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Notice of Intent, Indefinite Quantity Contract for Geotechnical Engineering Services at Various Activities Located within the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Atlantics Geograpraphic Area

General Information

Document Type:PRESOL
Posted Date:Nov 23, 2009
Category: Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
Set Aside:N/A

Contracting Office Address

N62470 NAVFAC ATLANTIC Code AQ 6506 Hampton Blvd, Building A Norfolk, VA


DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY NAVAL FACILITIES ENGINEERING COMMAND, COMMANDER, ATLANTIC DIVISION, CONTRACTS OFFICE, CODE AQ22, 6506 Hampton Blvd, NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 23508-1278 Contract N62470-10-R-2005 Indefinite Quantity Contract for Geotechnical Engineering Services at Various Activities located within the Atlantic Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Commands Geographic Area DESCRIPTION - Architect-Engineer or Engineering Services are required primarily for Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia, but shall include other various activities within the Geographic area of responsibility of Naval Facilities Engineering Command Atlantic, including the Continental United States, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. The general intention is to provide for such engineering services as necessary to support the construction and maintenance of facilities. The primary tasks anticipated under this contract are: 1. Conduct subsurface investigations with subsequent geotechnical/foundation analysis- including monitoring, sampling and analysis of soil and groundwater for geotechnical properties using various field and laboratory tests and construction or materials testing and engineering inspection services. 2. On occasion, provide engineering services involving consultation, inspection and/or evaluation of materials or site conditions during the design, during construction, or after construction (including but not limited to slope stability analysis, earthwork-related site improvements, foundations, concrete and bituminous pavements). 3. On occasion, provide the following services/products: preparation of technical reports, studies, engineering investigations, wetland delineation and mapping, cost estimates, surveys (property, topographic, hydrographic, etc.), shop drawing reviews, construction related consultation and inspection and field and laboratory testing for environmental contamination. Typically a specific task order will require 7 days or less of a consultants office, field and travel time. 4. Field investigation typically will require mobilization to locations using transportation not provided by the U. S. Government, arranging for required security clearance to obtain base access for all drillers and equipment, field location of utilities with appropriate equipment, and locating and performing borings and providing GPS (Lat/Long) coordinates for all boring locations and landmarks - accurate to 3 meters or better. Mobilization should include personnel for boring layout, scoping for utilities and coordination with the local point(s) of contact - including necessary clearances and permission for access. Mobilization will also require 24 hour groundwater data in a minimum of 20% of the borings or three representative locations, whichever is greater. If the drilling method does not allow direct reading from the borehole, a temporary well must be installed. 5. Incidental monitoring requiring sampling and analysis of soil and groundwater for environmental contamination shall include, but not be limited to, providing capability to monitor boreholes for combustible gas or petroleum vapors at sites of potentially contaminated soil material and/or groundwater, and providing labor, equipment and protection measures (EPA Levels C and D) for performing subsurface investigations.6. Services shall also include providing soils and environmental personnel (technical and professional) at field and laboratory locations to perform or evaluate the subsurface investigation, testing or inspection for subsequent construction or design. 7. A typical report will include a description of the drilling method used and any pertinent site observations along with the boring location plan, the boring logs and tabulated laboratory test results with typical graphical backup. When required, services may include a more extensive written report containing a discussion of sampling procedures, site conditions influencing investigation/testing/project design and/or project recommendations based upon interpretation of test results and the results of investigation/testing performed. All reports shall meet the following requirements:(a) Two hard copies and two electronic copies will be required. One copy will be provided to NAVFAC Atlantic, Code CI41 and one to the NAVFAC Atlantic Project Manager for the particular project(b) Electronic copies must be provided on CD and will include:- Boring logs and tabulated laboratory data in an AUTOCAD compatible format (either.DFX or.DWG)- a bookmarked Adobe acrobat file containing the entire geotechnical report in a text-selectable format (not a scanned image)- electronic NAVFAC-LANT D- size drawing sheets prepared in accordance with current LANT AutoCAD standards containing boring logs, a legend or notes explaining symbols and abbreviations used, groundwater observations, and a tabulated summary of lab test results. Code CI41 will provide a current AUTOCAD D-size sheet draw form template. (f) The completed electronic D-size drawing file shall be forwarded by e-mail as soon as it is available to the LANT Code CI41 point of contact for the particular delivery order. The CD and hard copies are to be mailed or delivered soon thereafter.(g) Unless indicated otherwise, forwarding of the boring log sheet to the Government indicates that the drafted logs have been checked by a Professional Engineer of the drilling firm for completeness, accuracy and conformity to LANT drafting standards. TECHNICAL EVALUATION FACTORS - The A&E must demonstrate its and each key consultants qualifications with respect to the published evaluation factors for all services. Evaluation factors (1) through (5) are of equal importance. Factors (6) and (7) are of lesser importance and will be used as tie-breakers among technically equal firms. Evaluation Factor 1, Specialized Experience & Capacity - (a) Specialized Experience. The Contractor shall provide a maximum of ten (10) DoD and non-DoD projects that were substantially completed between October 2004 and October 2009, demonstrating relevant specialized experience. The project information shall include: project name, contract number or project identification number, geotechnical (or environmental) firm, technical services performed, project owners point of contact with e-mail address and phone number, and geotechnical (or environmental) firms compliance with the contract period of performance.If the Offeror is a joint venture, information should be submitted and identified as a joint venture; however, if there is no information for the joint venture, information should be submitted for each joint venture partner, not to exceed a total of ten (10) projects. Projects shall be submitted on the SF-330 and shall be completed projects. For submittal purposes, a task order on an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity contract is considered a project. Failure to provide requested data, accessible points of contact, or valid phone numbers could result in a firm being considered less qualified (b) Capacity. The Contractor shall describe the ability of the firm to provide continuity of service, with no or minimal program disruption and without delay cost or execution schedule impact to projects initiated under this or other NAVFAC contracts. The Contractor shall indicate the firms In-House capacity to perform site investigations, including soil borings, laboratory tests and engineering analysis. The Contractor shall indicate the firms present workload and the availability of the project team (including consultants) for the specified contract performance period. Include the firms ability to obtain security clearance(s) for its key personnel. Evaluation Factor 2, Professional Qualifications and Technical Competence - Firms will be evaluated in terms of the following: (a) Firms key personnel to include all personnel that will be responsible for supervision and performance of work for this contract, including firm principals; staff and supervisory laboratory, engineering and environmental personnel; primary drilling crews and primary field technicians. Provide the following for each person1. professional registration (if applicable)2. anticipated role(s) in this contract3. roles they performed in the projects addressed in Evaluation Factor 1 (if applicable),4. experience in each type of work to be performed under this contract. Include a summary of the work performed that demonstrates experience with geotechnical and/or environmental investigation, laboratory testing, data analysis and knowledge of applicable local codes, laws, permits and construction materials/practices in the individuals geographic area of practice. (b) Firms ability to provide materials testing laboratory results from laboratories accredited by one of the following accreditation authorities: Laboratory Accreditation Authorities- National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP), Administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology- The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Program- ICBO Evaluation Service, Inc. (ICBO ES)- The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) Program- The Army Corps of Engineers Materials testing laboratories performing work under this contract must be accredited by one of the laboratory accreditation authorities. Identify each in-house and consultants office and laboratory location(s) and list capabilities for providing testing. Provide a copy of the Certificate of Accreditation and Scope of Accreditation for proposed laboratories/testing facilities. Offerors proposing testing laboratories that have not yet obtained certification by an acceptable Laboratory Accreditation Authority shall, if selected for negotiations, submit prior to negotiations an acknowledgement letter from one of the Laboratory Accreditation Authorities indicating that the accreditation application has been received and the accreditation process has started with an estimated date of completion and shall provide a copy of the certification upon completion. Failure to comply with this requirement will constitute justification for rejection. Laboratories will only be allowed to perform testing within the scope of the accreditation. It will be the Offerors responsibility to locate an accredited laboratory and performance of any required testing that is beyond the scope of the Offerors laboratory accreditation at no additional cost to the Government. The laboratorys accreditation shall include the ASTM standards as appropriate to all performed tests. This policy applies to the specific laboratory performing the actual testing, not just the Corporate Office. Additional accreditation authorities will be considered but there is no assurance of acceptance. Offeror shall list names of key personnel to be assigned to this contract. Also identify firms proposed point of contact for contract services Evaluation Factor 3, Program Management - Demonstrate the following: (a) Firms history of successfully completing projects in compliance with performance schedules in general. (b) Firms specific experience and related timeframes to accomplish services similar to the following:- Completion of a typical work order (approximate value $20,000) within 28 days of issuance - Ability to complete an emergency work order of $20,000 or less within 10 working days- Ability to complete 4 work orders issued within a 30 day period.- Ability of the firm to mobilize to the location of required services in both the primary and total contract area, including method or procedure to secure required equipment and perform borings over water, to provide location (scoping) of underground utilities prior to drilling, and to obtain supplies required for boring and monitoring well installation at remote locations of work(c) Firms management plan for this contract. Provide a management plan for this contract indicating corporate organization, office management, and personnel roles in the organization. If joint venture consultants are involved, address history of working relationships. The management plan should indicate the interaction and division of duties within the joint venture. Evaluation Factor 4, Past performance - Firms will be evaluated on the following items with regard to projects listed evaluation Factor 1.. past performance on contracts with Government agencies and private industry with respect to type of work, quality of work, cost control, and compliance with performance schedules, with an emphasis on projects listed in Evaluation Factor 1;. demonstrated long-term business relationships/repeat business with Government and private customers; and. performance awards/letters of recommendations received. Firms should include any letters of commendation or awards. In evaluating past performance, the Government may consider information provided by the firm, customer inquiries, Government databases, and other publicly available sources. Failure to provide requested data, accessible points of contact, or valid phone numbers could result in a firm being considered less qualified. Evaluation Factor 5, Quality Control Program - Firms will be evaluated on the acceptability of their internal quality control program used to ensure technical accuracy of products. Describe the firms quality control process and procedures and list key personnel responsible. Evaluation Factor 6, Firm Location - Firms will be evaluated on geographic location and knowledge of primary geographic areas serviced by this contract (provided that application of this criterion leaves an appropriate number of qualified firms, given the nature and size of the contract). Describe proposed location of the program management office and other office locations and how this will be advantageous to the Government, as well as knowledge of the primary geographic locality of the contract. Evaluation Factor 7, Volume of Work - Firms will be evaluated in terms of work previously awarded to the firm by DoD within the past 12 months with the objective of effecting an equitable distribution of DoD AE contracts among qualified AE firms, including small and small disadvantaged business firms and firms that have not had prior DoD contracts. Firms should state the amount of work previously awarded to the firm by DOD within the past 12 months; if a joint venture, figures should be given for the joint venture as a whole or, if the joint venture is a newly formed entity, for individual joint venture partners. In evaluating volume of work, the Government may consider information provided by the firm, customer inquiries, Government databases, and other publicly available sources. The contract requires that the selected firm have an on-line access to E-mail via the internet for routine exchange of correspondence, and have Central Contractor Registration. Failure to register in the DoD CCR Database may render your firm ineligible for award. For more information, check the DoD CCR Website: www.ccr.gov. The duration of the contract will be for one (1) year from the date of an initial contract award with four (4) additional one (1) year option periods. The combined total amount that may be paid under this contract (including option years) will not exceed $7,500,000. The guaranteed minimum for each contractor is established by award of initial task order. The options may be exercised within the time frame specified in the resultant contract at the sole discretion of the Government subject to work load and/or satisfaction of the A&E performance under the subject contract. There will be no dollar limit per task order and no dollar limit per year up to a maximum of $7,500,000 for the entire contract term. There will be no other general notification to firms for other similar projects performed under this contract. Type of contract: Firm Fixed Price Indefinite Quantity Contract. This proposed contract is being solicited as 100 percent set aside for small business; therefore, replies to this notice are requested from all small business concerns. The small business size standard classification is NAICS 541330 ($4,500,000). Estimated start date is 1 June 2010. Submission Requirements - Architect-Engineer Firms that meet the requirements described in this announcement are invited to submit a completed SF 330. If the SF 254/SF 255 is submitted for this solicitation, it will not be reviewed or considered. The SF 330 should be typed and one-sided, with a 12 point font or larger. Part I shall not exceed 50 single-sided 8.5 X 11 inch pages. As an attachment, provide an organization chart of the proposed team showing the names and roles of all key personnel listed in Section E with the associated firm as listed in Section C. Please include your DUNS, CAGE, and TIN numbers in Block 30 of the SF 330. Provide evidence that your firm is permitted by law to practice the professions of architecture or engineering (i.e., state registration number). Responses are due no later than 4:00 p.m. EST, 23 December 2009. Responses should be sent to the following address: Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Atlantic, Attn: Code ACQ22, 6506 Hampton Boulevard, Mail Room, Norfolk, Virginia 23508-1278. Late responses will be handled in accordance with FAR 52.215-1. Hand carried responses will not be accepted. Electronic (E-mail, facsimile, etc.) submissions are not authorized. Inquiries concerning this project should include solicitation number and title. Neither hand carried proposals nor will facsimile responses be accepted. Firms responding to this advertisement are requested to submit only one copy of qualification statements. This is not a request for proposals.

Original Point of Contact

POC Michelle Gooden 757-322-8169

Place of Performance

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