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Document Type:PRESOL
Posted Date:Aug 03, 2017
Category: Social Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

N68836 NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Jacksonville Mayport Office Bldg. 191, Naval Station Mayport Fleet Contracting Center Mayport, FL


Performance Work Statement 1.0 BACKGROUND. Per US Navy Regulations, SECNAVINST 1730.7D, and OPNAVINST 1730.1E it is incumbent upon commanding officers (COs) to have a CRP which accommodates the religious needs and rights of assigned military personnel, eligible family members, and other authorized users. Per SECNAVINST 5351.1, at installations where the assigned chaplains cannot provide for the variety of represented faith groups, it is appropriate to augment the CRP with CRMPs in support of religious requirements. Contracting the services of a civilian RC priest as a CRMP is authorized and appropriate. 1.1. The object of this contract is to secure the offices of a Roman Catholic priest to provide faith-specific religious ministry to authorized RC personnel, leadership and oversight to the RC portion of the CRP, and advice to the Command Chaplain. The contractor shall perform services at the Chaplains office spaces, chapel, and other places as determined by the Command Chaplain of NAVAL STATION MAYPORT, FLORIDA. 2.0. PERFORMANCE. The performance period for this contract is 1 Oct 2017 30 September 2018 plus 2 Option Year. The CRMP shall: 2.1. Report to the Command Chaplain as Department Head who is accountable to the CO. 2.2. Provide for RC worship, sacramental ministrations, and religious guidance. Provide RC pastoral care/counseling to authorized personnel as requested, required, and scheduled. 2.3. Assist the Command Chaplain with advice in defining, validating, and implementing CRP Planned Ministry Objectives (PMOs) for RC personnel based on religious requirements and by keeping the Command Chaplain informed on all pertinent issues/concerns/matters. 2.4. Demonstrate care for all CRP customers and facilitate the religious needs of non-RC personnel by referring them to other members of the CRP. 2.5. Accomplish administrative requirements in a timely fashion. 2.6. Be neat, clean, well-groomed, and in appropriate clergy clothing when providing services and in public areas. 2.7. Become acquainted with and obey all pertinent Command, DON, and DOD instructions; shall perform in a manner which precludes any waste of government resources; and shall not use government equipment for personal business. All motor vehicles operated on the installation by the contractor shall be registered with base security and operated according to applicable directives. 2.8. Although in fact not a Government employee, shall comply with Executive Order 13490 of January 21, 2009, Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel. 3.0 TASKS. Execute the CRP PMOs for RC personnel. 3.1. Provide Roman Catholic Mass and Reconciliation (confession). 3.1.1. Conduct Catholic Mass every Sunday and/or Saturday evening as scheduled. 3.1.2. Be on site and available for confessions every Sunday for one hour prior to the start of Mass and for fellowship opportunities for one half hour after Mass. 3.1.3. Conduct weekday Catholic Mass as scheduled. 3.1.4. Conduct Catholic Mass on all Holy Days of Obligation. 3.1.5. Conduct Advent and Lenten Penance Services. 3.1.6. Conduct annual First Communion and Confirmation Services. 3.1.7. Conduct all other Mass requirements as defined in the CRP s PMO. Other worship services will be performed as needed and at the discretion of the Command Chaplain. 3.1.8. Conduct and effectively oversee the training and certification of worship volunteers as required. 3.1.9. Compose Prayers of the Faithful for Sunday and Holy Day liturgies with respect to liturgical guidelines and the needs of the CRP. 3.2. Perform additional sacramental and emergency ministrations. 3.2.1. Prepare personnel and authorized family members for sacramental ministrations. 3.2.2. Schedule, administer, and conduct Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and Marriage Services. 3.2.3. Provide Anointing of the Sick and Funeral/Memorial Services as requested and authorized. 3.3. Conduct and supervise RC religious education and spiritual formation programs. 3.3.1. Instruct and supervise the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), scripture study sessions, and the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) programs. 3.3.2. Conduct and effectively oversee the training, certification, and employment of the Director of Religious Education (whether contractor or volunteer) and volunteer teachers within the RC education program as required. 3.4. Provide pastoral care/counseling and spiritual support. 3.4.1. Provide individual and/or group counseling sessions for spiritual formation, marriage preparation, baptismal preparation, and personal and/or family matters. 3.4.2. Attend community-building fellowship events. 3.5. Accomplish necessary administrative tasks. 3.5.1. Provide timely information and professional guidance to CRP personnel for worship service programs/bulletins, required sacramental documentation, and other various administrative requirements. 3.5.2. Ensure the timely submission of all required contract documentation. 3.5.3. Preside over the Catholic Chapel Council and forward the Council s meeting minutes and recommendations to the Command Chaplain for consideration. 3.5.4. Attend and participate in staff meetings of the CRP when convened by the Command Chaplain. 3.5.5. Maintain ministerial faculties and liaison with the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (AMS). This includes advising AMS of any change in ecclesiastical status or contact information along with personal attendance at the annual priest convocation convened by AMS. Travel and per diem funding for the annual AMS convocation is to be budgeted for and paid by the command. 3.5.6. Perform various administrative tasks as required. This includes quarterly reports and other such documentation as may be required by AMS. 3.5.7. Complete necessary training and maintain currency on the use of such government office equipment and computers as required. 3.5.8. Maintain current certification for access to the installation. Comply with station and government policies and regulations in regard to identification badges, parking, and professional decorum. 3.5.9. Provide Lessons Learned to the Command Chaplain within 5 days of any problems encountered and resolved. 3.5.10. Direct concerns regarding morale, breach of ethical standards, or moral infractions to the Command Chaplain as soon as possible. 3.5.11. Notify the Command Chaplain, in advance, when unable to perform services due to scheduled time off, illness, inclement weather and/or emergency leave. 3.5.12. Arrange for scheduled absences at least two weeks in advance. 3.5.13. In advance of scheduled absences, secure the services of a credentialed substitute from a list approved by the AMS and previously provided to the Command Chaplain. Exceptions are permitted for a local priest, who is not AMS-approved, to fill in for the CRMP as long as he has a letter from his bishop/superior granting that exception for a specific occasion or period of time. 3.5.14. Provide and compensate the pre-approved substitute when unable to perform services required within this statement of work. 4.0 DELIVERY SCHEDULE. The CRMP shall deliver all services as described above and include the following minimums: Item Description of Service and Quantity of Units 0001 Sunday Mass (Time of Service 0900) 52 units 0002 Sacrament of Reconciliation (by request prior to Mass) 52 units 0003 Weekday Mass 250 units 0004 Holy Days of Obligation 0005 Advent and Lenten Penance Services 0006 Easter Triduum 3 units 0007 First Communion (annual) 0008 Confirmation (annual) 0009 Baptisms (as required) 0010 Weddings/Funerals (as required) 0011 Sacramental/emergency ministrations (as required) 0012 Lay Leader Training and Certification (as required) 0013 Weekly office hours (35 hours per week) 4.1 DELIVERY OF SACRAMENTS. All Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, Sacramental/Emergency ministrations are to be administered as needed and upon request. 5.0 PERSONNEL QUALIFICATIONS. Offerors for this contract must be ordained Roman Catholic priests with the requisite skills and experience acceptable to AMS. 6.0 POINTS OF CONTACT. 6.1 Contract Subject Matter Expert (KSME) CDR Steven Souders, CHC, USN, Command Chaplain, Naval Station Mayport (904) 270-5212, steven.l.souders@navy.mil for all issues regarding execution of contract. 6.2. Technical Proposal Evaluator (TPE) RPC Jerome Biggins, USN, Leading Chief Petty Officer, Naval Station Mayport (904) 270-5212, Jerome.biggins@navy.mil. 6.3. Contracting Officer (KO). The contracting officer has overall responsibility for overseeing the contractor s performance in the areas of contract compliance; for reviewing and resolving all differences between the customer version and the contractor s version of events. The KO is the only person authorized to direct the contractor in the performance of his/her contractual duties and to make interpretations of and changes to the contract. The KO is Name, Timothy Merkerson, (904) 270-5415, timothy.merkerson@navy.mil. 7.0 PERFORMANCE EVALUATION. Performance evaluations will be conducted on a quarterly basis with a summary annual evaluation. 7.1. The Command Chaplain will provide the contractor with a performance appraisal the last week of each quarter along with the annual summary the last quarter. 7.2. The performance appraisal will be based on how effectively and efficiently the contractor fulfills the terms of the contract and furthers the mission of the CRP. PROPOSED EVALUATION CRITERIA FOR AWARD 1.0. QUALIFICATIONS. Preferred consideration for the position of the Roman Catholic CRMP will be given to the offeror(s) who best meets the following professional and personal requirements: 1.1. Professional. Offerors must have references from their diocese or religious order and ecclesiastical approval from the AMS. Offerors who have previously been endorsed by the AMS as a military chaplain must renew their ecclesiastical approval from the AMS to function as a CRMP. 1.1.1. Offerors must provide appropriate documentation from the AMS documenting the offeror s status and the specific functions they are authorized to perform. 1.1.2. Offerors must possess a general working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook or equivalent software and desktop computer hardware. 1.1.3. Have a working understanding of Navy organization and the pluralistic ministry requirements that affect the use of chapel facilities and staff. A CRMP with no previous Department of the Navy (DON) experience must demonstrate such understanding to the satisfaction of the Command Chaplain within three months of the start date of the contract. 1.2. Personal. Offerors must have an impeccable reputation and amenable personal habits. 1.2.1. Offerors must demonstrate reliability, ability to interact with military or civilian (including family members and retirees). 1.2.2. Offerors must have a positive personality and pleasant demeanor when interfacing with chapel staff, visitors, military personnel, parishioners, and others. 1.2.3. Offerors must be able to perform primarily sedentary work. Some walking, standing, carrying of light items, cleaning of immediate work area is required. 1.2.4. Demonstrate good English oral and written communication skills are expected. 1.3. Upon selection, the offeror must submit to and satisfy a criminal background check performed by installation security. There is not a requirement for a classified security clearance.

Original Point of Contact

POC Timothy Merkerson 904-270-5415

Place of Performance

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