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Glucose Isotopes

General Information

Document Type:PRESOL
Posted Date:Aug 14, 2017
Category: Chemicals and Chemical Products
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse, 6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 4211, MSC 9559, Bethesda, Maryland, 20892-9559, United States


HHS-NIH-NIDA-SSSA-CSS-17-602 COMBINED SYNOPSIS / SOLICITATION COMPETITIVE Title: Glucose Isotopes (i) This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6 as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; proposals are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. (ii) The solicitation number is HHS-NIH-NIDA-SSSA-CSS-17-602 and the solicitation is issued as a request for quotation (RFQ). This acquisition is for a commercial item or service and is conducted under the authority of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 13-Simplified Acquisition Procedures; FAR Subpart 13.5-Simplified Procedures for Certain Commercial Items; and FAR Part 12-Acquisition of Commercial Items, and is not expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold. (iii) The National Institute of Mental Health intends to procure glucose isotopes. NIMH intends to make one award as a result of this solicitation. This award is planned to be firm fixed price contract. (iv) The solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-95, dated January 19, 2017. (v) The associated NAICS code 325413, In-Vitro Diagnostic Substance Manufacturing and the small business size standard 1,250 employees. This requirement is full and open with no set-aside restrictions. (vi) MR Spectroscopy Section and Core have been conducting several in vivo carbon-13 (13C) spectroscopy projects on animals and healthy volunteers. Because natural abundance of 13C is only 1%, natural 13C signal is too weak to be detected. Therefore, we need to add 13C enriched chemicals into subjects to increase 13C signal intensity. During the experiments of 13C spectroscopy, solution of 13C enriched chemicals will be infused or orally administrated into subjects. 13C signals of the brain metabolites and the intracellular environment can be measured using in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy techniques. In these projects, [2,5-13C] glucose will be used in animal studies, and [2-13C] glucose will be used in human studies. With these 13C labelled chemicals, we will be able to detect brain metabolism and to accurately measure the concentrations of several important metabolites. The purpose is to purchase: [2-13C] glucose [2,5-13C2] glucose (vii) The glucose isotopes must meet the following requirements (salient characteristics): • 500 g of [2-13C] glucose • 15 g of [2,5-13C2] glucose • Shipping & Handling The glucose should be Microbiological & Pyrogen Tested for S. aureus, E. coli, P. aeruginosa, Salmonella. (viii) Delivery within 3 months from date of award. (ix) Contract Clauses/Provisions FAR 52.252-2 Clauses Incorporated by Reference This contract incorporates one or more clauses by reference, with the same force and effect as if they were given in full text. Upon request, the Contracting Officer will make their full text available. Also, the full text of a clause may be accessed electronically at these addresses: http://www.acquisition.gov/far/ and http://www.hhs.gov/policies/hhsar/. Clause Title FAR 52.212-1 Instructions to Offerors-Commercial Items FAR 52.212-3 Offeror Representations and Certifications FAR 52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions - Commercial Items FAR 52.212-5 Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders - Commercial Items The following FAR Clauses cited in paragraph (b) of the clause at FAR 52.212-5 are also applicable to this acquisition: FAR Clause 52.203-6 Restrictions on Subcontractor Sales to the Government FAR Clause 52.203-13 Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct FAR Clause 52.204-10 Reporting Executive Compensation and First-Tier Subcontract Awards FAR Clause 52.209-6 Protecting the Governments Interest When Subcontracting with Contractors Debarred, Suspended, or Proposed for Debarment FAR Clause 2.209-9 Updates of Publicly Available Information Regarding Responsibility Matters FAR Clause 52.219-28 Post-Award Small Business Program Rerepresentation FAR Clause 52.222-3 Convict Labor FAR Clause 52.222-19 Child Labor-Cooperation with Authorities and Remedies FAR Clause 52.222-21 Prohibition of Segregated Facilities FAR Clause 52.222-26 Equal Opportunity FAR Clause 52.222-35 Equal Opportunity for Veterans FAR Clause 52.222-36 Equal Opportunity for Workers with Disabilities FAR Clause 52.222-37 Employment Reports on Veterans FAR Clause 52.222-40 Notification of Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act FAR Clause 52.223-18 Encouraging Contractor Policies to Ban Text Messaging While Driving FAR Clause 52.225-1 Buy American-Supplies FAR Clause 52.225-5 Trade Agreements FAR Clause 52.225-13 Restrictions on Certain Foreign Purchases FAR Clasue 52.232-33 Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer-System for Award Management HHSAR 352.203-70 Anti-Lobbying HHSAR 352.208-70 Printing and Duplication HHSAR 352.222-70 Contractor Cooperation in Equal Employment Opportunity Investigations HHSAR 352.224.71 Confidential Information (x) Evaluation Award will be based on the firm that submits the Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) quotation. A technically acceptable quote is one which the quoter(s) complies with the salient characteristics and does not taken exception, nor object to any of the terms of the solicitation. Quotes that are not technically acceptable will not be considered. Award will be made on all or none basis. (xi) Responses to this solicitation must include sufficient information to establish the interested parties bona-fide capabilities of providing the product or service. The price quote shall include: unit price, list price, shipping and handling costs, delivery days after contract award, delivery terms, prompt payment discount terms, F.O.B. Point (Destination or Origin), product or catalog number(s); product description; and any other information or factors that may be considered in the award decision. Such factors may include: past performance; special features required for effective program performance; trade-in considerations; probable life of the item selected as compared with that of a comparable item; warranty considerations; maintenance availability; and environmental and energy efficiency considerations. Respondents proposing on an equal product of the brand-name product specified in this announcement must provide, as part of their response: (a) product, catalog, model, and/or part number(s); (b) product description; (c) all relevant information and documentation that the item(s) offered meets the salient physical, functional, or performance characteristics as specified in the purchase description; quantity; estimated price or cost; shipping, handling, and/or installation charges; and delivery date after receipt of order. In addition, the Dun & Bradstreet Number (DUNS), the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), and the certification of business size must be included in the response. All offerors must have an active registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) www.sam.gov." Pricing Information Respondents shall prepare a price quote that contains all information necessary to allow for a comprehensive evaluation of the prices quoted, to include: • The unit price for each product including utilizing any and all discounts • The extended price for requested quantities All responses must be received by 12:00 PM EST on Monday, August 21, 2017 and reference number HHS-NIH-NIDA-SSSA-CSS-17-602. Responses may be submitted electronically to Sneha Singh at sneha.singh@nih.gov. Fax responses will not be accepted. (xii) The name and telephone number of the individual to contact for information regarding the solicitation. Sneha Singh 301.480.2443 sneha.singh@nih.gov

Original Point of Contact

POC Sneha V Singh, Phone: 3014802443

Place of Performance

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