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Identification of eddy activity in ocean circulation model output for the Hawaiian Archipelago

Identification of eddy activity in ocean circulation model output for the Hawaiian Archipelago

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:Jul 10, 2017
Category: Special Studies and Analyses - Not R&D
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Contracting Office Address

Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Marine Fisheries Service, SSMC 3, 1315 East West Highway, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910, United States


Sources Sought - Identification of eddy activity in ocean circulation model output for the Hawaiian Archipelago PIFSC-17-SS04 THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT ANNOUNCEMENT. IT IS NOT A SOLICITATION, NOR DOES IT GUARANTEE A SOLICITATION WILL BE ISSUED. REQUESTS FOR A SOLICITATION WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE. Any information submitted in response to this Sources Sought Announcement is strictly voluntary. The Government will neither award a contract solely based on this notice, nor pay for any information submitted by respondents. This notice is a request by the Government to collect information from interested vendors for the purpose of market research. Failing to provide a response to this announcement will not prohibit/exclude an interested vendor from participating in a future solicitation. The Government is looking for vendors who can provide the following requirement: Overview: National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC), Ecosystems Sciences Division (ESD) has a requirement for identification of eddy activity in ocean circulation model output for the Hawaiian Archipelago. In the Hawaiian Archipelago (HA), the existence of strong westward ocean current flows to the north and south of the island of Hawaii and the oceanic upwelling-downwelling induced by wind shear generate notable eddy activity (spinning masses of water). The intensification of trade winds in late spring and summer increase eddy activity seasonally. Much of the coral reef fish spawning seasons in Hawaii coincides with this "eddy season. One of the first steps in understanding eddy impacts to the island-based ecosystem is to characterize their existence in the current fields generated by global circulation models. This foundational step, of identifying, describing, and tracking eddies from the output of a global circulation model requires specialized knowledge in the field of physical oceanography specifically the coding of algorithms to objectively extract eddy features from sea surface height and current fields. Deliverables: A computer-based tool that enables the identification and automated tracking of eddies in the HA is sorely needed. The approach should use sequential fields of sea level anomalies (SLA) from an ocean model such as the MIT global circulation model. These SLA fields are then scanned by a computer program to resolve fine-scale features. Eddies will be identified, described, and tracked using a daily time-series of SLA contours. The North American Industry Classification Code (NAICS) is 541990 with a size standard of $15.0 million. Interested Contractors are requested to provide the following information in response to this Sources Sought Announcement: 1) A statement that you believe your firm has the capability to meet all above stated requirements. 2) Your firms DUNS number & CAGE code; 3) Your firms SBA certified small business concern status. Specifically identify if your firm is HUBZone-certified, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, or in the SBAs 8(a) program, etc. If your firm is not small, please state that it is a large business. 4) A brief description of your firms past experience (within past 3 years) providing similar product. The information provided in response to this announcement is limited to five pages or less. All information shall be provided free of charge to the Government. The Government will not return any data provided in response to this announcement. This request for information does not constitute a commitment, implied or otherwise, that a procurement action will be issued. The Government shall not be liable for or suffer any consequential damages for proprietary information not properly identified. Proprietary information will be safeguarded in accordance with the applicable Government regulations. Responses shall be provided to Contracting Officer, Karen Beck via email at Karen.Beck@noaa.gov no later than 10:00 AM (Hawaii Time) on Monday, July 17, 2017.

Original Point of Contact

POC Karen K. Beck, Phone: 808-725-5735

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at contractors location, United States
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