMBB Category- AMMO CENTERFIRE Caliber 9mm Bullet Type BJHP-Brass jacket hollow point Bullet Weight 124 GR Muzzle Energy 349 ft. lbs. Muzzle Velocity- 1125 fps Rounds/1000 per case Speer LE Gold Dot 124 GR Mfg Item# 53618 Caliber- 9mm Bullet Weight 124 GR Bullet Type GDHP Muzzle Energy- 364 ft. lbs. Muzzle Velocity- 1150 fps Rounds/1000 per case Federal Premium HST 124 GR Mfg Item # P9HST1 Caliber- 9mm Bullet Weight- 124 GR Bullet Type- HST Muzzle Energy- 364 ft. lbs. Muzzle Velocity- 1150 fps Rounds/1000 per case 3.4.4 Training Projectile The training projectile shall be Copper jacket, lead core, flat nose enclosed base design or have similar appearance. The projectile shall not be of a frangible design and/ or have a jacket of any metal other than copper or brass (alloy of copper & zinc). It shall have a conventional lead core with copper/brass jacket design. It is required that the projectile have no exposed lead on its base. Training Ammunition (Brand name or Equal-must meet the salient characteristics as listed below.) (Remington specifications) Mfg Item # -LL9MM2 Category- AMMO Caliber- 9mm Bullet Type Copper jacket, lead core, flat nose enclosed base Weight 124 GR Muzzle Energy- 333 ft. lbs. Muzzle Velocity 1100 fps. Rounds/1000 per case Training Ammunition Frangible (Brand Name or Equal- must meet the salient characteristics as listed below). (Remington Specifications) Mfg Item #-FE9MM1 Category- AMMO Caliber 9mm Bullet Type-Brass jacketed-compressed iron core, frangible Bullet Weight- 101 GR Muzzle Energy- 323 ft. lbs. Muzzle Velocity- 1100 fps Rounds/1000 per case 4.0 INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE The Contracting Officer and/or designated government representative shall be responsible for inspecting and accepting supplies (ammunition shipments).

Original Point of Contact

POC Kevin Hurst (kevin.hurst2@va.gov)

Place of Performance

Deliveries to VA LETC;2200 Fort Roots Drive;North Little Rock, AR
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Link: FBO.gov Permalink
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