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Feral Swine Drop Traps with Color HD Camera - Attachment_1 RFI-WS-17-859872

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:Aug 07, 2017
Category: Agriculture Machinery and Equipment
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Administrative Services Division/Contracting, 100 North 6TH Street, Butler Square 5TH Floor, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55403


The intent of this Request for Information (RFI) is to locate those with the capability to provide the following Products or services: The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal, Plant, Health Inspection Services, and Wildlife Services Feral Swine Program needs camera systems with at least 4 GB data paired with drop traps for aiding in remotely trapping feral swine. These camera systems will be used to monitor feral swine traps that can be remotely triggered. The camera system will allow monitoring and triggering feral swine traps away from the employees duty station. This system also needs to have the capability to detonate any cellular activated trap door which will be useful in triggering other traps USDA APHIS WS has purchased. The cameras systems paired with the drop trap uses a different approach to trapping feral swine by dropping the entire trap. This method allows the catch of cautious pigs that otherwise wouldnt walk into a traditional style trap. These camera systems need to be wired with high gain antennas and routers which allow for quicker receipt of data. The camera needs to have live video feed capabilities which will enable the employees to view the trap area in real time. This system should also be directly wired to any remote detonated trap gate which allows the trap gate to drop without using a second sim card and wireless carrier. The camera system should also come with a solar panel to allow self-charging. This company offering the product will also need to provide technical support. Please be sure to include whether there will be a data plan provided by the company. These systems would be used in rural areas across Mississippi and allow Wildlife Services employees to trap feral swine more efficiently and effectively from greater distances away from their normal work area. The camera system along with the traps would be useful when applying the trapping method of removing whole sounders of feral swine. This camera system should enable the trapper to monitor the trap in live video instead of a delayed picture to accurately trigger the trap door. DESCRIPTION OF POWER COMPONENTS NEEDED Provides 24x7 Power using state of the art solar components 30% more efficient and sufficiently sized to give our cameras 99.9% uptime Built-In surge protection/Reverse polarity protection/Lightening protection 2 Deep Cycle 210RC Batteries DESCRIPTION OF COMMUNICATION COMPONENTS NEEDED External high gain antenna capable of transmitting fast (at least 4G speeds) from distances from towers that are dozens of miles away Enterprise class cellular components designed for long term use Robust WIFI for local configuration and remote Internet access for multiple devices CAMERA High quality state of the art camera with a wide dynamic range Ability to adjust aspect ratio making the camera extremely adaptable to any trapping situation Infrared light onboard Two way audio Depth of field capability Backlight compensation technology Specialized motion detection system that allows you a virtual trip wire and email/text alerts based on the height and direction the animal is traveling Onboard storage to allow unlimited video recording iPhone/Android app available to make viewing and triggering the gate as easy as picking up your phone GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF TRAP Fully suspended corral trap (for the purpose of trapping feral swine) Compatible with camera system Folding or Deconstructing wire panels that can fit into truck bed Please email all questions regarding subject item(s) prior to Request For Information closing date to Carol.Dingess@aphis.usda.gov. Telephonic inquiries will not be honored. Small Business concerns are encouraged to participate. This is not a request for competitive proposals, but instead a market research method to gather information. A determination by the Government not to compete this requirement based on responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. The Government will not make an award based on the information received, nor reimburse participants for information or materials voluntarily provided as a response. No requests for capability briefings will be honored as a result of this notice. Interested sources who submit data are responsible for appropriately marking information if it is proprietary in nature. Supporting product literature and specs must contain sufficient detail to demonstrate the ability to comply with the notice requirement. Responses received after the response date or without the required information will be deemed nonresponsive to the synopsis and will not be considered. Please Mail, Email or Fax Attachment 1 along with Product literature, Specifications and Capability Statements to Carol Dingess at Carol.Dingess@aphis.usda.gov. fx# 970-472-1897, Mailing Address - Attn: Carol Dingess, Subject# RFI-WS-17-859872, USDA/ APHIS/MRPBS/AAMD, 2150 Centre Avenue, Building - B ( MS - 2E6), Fort Collins, CO 80526 All Mailings must include Subject# RFI-WS-17-859872 Telephonic inquiries will not be honored. Closing date for submissions of Statements of Capability is August 23 by 4:00PM MT.

Original Point of Contact

POC Carol R. Dingess, Phone: 970-494-7360

Place of Performance

USDA/APHIS/WS, 1957 Highway 1, Rolling Fork, Mississippi, 39159, United States
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