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VR&E Gunsmith tools - Attachment

General Information

Document Type:FILE
Posted Date:Jul 26, 2017
Category: Metalworking Machinery
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of Veterans Affairs;Veterans Benefits Administration;Office of Acquisition;1800 G. Street N.W.;Washington DC 20006


Requestfor Quote: VA101V-17-Q-0350 Page 1 of 11 This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. Solicitation VA101V-17-Q-0350 is issued as a request for quotation. This solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-94, 2005-95. This procurement is being issued using Cascading Procedures. Reference the below listed Evaluation Addendum detailed in paragraph 11, for complete guidance on order of preference. The NAICS code is 333517 with a small business size standard of 500 employees. See list of item requested. Contractor must be able to provide all the line items at the quantities requested (All or None). The government request FOB destination pricing and most favored customer discounts. If you quote an or equal it must be accompanied by associated specification worksheet that demonstrates it is equal to or greater than the item requested. Items are for a veteran therefore the full address cannot be provided, the city, state and zip is provded to assit in calculating your quote. Full address will be provided only to the offeror that is selected and awarded the purchase order. Item Description Model/Item Number Quantity Unit Price Total 1 Grizzly Industrial 16x40 Professional Gunsmith Lathe 3-Phase G0509G, or equal. 1 2 Grizzly Industrial Rotary Phase Converter 15hp G7978, or equal. 1 3 Grizzly Industrial D1-6 Gunsmiths Spider back plate T10110, or equal. 1 4 Grizzly Industrial Bison 8in 6 jaw Set-Tru Chuck T10421, or equal. 1 5 Grizzly Industrial Bison 8in 4 jaw Set-Tru Chuck T10423, or equal. 1 6 Grizzly Industrial Bison Back Plate for Set-Tru T10428, or equal. 1 7 Grizzly Industrial Bison 8in Back Plate for Set-Tru T10431, or equal. 2 8 Grizzly Industrial Aloris BXA Tool post 5 piece set T10303, or equal. 1 9 Grizzly Industrial Aloris BXA #1 Turning & Facing T10314, or equal. 3 10 Grizzly Industrial Aloris BXA #2 Boring, Turning, Facing T10315, or equal. 1 11 Grizzly Industrial Internal Threading Boring Bar 3/4 H8306, or equal. 2 12 Grizzly Industrial Bison 5-C Collet Chuck T10412, or equal. 1 13 Grizzly Industrial 15in Disc Sander w/stand G0719, or equal 3 14 Grizzly Industrial Keyless drill chuck MT# 4 H8262, or equal. 1 15 Grizzly Industrial Carbide Tipped Lathe center MT4 H7969, or equal. 1 16 Pacific Tool & Gauge 3 in 1 Chambering Fixture Jig Viper International Reference # V5677405, or equal 1 17 Pacific Tool & Gauge Barrel Driving Dog Jig Kit Reference # c58f3daf, or equal 1 18 Pacific Tool & Gauge Remington 700 Trigger Group Bedding Block Reference# 562493, or equal. 1 19 Pacific Tool & Gauge Bolt Handle Slugger Cutter Reference# P5674466, or equal. 1 20 Pacific Tool & Gauge PTG Quick Threading Jig Reference# P5660706, or equal. 1 21 Pacific Tool & Gauge Bolt Handle Threading Die 5/16 x 24 Reference# P5669194, or equal 1 22 Pacific Tool & Gauge Action Wrench Remington Receiver Torque Tool Reference # 816232 or equal. 1 23 Pacific Tool & Gauge M-16 Sako Extractor Milling Jig Reference # 295966 or equal. 1 24 Pacific Tool & Gauge Ejector Tool Reference # P5500356 or equal. 1 25 Pacific Tool & Gauge PTG Slim line Remington 700 Action V-Block Fixture Reference # 512334, or equal. 1 26 Pacific Tool & Gauge Remington 700 Bolt Lug Lapping Tool Reference # 781097, or equal. 1 27 Pacific Tool & Gauge Phase III Bolt Removal Jig With 5 Piece insert kit Reference# 993715a4, or equal. 1 28 Pacific Tool & Gauge Lathe Centering Bar Reference # 541184, or equal. 1 29 Pacific Tool & Gauge PTG 6.5 Creedmoor (SAAM1) Rougher (Screw Type) Reference # 1aa7a71c or equal. 1 30 Pacific Tool & Gauge PTG 6.5 Creedmoor (SAAM1) Finisher (Screw Type) Reference # 860447, or equal. 1 31 Pacific Tool & Gauge 6.5mm Creedmoor Head Space Gauges Set of 3 Field, Go, No Go Reference # 41241c1f, or equal. 1 32 Manson Precision Reamers Bolt body Counterbores.705 diameter Manson Precison or equal 1 33 Manson Precision Reamers Boltway Reamer.710 Manson Precison or equal 1 34 Manson Precision Reamers Boltway Reamer.715 Manson Precison or equal 1 35 Manson Precision Reamers Scope Ring Alignment Reamers 1 in Manson Precison or equal 1 36 Manson Precision Reamers Scope Ring Alignment Reamers 30 mm Manson Precison or equal 1 37 Manson Precision Reamers Spindle Bushings #1 22 Cal thru 6mm (4 pack) Manson Precison or equal 1 38 Manson Precision Reamers Spindle Bushings #2 25 Cal thru 7mm (4 pack) Manson Precison or equal 1 39 Manson Precision Reamers Spindle Bushings #3 30 Cal thru 475 (4 pack) Manson Precison,or equal 1 40 Manson Precision Reamers False Center Squaring Lugs Manson Precison, or equal 1 41 Truing Tooling, Manson Precision Reamers, Action Indicating Set. Receiver Ncludes two.700 /.705 tapered bushings. Manson Precison, or equal 1 42 Brownells Action Wrench Item# 080-800-700, or equal 1 43 Tormach PSG-612 Surface Grinder/Magnetic Chuck Options Item#32789 PSG-612 Item#33210, or equal. 1 GRAND TOTAL ALL ITEMS FOB: DESTINATION Veterans address will be only provided to selectee. For quoting purposes the city and state for delivery is to Benwood, WV 26031. Period of Performance: 20 days After receipt of order (ARO). The provision at 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors -- Commercial, applies to this acquisition. 52.212-2, Evaluation -- Commercial Items applies. Quotes will be evaluated based on: Criteria: The Government will evaluate offers submitted in response to this solicitation based on a consideration of Price. Price: Price will be evaluated to determine if it is fair and reasonable. Quotation: Contractor shall provide description, model number, unit and extended price. If contractor is quoting an or equal submit the specification data for the or equal item demonstrating that it is equal to or greater than requested item. Basis for Award: The Government shall make award to that quote that is found to be the lowest priced based upon the stated considerations above. Addendum to 52.212-2 Evaluation Commercial Items Method of Award Cascade Procedure - As follows: Any award(s) resulting from this solicitation will be made using the following cascading order of precedence. Offers shall clearly record their business size and all business preference category s (i.e. SDVOSB, VOSB, HubZone, WOSB, Large Business, etc.) on the cover page of the offer. As a minimum, this cover page shall also include the following: Business name, Address, DUNS Number, Name, phone number, and email address for the Primary Point of Contact, Tax Identification Number, and your GSA contract number if applicable to this service. This cover page is a mandatory element of your offer as the offers will only be reviewed in accordance with the below criteria: In accordance with FAR Subpart 19.14 and PL 109-461, award under this solicitation will be made on a competitive basis first to an eligible Service Disabled Veteran Owned small business (SDVOSB) concern (FAR 52.219-1, Small Business Program Representations for small business size definition) who submits a responsive offer, provided that there is adequate competition among such firms. If there is inadequate competition for award to a SDVOSB concern, award will be made competitively to an eligible Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) concern. If there is inadequate competition for award to a VOSB concern, award will be made competitively to a certified HUBZone small business concern. If there is inadequate competition for award to a HUBZone concern, award will be made competitively to a Women-Owned small business concern. If there is inadequate competition for award to a Women-owned concern, award will be made competitively to a small business concern IAW FAR 19.5. If there is inadequate competition for award to a small business concern, award will be made on the basis of full and open competition considering all responsive offers submitted by responsible business concerns. Adequate competition shall be deemed to exist if At least two competitive offers are received from qualified, responsible business concerns at the tier under consideration; and Award will be made at fair market prices as determined in accordance with FAR 19.202-6. When there is inadequate competition at any tier, an otherwise competitive offer from a responsible business concern at that tier will be considered with the eligible offers for the next lower tier. For example, only one competitive offer is received from a SDVOSB business. That offer will be included with the offer(s) received from all VOSB businesses. If there is still inadequate competition, the offer from the SDVOSB business will then be included with SB offer(s) received; finally, if there is inadequate competition at the SB tier, the SDVOSB offer will be included with all responsive offers. Award will be made to the offeror whose offer conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, price and other factors considered. Pricing will be firm fixed price for each line item identified. End of Addenda to FAR 52.212-2 FAR 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications Commercial Items applies to this solicitation. The offeror must have completed the annual representations and certifications electronically via the SAM website access through http://www.acquisition.gov. After reviewing the SAM database information, the offeror verifies by submission of this offer that the representations and certifications currently posted electronically at FAR 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications Commercial Items, have been entered or updated in the last 12 months, are current, accurate, complete, and applicable to this solicitation (including the business size standard applicable to the NAICS code referenced for this solicitation), as of the date of this offer and are incorporated in this offer by reference (see FAR 4.1201). Offerors must include a completed copy of the provision at 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications -- Commercial Items, with its offer. Clause 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions -- Commercial Items, applies to this acquisition. 52.203-18 Prohibition on Contracting With Entities That Require Certain Internal Confidentiality Agreements (JAN 2017) 52.204-18 Commercial and Government Entity Code Maintenance (JUL 2016) 52.232-40 Providing Accelerated Payments to Small Business Subcontractors (Dec 2013) 52.233-1 Disputes (MAY 2014) 52.252-2 Clauses Incorporated by Reference (FEB 1998) (FAR) http://www.acquisition.gov/far/index.html (VAAR) http://www.va.gov/oal/library/vaar/index.asp FAR 52.252-6 Authorized Deviations in Clauses. VAAR 852.203-70 Commercial Advertising (JAN 2008) VAAR 852.219-10 VA Notice of Total Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Aside (DEC 2009) LIMITATIONS ON SUBCONTRACTING-- MONITORING AND COMPLIANCE (JUN 2011) This solicitation includes 852.219-10, VA Notice of Total Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Asides. Accordingly, any contract resulting from this solicitation will include this clause. The contractor is advised in performing contract administration functions, the CO may use the services of a support contractor(s) retained by VA to assist in assessing the contractors compliance with the limitations on subcontracting or percentage of work performance requirements specified in the clause. To that end, the support contractor(s) may require access to contractors offices where the contractors business records or other proprietary data are retained and to review such business records regarding the contractors compliance with this requirement. All support contractors conducting this review on behalf of VA will be required to sign an Information Protection and Non-Disclosure and Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest Agreement to ensure the contractors business records or other proprietary data reviewed or obtained in the course of assisting the CO in assessing the contractor for compliance are protected to ensure information or data is not improperly disclosed or other impropriety occurs. Furthermore, if VA determines any services the support contractor(s) will perform in assessing compliance are advisory and assistance services as defined in FAR 2.101, Definitions, the support contractor(s) must also enter into an agreement with the contractor to protect proprietary information as required by FAR 9.505-4, obtaining access to proprietary information, paragraph (b). The contractor is required to cooperate fully and make available any records as may be required to enable the CO to assess the contractors compliance with the limitations on subcontracting or percentage of work performance requirement. VAAR 852.232-72 Electronic Submission of Payment Requests (Nov 2012) VAAR 852.237-70 Contractor Responsibilities (APR 1984) VAAR 852.246-71 Inspection (JAN 2008) VAAR 852.252-70 Solicitation Provisions or Clauses Incorporated by Reference (JAN 2008) VAAR 852.246-70 Guarantee (JAN 2008) The contractor guarantees the equipment against defective material, workmanship and performance for a period of Manufacture Warranty, said guarantee to run from date of acceptance of the equipment by the Government. The contractor agrees to furnish, without cost to the Government, replacement of all parts and material that are found to be defective during the guarantee period. Replacement of material and parts will be furnished to the Government at the point of installation, if installation is within the continental United States, or f.o.b. the continental U.S. port to be designated by the contracting officer if installation is outside of the continental United States. Cost of installation of replacement material and parts shall be borne by the contractor. Clause 52.212-5, Contract Terms and Conditions Required To Implement Statutes Or Executive Orders Commercial Items (JAN 2017) 52.204-10 Reporting Executive Compensation and First-Tier Subcontract Awards (OCT 2016) 52.219-28 Post-Award Small Business Program Representation (JUL 2013) 52.222-3 Convict Labor (JUNE 2003) 52.222-19 Child Labor Cooperation with Authorities and Remedies (OCT 2016) 52.222-21 Prohibition of Segregated Facilities (APR 2015) 52.222-26 Equal Opportunity (SEPT 2016) 52.222-36 Equal Opportunity for Workers with Disabilities (JUL 2014) 52.222-50 Combating Trafficking in Persons (MAR 2015) 52.223-13 Acquisition of EPEAT -Registered Imaging Equipment (JUN 2014) 52.223-18 Encouraging Contractor Policies to Ban Text Messaging While Driving (AUG 2011) 52.225-1 Buy American--Supplies (MAY 2014) 52.225-13 Restrictions on Certain Foreign Purchases (JUN 2008) Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer--Other than System for Award Management (Jul 2013) Quotations are due 8 August 2017 4:00 PM Eastern time. The vendor must be active in SAM and verified as a SDVOSB in Vetbiz.gov to receive an award. Vendor is to ensure the following information is on their written quote: Unit Price, Extended Price, Grand Total, Prompt Payment Terms, Correct Remittance Address, Cage Code, Duns Number, Tax Identification Number, Full Name and Telephone Number of Vendors Point of Contact. Included with each quote, the Offeror is to provide descriptive literature and detailed specifications. Contractor shall provide information demonstrating that the contractor is an authorized dealer of the quoted manufacturer. Failure to provide any of this information or providing inadequate or unclear information will result in the quote being rated unsatisfactory and ineligible for award. Quotations shall be submitted electronically to email address Raymond.tracey@va.gov. Quotes must be received before date and time stated for receipt and must be identified by reqest for quote #VA101V-17-Q-0350. Contractors bear the burden of ensuring that quotes, and any applicable amendments, are emailed on time. All pages of the quote must be emailed before the deadline specified in this solicitation. All Contractors and Contractor personnel shall be subject to the same Federal security and privacy laws, regulations, standards and VA policies as VA, including the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a, and VA personnel, regarding information and information system security. Contractors must follow policies and procedures outlined in VA Directive 6500, Information Security Program which is available at: http://www1.va.gov/vapubs and its handbooks to ensure appropriate security controls are in place. The Contractor will not have access to VA Information Systems. Information made available to the contractor or subcontractor by VA for the performance or administration of this contract or information developed by the contractor or subcontractor in performance or administration of the contract shall be used only for those purposes and shall not be used in any other way without the prior written agreement of the VA. This clause expressly limits the contractor or subcontractors rights to use data as described in Rights in Data General, FAR 52.227 14(d) (1). VA information should not be co mingled, if possible, with any other data on the contractors or subcontractor s information systems or media storage systems in order to ensure VA requirements related to data protection and media sanitization can be met. If co mingling must be allowed to meet the requirements of the business need, the contractor must ensure that VA s information is returned to the VA or destroyed in accordance with VA s sanitization requirements. VA reserves the right to conduct onsite inspections of contractor and subcontractor IT resources to ensure data security controls, separation of data and job duties, and destruction/media sanitization procedures are in compliance with VA directive requirements. Prior to termination or completion of this contract, contractor/subcontractor must not destroy information received from VA, or gathered/created by the contractor in the course of performing this contract without prior written approval by the VA. Any data destruction done on behalf of VA by a contractor/subcontractor must be done in accordance with National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) requirements as outlined in VA Directive 6300, Records and Information Management and its Handbook 6300.1 Records Management Procedures, applicable VA Records Control Schedules, and VA Handbook 6500.1, Electronic Media Sanitization. Self certification by the contractor that the data destruction requirements above have been met must be sent to the VA Contracting Officer within 30 days of termination. The contractor/subcontractor must receive, gather, store, back up, maintain, use, disclose and dispose of VA information only in compliance with the terms of the contract and applicable Federal and VA information confidentiality and security laws, regulations and policies. If Federal or VA information confidentiality and security laws, regulations and policies become applicable to the VA information or information systems after execution of the contract, or if NIST issues or updates applicable FIPS or Special Publications (SP) after execution of this contract, the parties agree to negotiate in good faith to implement the information confidentiality and security laws, regulations and policies in this contract. The contractor/subcontractor shall not make copies of VA information except as authorized and necessary to perform the terms of the agreement or to preserve electronic information stored on contractor/subcontractor electronic storage media for restoration in case any electronic equipment or data used by the contractor/subcontractor needs to be restored to an operating state. If copies are made for restoration purposes, after the restoration is complete, the copies must be appropriately destroyed. If VA determines that the contractor has violated any of the information confidentiality, privacy, and security provisions of the contract, it shall be sufficient grounds for VA to withhold payment to the contractor or third party or terminate the contract for cause or terminate for convenience. SECURITY INCIDENT INVESTIGATION The term security incident means an event that has, or could have, resulted in loss or damage to VA assets, or sensitive information, or an action that breaches VA security procedures. The contractor shall immediately (within 1 hour) notify the CO and simultaneously, the VA Network Security Operations Center (vansoc@va.gov) and the designated ISO/Privacy Officer for the contract of any known or suspected security/privacy incident, or any unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, including that contained in system(s) to which the contractor has access. To the extent known by the contractor, the contractor s notice to VA will identify the information involved, the circumstances surrounding the incident (including to whom, how, when, and where the VA information/assets were placed at risk or compromised), and any other information that the contractor considers relevant. Contractor will simultaneously report the incident to the appropriate law enforcement entity(ies) of jurisdiction in instances of theft or break in. The contractor, its employees, and its subcontractors and their employees will cooperate with VA and any law enforcement authority responsible for the investigation and prosecution of any possible criminal law violation(s) associated with any incident. The contractor will cooperate with VA in any civil litigation to recover VA information, to obtain monetary or other compensation from a third party for damages arising from any incident, or to obtain injunctive relief against any third party arising from, or related to, the incident. To the extent practicable, contractor shall mitigate any harmful effects on individuals whose VA information was accessed or disclosed in a security incident. In the event of a data breach with respect to any sensitive personal information processed or maintained by the contractor or subcontractor under the contract, the contractor is responsible for liquidated damages of $37.50 per affected individual to be paid to VA. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES FOR DATA BREACH Consistent with the requirements of 38 U.S.C. 5725, a contract may require access to sensitive personal information. If so, the contractor is liable to VA for liquidated damages in the event of a data breach or privacy incident involving any SPI the contractor/subcontractor processes or maintains under this contract. However, it is the policy of VA to forgo collection of liquidated damages in the event the contractor provides payment of actual damages in an amount determined to be adequate by the agency. CONTRACTOR RULES AND BEHAVIOR Contractor agrees to abide by these terms and account for the I and my and me used in these rules. I understand and agree that I have no reasonable expectation of privacy in accessing or using any VA, or other Federal Government information systems. I consent to reviews and actions by the Office of Information & Technology (OI&T) staff designated and authorized by the VA Chief Information Officer (CIO) and to the VA OIG regarding my access to and use of any information assets or resources associated with my performance of services under the contract terms with the VA. These actions may include monitoring, recording, copying, inspecting, restricting access, blocking, tracking, and disclosing to all authorized OI&T, VA, and law enforcement personnel as directed by the VA CIO without my prior consent or notification. I consent to reviews and actions by authorized VA systems administrators and Information Security Officers solely for protection of the VA infrastructure, including, but not limited to monitoring, recording, auditing, inspecting, investigating, restricting access, blocking, tracking, disclosing to authorized personnel, or any other authorized actions by all authorized OI&T, VA, and law enforcement personnel. systems; deny access to Federal government systems; accrue resources for unauthorized use on Federal government systems; or otherwise misuse Federal government systems or resources are prohibited. I understand that such unauthorized attempts or acts are subject to action that may result in criminal, civil, or administrative penalties. This includes penalties for violations of Federal laws including, but not limited to, 18 U.S.C. 1030 (fraud and related activity in connection with computers) and 18 U.S.C. 2701 (unlawful access to stored communications). I agree that OI&T staff, in the course of obtaining access to information or systems on my behalf for performance under the contract, may provide information about me including, but not limited to, appropriate unique personal identifiers such as date of birth and social security number to other system administrators, Information Security Officers (ISOs), or other authorized staff without further notifying me or obtaining additional written or verbal permission from me. I understand I must comply with VA s security and data privacy directives and handbooks. I understand that copies of those directives and handbooks can be obtained from the Contracting Officer. If the contractor believes the policies and guidance provided by the Contracting Officer is a material unilateral change to the contract, the contractor must elevate such concerns to the Contracting Officer for resolution. I will report suspected or identified information security/privacy incidents to the Contracting Officer and to the local ISO or Privacy Officer as appropriate. GENERAL RULES OF BEHAVIOR Rules of Behavior are part of a comprehensive program to provide complete information security. These rules establish standards of behavior in recognition of the fact that knowledgeable users are the foundation of a successful security program. Users must understand that taking personal responsibility for the security of their computer and the information it contains is an essential part of their job. The following rules apply to all VA contractors. I agree to: Follow established procedures for requesting, accessing, and closing user accounts and access. I will not request or obtain access beyond what is normally granted to users or by what is outlined in the contract. Use only systems, software, databases, and data which I am authorized to use, including any copyright restrictions. I will not use other equipment (OE) (non contractor owned) for the storage, transfer, or processing of VA sensitive information without a VA CIO approved waiver, unless it has been reviewed and approved by local management and is included in the language of the of the contract. If authorized to use OE IT equipment, I must ensure that the system meets all applicable 6500 Handbook requirements for OE. Not use my position of trust and access rights to exploit system controls or access information for any reason other than in the performance of the contract. Not attempt to override or disable security, technical, or management controls unless expressly permitted to do so as an explicit requirement under the contract or at the direction of the Contracting Officer or ISO. If I am allowed or required to have a local administrator account on a government owned computer, that local administrative account does not confer me unrestricted access or use, nor the authority to bypass security or other controls except as expressly permitted by the VA CIO or CIOs designee. Contractors use of systems, information, or sites is strictly limited to fulfill the terms of the contract. I understand no personal use is authorized. I will only use other Federal government information systems as expressly authorized by the terms of those systems. I accept that the restrictions under ethics regulations and criminal law still apply. Grant access to systems and information only to those who have an official need to know. Protect passwords from access by other individuals. Create and change passwords in accordance with VA Handbook 6500 on systems and any devices protecting VA information as well as the rules of behavior and security settings for the particular system in question. Protect information and systems from unauthorized disclosure, use, modification, or destruction. I will only use encryption that is FIPS 140 2 validated to safeguard VA sensitive information, both safeguarding VA sensitive information in storage and in transit regarding my access to and use of any information assets or resources associated with my performance of services under the contract terms with the VA. Follow VA Handbook 6500.1, Electronic Media Sanitization to protect VA information. I will contact the Contracting Officer for policies and guidance on complying with this requirement and will follow the Contracting Officer s orders. Ensure that the Contracting Officer has previously approved VA information for public dissemination, including e mail communications outside of the VA as appropriate. I will not make any unauthorized disclosure of any VA sensitive information through the use of any means of communication including but not limited to e mail, instant messaging, online chat, and web bulletin boards or logs. Not host, set up, administer, or run an Internet server related to my access to and use of any information assets or resources associated with my performance of services under the contract terms with the VA unless explicitly authorized under the contract or in writing by the Contracting Officer. Protect government property from theft, destruction, or misuse. I will follow VA directives and handbooks on handling Federal government IT equipment, information, and systems. I will not take VA sensitive information from the workplace withoutauthorization from the Contracting Officer. Only use anti virus software, antispyware, and firewall/intrusion detection software authorized by VA. I will contact the Contracting Officer for policies and guidance on complying with this requirement and will follow the Contracting Officers orders regarding my access to and use of any information assets or resources associated with my performance of services under the contract terms with VA. Not disable or degrade the standard anti virus software, antispyware, and/or firewall/intrusion detection software on the computer I use to access and use information assets or resources associated with my performance of services under the contract terms with VA. I will report anti virus, antispyware, firewall or intrusion detection software errors, or significant alert messages to the Contracting Officer. Understand that restoration of service of any VA system is a concern of all users of the system. Complete required information security and privacy training, and complete required training for the particular systems to which I require access. ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS FOR USE OF NON VA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES When required to complete work under the contract, I will directly connect to the VA network whenever possible. If a direct connection to the VA network is not possible, then I will use VA approved remote access software and services. Remote access to non public VA information technology resources is prohibited from publicly available IT computers, such as remotely connecting to the internal VA network from computers in a public library. I will not have both a VA network line and any kind of non VA network line including a wireless network card, modem with phone line, or other network device physically connected to my computer at the same time, unless the dual connection is explicitly authorized by the Contracting Officer. I understand that I may not obviate or evade my responsibility to adhere to VA security requirements by subcontracting any work under any given contract or agreement with VA, and that any subcontractor(s) I engage shall likewise be bound by the same security requirements and penalties for violating the same. STATEMENT ON LITIGATION This User Agreement does not and should not be relied upon to create any other right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable by law, by a party to litigation with the United States Government. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND ACCEPTANCE I acknowledge receipt of this User Agreement. I understand and accept all terms and conditions of this User Agreement, and I will comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement and any additional VA warning banners, directives, handbooks, notices, or directions regarding access to or use of information systems or information. The terms and conditions of this document do not supersede the terms and conditions of the signatory s employer and VA. Print or type your full name Signature Contractor s Company Name Position Title Office Phone

Original Point of Contact

POC Raymond S. Tracey

Place of Performance

Benwood, WV
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