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Disability Reasonable Accommodation - RFI

General Information

Document Type:SRCSGT
Posted Date:Apr 11, 2017
Category: Social Services
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

Department of State, Office of Acquisitions, Acquisition Management, 1735 N. Lynn St., Arlington, Virginia, 22209, United States


Accomodation for Disability STATEMENT OF WORK FOR THE BUREAU OF HUMAN RESOURCES, OFFICE OF ACCESSIBILITY and ACCOMODATIONS, DISABILITY REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION DIVISION (HR/OAA/DRAD) The Bureau of Human Resources, Office of Employee Relations, Disability Reasonable Accommodation Division (HR/OAA/DRAD) is responsible for providing reasonable accommodations to qualified employees and applicants with disabilities. Reasonable accommodation involves modifications or adjustments that allow otherwise, qualified employees or applicants with disabilities to participate in the application process or to perform the essential duties of the position for which they were hired. BACKGROUND: This position provides office support to the office of HR/OAA Office Assistant IV. Individual performs a variety of duties and responsibilities as required: the incumbent may work directly for one individual; individual provides additional coverage and office support within the office as needed to provide surge capacity for crises; incumbent must work closely and in complete harmony within the HR Bureau. He/she must be fully aware of the policies and viewpoints of the Department of State and the Bureau. Coordinates administrative processes related to the operation of the office and Bureau. SCOPE OF WORK: The Office of Accessibility and Accommodation requires the services of one full time Office Management Specialist and two full time Reasonable Accommodation Analysts with experience performing administrative support. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS: The candidate will need to have knowledge and experience working preferably with the Department of State and will need to demonstrate good customer service skills and willingness to be helpful to clients. Reasonable Accommodation Analyst Recommended Duties : •· P rovides administrative support to the reasonable accommodation (RA) analysts in processing reasonable accommodation requests for employees with disabilities •· Serves as the initial point-of-contact in checking the reasonable accommodation inbox and assigning requests to analysts who will begin the interactive process with the clients •· Enters pertinent case information into the MS Office database and OAASIS, conducts analysis of the data and provide weekly or monthly written reports or when requested •· Performs comprehensive and thorough research on assistive technology and ergonomic products and organize/provide the information to RA analysts for evaluation & procurement •· Contact vendors for quotes on assistive technology equipment and ergonomic products for the RA analysts and maintain vendor contact files and product information in spreadsheets, databases, word processing or other similar documents •· Track down procurement orders and provide delivery statuses on orders for the RA analysts and the procurement specialist if clients request the status on their accommodation requests •· Provide assistance in delivering or shipping assistive technology equipment and ergonomic products to clients located in different buildings/annexes for the RA analysts and when possible and necessary, provide assistance with the installation •· Provide assistance in testing all assistive technology equipment, ergonomic products and motorized scooters to identify any defectives or malfunctions and inform the RA analysts of any repairs or replacements •· Provide assistance in maintaining inventory of all assistive technology equipment and ergonomic products in the DRAD inventory closet and update inventory records on a weekly or monthly basis •· Provide periodic feedback/input on different stages in the reasonable accommodation process for performance quality reviews •· Performs duties manually or using office automation hardware and word processing software for various projects •· Perform other adm inistrative duties as needed or requested Office Management Specialist The contractor will also work on the following deliverables: •· Receives, schedules, and makes proper disposition of telephone calls coming into the office, referring only those calls, which in his/her judgment cannot or should be referred to others or handled by him/her. •· In this connection, the incumbent handles all requests for meetings and appointments, decides the distribution of the supervisors s time, prepares or requests preparation of briefing memoranda indicating purpose of appointments and outlining background data. Arranges for oral briefings by appropriate officers; and discusses with officials invited to meetings in order that they will be properly informed and provided with necessary information. •· Schedules appointments and assists Reasonable Accommodation analysts with administrative duties. •· Serves in a liaison capacity between HR/OAA and other offices within the Department. Informed of activities for which his/her subordinates are responsible. Transmits and interprets instructions from the DAS(s) to members of his/her staff and other officials in the Department; •· As requested, or on his/her own initiative, makes careful and exhaustive searches for information difficult to obtain, compiles data and makes preliminary analyses; •· Responsible for carrying out special assignments for the office of HR/OAA, which require a high degree of tact and diplomacy and comprehensive knowledge of the views of the supervisor and the Bureau; •· Large volume of correspondence dealing with Reasonable Accommodation cases and briefing papers and reports, ensuring that all conform to style and format guidelines established by the Departments Executive Secretariat. •· Undertakes problem solving for the office on an emergency basis when necessary, to resolve issues arising outside of regular working hours, especially when the supervisor is engaged or out of the office. SKILLS: •· Prior services with the Department of State a plus to bring the highest level of knowledge to the operations and overall office support; •· As a senior level office assistant you must be able to work independently; under pressure and tight deadlines; and with others. •· Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Outlook, Word, Access), and related computer based programs operations; •· Excellent oral communication abilities for handling phone calls professionally; •· Excellent English writing and speaking; ability to compose edits and prepare letters, reports, memoranda and other forms of written communication quickly and accurately on behalf of the supervisor; that all conform to style and format guidelines established by the Departments Executive Secretariat; •· Working knowledge of government computers and software applications, office equipment, and administrative practices; •· Working knowledge of Government Travel authorization program (Travel Manager) desirable but not mandatory; •· Excellent knowledge of drafting/preparing travel authorization is desirable but not mandatory. This includes trip itinerary, expenses estimates (M&IE costs, taxi, hotel costs, etc.; and prepares travel authorization request. Ability to process/review incoming and outgoing letters, memos, and related correspondence. •· Experience in reviewing incoming correspondence incoming and outgoing letters, memos, and related forward it with necessary information or instructions to the appropriate offices for action. •· Demonstrates extensive responsibility, experience and ability in working independently and taking initiative on office projects. Other short-term projects that may fall within the knowledge and skills of the contractor to complete. SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS: The contractor will comply with all appropriate controls and procedures to protect organizational integrity and prevent unauthorized use of all sensitive and classified material and equipment in assigned area(s); report instances of security violations/problems to the appropriate supervisory/management official; assumes personal responsibility for safeguarding sensitive and classified material and equipment with assignment area(s). Record System: The contractor shall plan and maintain a way to keep track of responses, decisions, and interpretations made during employment. Dissemination of Information: There shall be no dissemination or publication of information developed specifically as a result of this contract without prior written approval from the Contracting Officer. Computer, Internet, and Network Security: The contractor shall exercise due diligence in implementing commercial best practices with regard to computer, Internet, and network security to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and services needed to meet the requirements of this contract. Data Ownership: Information developed specifically as a result of information provided by the Department of State shall be considered the property of the Department of State. Proprietary systems, programs, and materials that already exist remain the property of the contractor. Disposition of Data: The contractor shall provide written proof of disposal of data provided by the Department of State within 60 days of final contract closeout. WORK SCHEDULE: This is a full-time 40 hours a week. The program office is willing to entertain some flexibility based on the employee selected. The program office will provide an appropriate workspace and equipment for the contractor; this space may be shared with other Accommodation Assistants and/or employees/contractors. Overtime or work outside of standard business hours may be required. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Performance under this contract shall be provided at the following location unless otherwise specified. Oversees temporary duty may be required for up to three or more with a maximum period of two years: U.S. Department of State 2401 E Street, NW HR/OAA/DRAD, Room H-622, SA-1 Washington, DC 20522 PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: The period of performance for this task order will be a base plus four option years starting the date of award. SALARY REQUIREMENT: OMS - GS Equivalent: GS-9 Reasonable Accommodations Analyst - GS Equivalent GS- ? TASK ORDER SECURITY REQUIREMENTS: A facility security clearance at the TOP SECRET/SCI level is required for this task order in accordance to the guidelines set forth in Contract Number SAQMMA09D0069 and DD Form 254. Individual clearances at the TOP SECRET/SCI level shall be maintained for the duration of employment under this task order, or until access requirements change. Access to work on certain highly sensitive programs may be required which would require the additional level of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). All personnel assigned to tasks under this contract will have at least a TOP SECRET/SCI security clearance, in accordance with a government supplied DD254, authorizing access, at the minimum, to TOP SECRET information. Security clearance requirements will be in accordance with the Department of State Foreign Affairs Manual 12 FAM 600. Do we need TS/SCI on this one too... should we also add uncleared? SAFE GUARDING OF INFORMATION: The Contractor and its employees shall exercise the utmost discretion in regard to all matters relating to their duties and functions. They shall not communicate to any person any information known to them by reason of their performance of services under this Task Order, which has not been made public, except in the necessary performance of their duties or upon written authorization of the Contracting Officer. All documents and records (including photographs) generated during the performance of work under this Task Order shall be for the sole use of and become the exclusive property of the U.S. Government. Furthermore, no data, database records, article, book, pamphlet, recording, broadcast, speech, television appearance, film or photograph concerning any aspect of work performed under this Task Order shall be published or disseminated through any media without the prior written authorization of the Contracting Officer. These obligations do not cease upon the expiration or termination of this Task Order. The Contractor shall include the substance of this provision in all contracts of employment and in all subcontracts hereunder. SECURITY VIOLATIONS: The Contractor shall report any suspected and/or known security violations or unusual occurrences to the Bureaus Information System Security Officer (ISSO). IDENTIFICATION/BUILDING PASS: Reference: DOSAR 652.204-70 Identification/Building Pass DEPARTMENT OF STATE PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION CARD POLICY AND PROCEDURES (FEB 2015) (a) The Contractor shall comply with the Department of State (DOS) Personal Identification Card Policy and Procedures for all employees performing under this contract who require frequent and continuing access to DOS facilities, or information systems. The Contractor shall insert the substance of this clause in all subcontracts when the subcontractors employees will require frequent and continuing access to DOS facilities, or information systems. (b) The DOS Personal Identification Card Policy and Procedures may be accessed at http://www.state.gov/m/ds/rls/rpt/c21664.htm. (End of clause) Building Pass/Identification Card The Contractors on-site Project Manager and/or GPM must obtain the Department of State Building Pass from a departing individual and deliver it to the Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) or Agency Point of Contact (POC) who shall notify Access Control to deactivate the badge. ANY OTHER PERTINENT INFORMATION: Agency POC: Nakissa Young U.S. Department of State 2401 E. Street, NW SA-1/Room H236I Washington, D.C. 20522 E-mail: YoungNL@state.gov ADDITIONAL INVOICING PROCEDURES: Invoices shall be submitted electronically on a monthly basis, when on-line capabilities exist. In the event that the capability is not available, invoices shall be delivered by the on-site project manager to the COR or government central point of contact. The government shall reject any invoices that are inaccurate or do not include all required documentation. Invoices submitted for payment shall include the individuals name, labor category, labor rate, monthly hours/cost per person, and total monthly charges. Contractor staff will be required to enter time into Microsoft Project Server Web Access (PWA) at the client site. Microsoft Project Server serves as the governments system of record and primary data source for managing earned value. All contractor hours billed on company invoices should match hours entered in the system of record. Invoiced hours will be reconciled against the system of record and discrepancies will result in an adjustment or rejection of the invoice. For instance, if a company invoice displays 120 hours for a contractor employee but the system of record reflects 90 hours for the same time period, the government will either reject the invoice or pay only the hours represented in the system of record. A summary sheet shall also accompany each monthly invoice listing the following information by Labor Category: Labor Category, Rate, Total Hours/Contract Year, and Total $/Contract Year, Hours Billed/This Month, $ Billed/This Month, Hours Billed/Cumulative, $ Billed/Cumulative, % $ Billed/Cumulative, Hours/Balance, and $/Balance. DEPARTMENT OF STATE INVOICE INSTRUCTIONS: Invoice submission is only via the Office of Claims Commercial Claims Operations fax server, toll free number: (1-866) 483-3436, unless otherwise indicated. Each invoice must be transmitted separately. To constitute a proper invoice, the invoice must include the following information and/or attached documentation: (1) Name and Address of the Contractor (2) Dun and Brad Street Universal Number System (DUNS) (3) Date of invoice (4) Unique Vendor Invoice Number (5) Remittance Contact Information (6) Shipping Terms, Ship to Address (7) Payment Terms (8) Total Quantity of items (9) Total Invoice Amount (10) Requisition Number, Contract Number and Order/Award Number, with modification number if applicable. (11) Description of the services rendered for each line item (12) Individual Line Item Quantity, Price, and Extended Amount The name and DUNS of the contractor on the invoice must match the information indicated on the order/award for proper payment. IMPORTANT: For proper payment, the invoice must detail products and/or services delivered on a line item basis in direct accordance with the corresponding order/award/contract. Each line item must contain the following information: (1) Description on the services rendered for each line item (2) Line Item Quantity (3) Line Item Unite Price (4) Total Line Item Invoicing Amount (5) Delivery date (6) Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) (7) Order/Award Line Item Number if invoicing against a task or delivery order or Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Please note that may task or delivery orders against Department of State or GSA contracts or blanket purchase agreements may have a separate and unique line item number in addition to the umbrella Contract Line Item Number (CLIN). The order line item number as well as the umbrella award CLIN must be referenced at each invoice line item level in such cases. All payment to domestic claims will be disbursed by electronic funds transfer EFT. Vendors who are registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) should verify and re-confirm their financial information in the database prior to invoicing. Vendors who wish to request a waiver of CCR or payment by check must submit their justification to their assigned contracting officer for consideration at least 30 days prior to billing. For vendors who are granted an EFT exception, the payment address on the invoice must match the remittance address in the vendor record cited in the award. Additional correspondence should be addressed to: Name: U.S. Department of State Global Financial Operations Attn: Office of Claims (RM/GFS/F/C) Charleston Financial Service Center Mailing Address: Post Office Box 150008 Charleston, SC 29415-5008 Telephone Numbers: Directors Secretary Voice: (843) 202-3761 Facsimile: (843) 746-0749 Official Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. To request Payment Status on a Past Due Invoice contact: Office of Claims Customer Service Email: commercialclaims@state.gov Phone: (1-877) 704-9473 - Toll Free Person to Contact: Supervisor, Vendor Claims Email: GFS-ChiefVC@state.gov Phone: (843) 202-3881

Original Point of Contact

POC Laberta Marie Smallwood, Phone: 571 344 6012

Place of Performance

U.S. Department of State, 2401 E. Street N.W., HR/OAA?DRAD Room H-622 SA-1, Washington, Delaware, 20522, United States
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